Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1135 - Caged Bird

Chapter 1135 Caged Bird

Zheng Kaiyan had always felt like a caged bird that the Zheng family had abandoned.

Now he was finally free and could take control of the Zheng family without anyone from the Zheng family standing in his way. Everyone that could have been an obstacle to him had died during the blood pact ultimate fight.

The last vestiges of pain in his chest disappeared.

He touched his chest before touching the wheelchair.

Zheng Kaiyan yelled towards the door, “Today’s weather is looking good. Take me out for a walk.”

A man with a scar on his face walked in with a curious expression.

It was a windy day in Indigo Azure City, and the sycamore tree branches were swaying wildly.

Third Young Master never liked to be exposed to strong winds due to his body condition. So why did he say that today’s weather was good and that he wanted to go out for a walk?

Nonetheless, the scarred man dared not question the order.

He draped a blanket over Zheng Kaiyan’s legs and started to push the wheelchair.

The scarred man somehow felt as though the Third Young Master seemed different from before as he walked along.

Third Young Master’s eyes no longer contained restrained anger. Instead, freedom and ambition filled his gaze.

The scarred man had been with Zheng Kaiyan for more than a decade and had watched Zheng Kaiyan grow. He remembered that this look had only appeared in Zheng Kaiyan’s eyes when he was young.

Lin Yuan was currently grappling with the burnt sugar milk tea in his hands.

He had been thirsty from his trip from the Royal Capital to the Indigo Azure City.

However, this burnt sugar milk tea was too sweet, and it made Lin Yuan thirstier the more of it he drank.

Lin Yuan could not help but wonder if the store had added more sugar to satisfy any possible sweet-toothed customers or if this was a ploy to make customers buy other drinks.

Eventually, Lin Yuan had no choice but to order iced water.

Lin Yuan thought, You better not add anything else in the iced water.

It was only when he gulped down the iced water that he felt his thirst fade away.

Lin Yuan was seated next to the window, and he could admire the view of Indigo Azure City the moment he turned his head.

Since it was only around 9:00 a.m., Indigo Azure City was already bustling with activity.

There were many people filling the wide streets of Indigo Azure City.

Many of the people on the streets were just strolling, and the sight of them comforted Lin Yuan.

Soon, the door of the restaurant opened, and Lin Yuan saw a scarred man pushing a wheelchair inside.

One of the restaurant’s servers rushed up to greet them.

Clearly, the person seated in the wheelchair was very important.

Zheng Kaiyan did not bother with the server. His gaze swept the store until it landed on Lin Yuan.

Although Lin Yuan was not wearing the Sky City mask, he had an air of eliteness about him that the other patrons lacked.

Zheng Kaiyan said to the server, “I’m meeting a friend. You don’t have to bother with me. I’m booking this entire restaurant and paying for the bills of every customer except the man by the window. Please ask those who aren’t done eating to go to another establishment.”

Zheng Kaiyan tapped on his wheelchair twice and pointed at Lin Yuan.

The scarred man immediately started pushing Zheng Kaiyan towards Lin Yuan.

The restaurant’s employees started to carry out his instructions.

The Zheng family was one of Indigo Azure City’s three major veteran factions. Although Zheng Kaiyan did not often show his face in public, the store’s employees all knew what he looked like.

The servers quickly cleared out the restaurant and returned to the kitchen so that Zheng Kaiyan and Lin Yuan could have the dining area to themselves.

One server remained in the corner in case the two men needed anything.

Lin Yuan raised an eyebrow when he heard what Zheng Kaiyan said to the restaurant’s staff, but he did not object.

He waved at the remaining server and said, “We have things to discuss. You don’t have to tend to us.”

The server hurriedly bowed to Lin Yuan and quickly walked towards the kitchen while heaving a deep sigh of relief.

The scarred man pushed the wheelchair up to Lin Yuan, and Zheng Kaiyan said to the scarred man, “Stand guard outside. Don’t let anyone into the store.”

The scarred man stared at Lin Yuan for a few moments before looking back at Zheng Kaiyan. He clearly did not trust Zheng Kaiyan to remain by himself.

But he did not go against Zheng Kaiyan’s order and walked out of the store.

Zheng Kaiyan lifted himself out of the wheelchair and pushed the wheelchair behind him, so he ended up kneeling on the floor.

He was prepared to swear his loyalty to Lin Yuan on a Willpower Rune.

But before he could start swearing his loyalty, Lin Yuan said, “As the Third Young Master of the Zheng family, you live up to your reputation. Your personal magazine said that you’ve been intelligent since young. But you don’t have to rush to swear your loyalty on your Willpower Rune. It’s true that your attitude matters, but we haven’t ascertained that you’ve earned the right to become my subordinate.”

Zheng Kaiyan froze.

It was true that he was going slightly overboard so as to leave a good impression on the person before him.

He had been silently startled from the moment he saw Lin Yuan.

Zheng Kaiyan had seen Lin Yuan before, and he recognized Lin Yuan as the genius that had struck down Meng Xu with one blow.

He could not believe that the genius Lin Yuan was connected with the City Lord of Sky City.

Zheng Kaiyan would not be acting this way if the person before him were elderly.

But since Lin Yuan was a young man who tended to be more impulsive, it was likely that Zheng Kaiyan would be able to gain more benefits after leaving a good impression from the get-go.

However, he did not expect Lin Yuan to read him so easily and address him as the Third Young Master of the Zheng family.

This title caused fear to grip Zheng Kaiyan’s heart.

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