Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 10: Mellow Singing

Chapter 10: Mellow Singing

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Lin Yuan knew that if he didn’t have a reasonable explanation for his ability to evolve feys, it would certainly bring in trouble.

As the saying went, “An outstanding tree will definitely be blown down by the wind. If a tree is too tall, the winds will never allow it to survive.”

It was just like how a prodigy would have a halo over their head, but jealous people would always accompany them.

In addition, he couldn’t attribute his ability to him being a prodigy. Not to mention that his strength was still budding at the surface of the ground. If he were careless and exposed himself to the fierce winds, he might wither in an instant.

The path to becoming a Creation Master was something that Lin Yuan had to take. Therefore, he was planning to purchase some books, which were related to the primary exams for the Scholar, Fey Observer, and Spiritual Ingredient Analyst, on the Star Web.

It should be enough for Genius’ capacity to memorize 100 books.

However, Lin Yuan also had things to fret about as those books weren’t cheap.

After the Spirit Qi Awakening, the internet had been crippled for over a dozen years before it had recovered. At the same time, the internet had undergone a revolution. The network was like a large-scale virtual world and was known as the Federation Star Web.

When entering the Federation Star Web, everyone would need to bind themselves with a federation citizen identity. The Star Web had entertainment, live streaming, virtual transactions, interactive and social contacting, or even ranking battles. During the last few decades, the Federation Star Web development was already able to support a second world for the Radiance Federation’s citizens.

As for the books that Lin Yuan required, they could be purchased in the Federation Star Web’s bookshop.

These books were all published by high-ranked Scholars, Fey Observers, and Spiritual Ingredient Analysts. Each of these books had an average price of around 100 Federation dollars.

For every book that the bookshop sold, the publisher would earn a profit of around 15%. That’s why the income of a lifestyle-class professional was always commendable.

A total of 100 books would cost around 10,000 Federation dollars in total, and that amount was almost Lin Yuan’s entire wealth. Moreover, a large portion of this wealth had to be reserved for his younger sister’s next year’s school fees.

Lin Yuan remembered that his young sister’s school curriculum was about to start with fey contract classes. The fey contract classes were normally leaning toward actual combat. That’s why he had to find a suitable high-grade fey for his younger sister first.

“I am still very poor!” Lin Yuan couldn’t help lamenting.

Right now, there is nothing else more important that I need to do than to earn more money. I already have a clear direction, but this direction will need Federation dollars to remove the obstacle.

When Genius saw Lin Yuan frowning in his thoughts, it immediately pounced into Lin Yuan’s embrace along with Chimey on its head.

The Hundred Questions Beast, Genius, might have evolved, but deep in its bones, Lin Yuan was still the most important person. When Genius was around Lin Yuan, it would always feel warmth and a steady sense of security.

Chimey was still standing on Genius’ head. Perhaps it could feel the changes in its body, so it started to chirp a song cheerfully.

Chimey had failed to evolve into a Songstress Bird, and at the beginning, it didn’t know how to sing. After receiving Lin Yuan’s guidance, it was finally able to learn one song.

In this world, Lin Yuan had only heard a few songs and naturally didn’t know how to sing them. Therefore, the song that Lin Yuan had taught to Chimey was a song that he had composed by taking reference to a poem before transmigrating to this world.

In the past, Lin Yuan might always be praising Chimey when it was singing, but Chimey was singing a saliva song and couldn’t bring out any flavor.

But now, when Chimey sang the song again, Lin Yuan felt as if it was a phoenix calling in the Kunlun Mountains, and hibiscuses and orchids were blooming with a smile.

Lin Yuan felt that he had suddenly entered a plain, where there was a horizon of grassland, and orioles were flying. The jingling spring water served as the zither, the wind blowing on the willows served as a tune, while the morning dew dripping served as the screenplay.

