Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1414

Chapter 1414: Accidental Miracle

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Little Grass tentatively emulated Little Flower and said thankfully, “Thank you, Big Brothers!”

While she was thanking them, Little Flower suddenly thought about how much better life would be if she could continue staying by Lin Yuan’s side instead of continuing the life she was used to.

But when she thought about her circumstance and status, she was at a loss about how she should voice this wish. She was terrified of being rejected.

At that moment, Lin Yuan placed his hand on Little Flower and Little Grass’ heads and gently stroked them. He looked at their tattered clothes and was about to give them two new sets of spirit qi clothes when he realized that he did not have any children’s clothes.

Thus, he took out the fur of a Gold Blue Brocade Fox and two bunches of silk and started to sew them together.


He had learned how to do simple sewing work when he and Chu Ci had been fending for themselves. They did not have many clothes between them or money to buy more. Hence, Lin Yuan had no choice but to sew the clothes himself.

It did not take him long to produce two sets of white outfits.

Lin Yuan split the Blue Brocade Fox’s fur into two and turned them into two simple fur cloaks.

As the sole Young Master of Sea Sky Nurture, Ji Feng had no idea how to sew. However, Liu Jie squatted down and joined Lin Yuan. He picked up the two sets of spirit qi clothes and fixed the rough seams. Soon, the spirit qi clothes looked exquisite.

As Lin Yuan watched Liu Jie work, he was surprised that Liu Jie had talents besides cooking.

If Wen Yu had not been around, Liu Jie would probably have become the Return from Faraway Mansion’s housekeeper.

Neither Little Flower nor Little Grass was stupid, and they could tell from the size of the clothes Lin Yuan and Liu Jie were making that the clothes were for them.

Little Grass had always been under the care of Little Flower, and he could always rely on her.

But for as long as Little Flower could remember, she had been beaten by their alcoholic father and had to keep their household afloat. She always had to come up with ways to find alcohol for her father.

But when their father left and never returned, Little Flower was free. With one less mouth to feed, the two siblings had more to eat than before.

Thus, Little Flower had never experienced care from another person or received custom-made clothes.

In fact, the materials used by Lin Yuan and Liu Jie were better than those used by the children of elite families.

Fear gripped Little Flower’s heart. She would rather not wear the clothes and stay with her brother by Lin Yuan’s side instead.

Little Flower was afraid that she and her brother would be abandoned once they accepted the spirit qi clothes.

Lin Yuan observed the two Dark Sun Send Mess Butterflies while he was making the spirit qi clothes.

Little Flower and Little Grass ignored the two Dark Sun Send Mess Butterflies, and the feys quietly rested on the siblings.

Lin Yuan handed a set of spirit qi clothes to each of the siblings and asked, “Can the two of you control the butterflies?”

Little Flower looked at the black and gold Dark Send Mess Butterfly before she replied, “Big Brother, I can control the black and gold butterfly and make him do anything I want.”

Little Grass also nodded and looked at the white and gold Sun Send Mess Butterfly on the tip of his finger and said, “This white and gold butterfly listens to me well too!”

Lin Yuan looked at Little Flower and Little Grass with a troubled expression.

Liu Jie’s Insect Queen could control insect-species carcinoma feys due to an accidental mutation, and this ability could not be cloned.

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It could be said that the combination of the three abilities created a miracle and a living and breathing ‘Fifth Day Disaster’ that could be turned on and off. As long as Little Flower and Little Grass willed it, they could launch a disaster.

Additionally, they could blend in with people and form perfect shelters for the Dark Sun Send Mess Butterflies.

The carcinoma feys deemed as ‘Fifth Day Disasters’ by the Spirit Guards could affect more than just the main world.

The dimensional world also had male and female genders. If Little Flower and Little Grass went to the dimensional world, they would also be able to bring the same disaster there.

It would not be an overstatement at all to say that Little Flower and Little Grass were a pair of strategic weapons with the power to wreak havoc.

Given the circumstances, Lin Yuan needed to ensure that Little Flower and Little Grass stayed on the course of righteousness.

Lin Yuan looked at the siblings who were staring at the spirit qi clothes with conflicted gazes and said, “These clothes made by this other Big Brother and me aren’t the best. If you stay with me, a Big Sister will make clothes for you in the future. She makes all of our clothes.”

Little Flower looked up into Lin Yuan’s eyes. She looked like a flower bud that had spontaneously bloomed. At that moment, her happiness was unparalleled.

She held Little Grass’ hand and said, “We’re willing to go with you. However, we are dirty and will dirty your clothes if we put them on.”

Lin Yuan could use Dark Blue to clean up Little Flower and Little Grass. However, it would not be appropriate to do so.

He gently patted Little Flower’s hair and said, “Don’t worry, and just put them on. It doesn’t matter if the clothes become dirty. You’ll get clean ones to change into when we get back.”

Little Flower gratefully led Little Grass into the thatched house and put on the clothes.

When they walked out, the dirt on their faces still covered most of their features, but they still looked much more presentable.

Lin Yuan took out two towels and did a cursory clean-up for them.

Once he was done wiping their faces, he realized that they had pleasing features. Their large eyes were full of life.

However, they were still covered with scars that represented the hardship they had gone through.

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