Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1314

Chapter 1314: The Activated Sky Sundial Jade Spider Bloodline

Lin Yuan noticed that his faith power had tripled after a mere few days. Apparently, the commotion caused by the blood pact ultimate fight between the Sea Bliss Clan and Connected Beast Park had enabled Lin Yuan to reap significant benefits.

Lin Yuan injected the faith power into the water around him. He intentionally instructed Dark Blue to use the water to separate the faith power.

With the immense amount of faith power within the water, the twirling ribbons of water shone with deep amber.

Using his tail, Lin Yuan swung the 12 deep amber pillars at White Speak’s body. When the enormous amount of water entered White Speak’s body, White Speak immediately felt a change in its totem.

At that moment, White Speak was beyond surprised. Although White Speak had never seen any other Dictator, Dictator Everything had once arrived at the Palace of Everything in Marsh East Circle and spread its might and glory.

According to the information given by the Apostle at Marsh East Circle, White Speak came to understand the power of a Dictator. It found out that Dictators could change into their Dictator’s bodies and give Apostles the dictator’s prize.

However, White Speak had never heard of a Dictator being able to evolve the faith power in an Apostle.

A thought crossed White Speak’s mind. But this was enough to set its excitement alight.

Could Lin Yuan be more than a Dictator, something that was only the stuff of legends? At this point, White Speak decided not to think about it any further. It could not be certain if this idea was right or wrong. Perhaps it was just Lin Yuan’s natural skill as a Dictator to be able to inject faith power into Apostles.

But regardless, White Speak just needed to stick by Lin Yuan’s side and ensure that Lin Yuan remained comfortable.

White Speak took a deep breath and said with a wild yet respectful tone, “Your wish is my command.”

White Speak leaped into the air.

Instead of dodging the incoming thorns shot by the sea-king experts under Shark Awn, White Speak transformed into a 3,000-meter-long giant white crocodile.

When the black thorns pierced White Speak, its body turned into soft white clay and sucked the black thorns in.

Finally, White Speak swung its tail, and the black spikes sprouted from the back of its tail. White Speak swung its tail again and ferociously slammed into the theater weaved by the Crimson Tentacle Algae.

Under White Speak’s full force attack, a large hole appeared in the wall of the theater.

Shark Awn’s expression changed when it saw that the Crimson Tentacle Algae was injured.

It could not give White Speak another chance to hurt the Crimson Tentacle Algae again. The Crimson Tentacle Algae was not a combat-type fey and could not withstand much damage.

The Crimson Tentacle Algae’s first ability was to separate aura. Its second ability was to absorb the vitality of all the near-dead creatures within the cage into the Crimson Tentacle Algae. Eventually, the Crimson Tentacle Algae would temper the vitality and transfer it back into its contractor to increase its contractor’s power.

Shark Awn was able to evolve to Immortal IX so quickly because of the Crimson Tentacle Algae.

Shark Awn had caged this area because it was afraid the news would get out and wanted to use the energy within Gu En and Silver Umber Black to increase its power further. Even if it could not break through to Eternal, it would also be satisfied with stabilizing its quality.


Shark Awn fiercely ordered the sea-king experts, “Unlock your Immortal bodies and kill the people on the island!”

Next, Shark Awn directed its aura toward White Speak. Three black thorns shot out of Shark Awn’s hand and turned into three black sharks.

The three black sharks crossed until they resembled two pairs of scissors and charged toward White Speak.

Shark Awn looked at Gu En, who had summoned another pinnacle Immortal fey and was currently controlling two pinnacle Immortal feys, the helpless people on the island and the sea-king experts that Gu En’s feys had injured. A wicked glare appeared in Shark Awn’s eye as it was certain that the battle’s conclusion was all but set.

People who can’t help are just useless! If you’re of no use in a battle, at least try to help in another way.

Shark Awn slowed down in its charge toward White Speak until it came to a stop. It touched the red skin on its forehead and pushed in with its nail until blood was flowing freely down its face.

Then, Shark Awn started to sing loudly.

While Shark Awn was singing, the sea-king experts grappling with Gu En halted in midair, and terrified expressions came over their faces.

Before the sea-king experts even had the chance to beg for mercy, Shark Awn shrieked, “Shark Glutton Imprint, return!”

The Immortal bodies of the sea-king experts started to quickly shrivel up until they eventually turned into balls of flesh.

These balls of flesh were condensed forms of the sea-king experts’ energies.

A fountain of blood spurted from the balls of flesh and sailed straight into Shark Awn’s body. Shark Awn’s aura started to rise when the blood entered its body.

Shark Awn started to guffaw with laughter as it felt the change in its power.

“I used to be Immortal IX. But now that I’m pinnacle Immortal IX, no one below Eternal can hope to beat me!”

Shark Awn’s words caused Gu En’s expression to change.

On the other hand, White Speak, who was lightly injured after forcefully consuming the three thorns, looked more stubborn than ever.

“Stupid woman. Your laughter is so unpleasant to the ear. I ate three of your thorns without putting up any defense. But, it seems that their attacks aren’t anything impressive! Even my muscles are still intact. If you’re only capable of this, you should quickly lie down and wait for me to crush you.”

Lin Yuan frowned when Shark Awn used its ability or exclusive skill to end the sea-king experts that had accompanied it.

When he saw the faint sunlight shining out of the Mother of Bloodbath’s body, Lin Yuan knew that it was starting to trigger the Sky Sundial Jade Spider in its body.

The Mother of Bloodbath badly needed a large amount of blood energy at this moment.

Usually, Lin Yuan would be completely helpless against such injuries. But, the idea that struck him was tied to the types of the sea-king experts behind Shark Awn.

As a member of the First Emperor Shark Clan, Shark Awn was both blood- and water-type.

Blood-type feys had more blood energy than ordinary feys. But, this also made it easier for them to absorb feys of the same type. Hence, Lin Yuan’s idea was to take the lives of the sea-king experts behind Shark Awn and use them as steps that the Mother of Bloodbath could tread on until it unlocked its Sky Sundial Jade Spider bloodline.

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