It felt as though a bean goose was walking through the snow, and when Lin Yuan tried to look for the bean goose, it had vanished without a trace. Only the goose’s footprints on the snow served as proof that it was truly there. The places where the bean goose had stepped on suddenly bloomed with wintersweet, and there was an appealing and beautiful image of a woman that was holding a book and reciting with a frown.

“Trees suffer from frost, their roots unable to draw warmth.

A single blossom in a snow-covered village appeared last night.

The wind wafts the fragrance while the birds take a peek at its brilliance.”

The winter and summer shared the beautiful scenery, and Lin Yuan was able to visualize this scenery because of Chimey’s singing.

If Chimey’s voice was like a child playing around previously, then now, Chimey’s voice was truly worthy for the palace, and it was at the pinnacle.

It seemed like Chimey—the only Sound Bird that had reached normal-grade—had great control over tunes.

As Chimey continued singing, it realized that its voice sounded better, so it flapped its wings happily and flew around the house.

Lin Yuan checked on Chimey’s True Data.

[Fey Name]: Sound Bird

[Fey Species]: Corvidae species/Kingfisher species

[Fey Grade]: Normal (3/10)

[Fey Type]: Sound

[Fey Quality]: Normal


[Sound Thrust]: Fire a sharp spike that is formed by sound at a designated target.

Lin Yuan didn’t expect Chimey to be a combat-class pet.

Lin Yuan immediately called out to Chimey and instructed, “Chimey, launch a Sound Thrust at the wooden panel by the door!”

When Chimey heard Lin Yuan’s command, it instinctively let out a distinct chirp. At the same time, Lin Yuan noticed that the wooden panel by the door had shivered a little.

Lin Yuan walked over to take a look and noticed that the one-centimeter-thick wooden panel hadn’t gotten penetrated. However, there was a white mark left on the wooden panel, not a shallow one at that.

Lin Yuan rubbed the white mark while mentally calculating Chimey’s attack force. He speculated that its driving force was probably around three kilograms.

Although such an attack force wasn’t considered outstanding among Normal feys, the attack method was superior as it was formless and invisible. It had a very fast attack speed, making it hard to dodge.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but think, If I can continue nurturing Genius and Chimey, I wonder what they will become...

Given his current ability, would there be a day when Genius and Chimey would evolve from normal-grade to elite-grade? Would they be able to continue evolving from Elite to Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or even Suzerain, which possessed a domain?

Or was there the possibility that during the process of evolution, Genius and Chimey’s quality would reach Legend, transforming them into Fantasy Breeds?

Fantasy Breed had always been a sacred term in the fey world. Fantasy Breed meant that the fey was supposed to only exist in fantasies and not in reality.

When a Bronze fey’s quality reached Legend, it might absorb certain Willpower Runes from mountains, rivers, oceans, or even the sky. It would allow the fey to achieve a qualitative change, and only high-ranked Creation Masters could utilize such methods.

Lin Yuan felt that if his ability could continue performing like its current state, he might be able to do the same in the future.

However, presently, Lin Yuan had to visit the fey marketplace to pick a certain type of fey to form a contract with Morbius’ Spirit Lock skill.

Simultaneously, he had to strive to make Chimey and Genius’ qualities to achieve Epic before they evolved to bronze-grade.

A fey’s quality was ranked as followed: Normal, Elite, Flawless, Epic, and Legend. When an Elite/Epic1 fey became Bronze, it would undergo a gene optimization.

The so-called gene optimization was to awaken a skill.

There were all sorts of fey skills, and the skill awakened was random. Therefore, plenty of feys awakened very weak skills or skills that were incompatible with the spirit qi occupation when they evolved from elite-grade to bronze-grade.

After the Bronze fey’s gene optimization, its quality would fall back to Normal and had to be increased from the beginning. However, if an Elite fey could increase its quality to Epic before evolving, it would obtain three different skill choices.

The contracted fey’s master could choose one of the skills. Fey contacts couldn’t be exchanged, so it was the same as giving the contracted master two additional chances.

In conclusion, having three choices to pick was definitely better than not having any choice to pick.

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