Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1576 - Chimey Evolved

Chapter 1576: Chimey Evolved

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This phantom image had four horns on its head that branched out like a tree.

When the wind-elemental energy gathered on the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope’s body, flowers appeared on the four horns of the phantom image behind the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope.

The phantom image was in the shape of an antelope.

But unlike normal antelopes, the phantom image did not have a mouth, and wind-elemental energy swirled around it.

It was as though this antelope was made from wind elements.


Lin Yuan suddenly thought of a possibility.

The Moon Empress had mentioned to Lin Yuan that some types of feys would become elementalized when the amount of elemental energy in their body reached a certain level.

For example, the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s metal-elemental energy in its body differentiated when it reached a certain level.

As a result, its elementalized horns could be formed at will.

It seemed that the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope could be suitable for this method of evolution.

However, there were some differences.

Firstly, the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope had not been elementalized. Secondly, there was no phantom image when the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull used its elementalized horns.

But after having so much experience evolving feys, Lin Yuan learned that no one could be certain about a fey’s evolution.

Normal people assumed that the end of the road was reached when one became a Class 5 Creation Master.

But not even Class 5 Creation Masters could produce Genius and Chimey in their current states.

Even if a Class 5 Creation Master found a large whale fall, none of them would be able to find the legendary Remembrance Soul Whale if they did not contract Dark Blue or use Faith Application.

Now, the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope was still the responsible manager of the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

No matter what road the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope took in the future, Lin Yuan would be willing to provide it with the best resources and weather anything with it.

Chimey was still waiting for its spiritual power to be recovered.

Its bloodline was going to break through soon. This would be the last breakthrough that Chimey would experience before it reached Myth Breed.

It might even be the last one it experienced before it reached Creation Breed because the bloodlines of feys calcified after they evolved to Myth Breed.

A large opportunity was needed for this to be changed.

Hence, Lin Yuan needed to help Chimey reach peak condition before its bloodline went through the breakthrough.

With Morbius’ evolution to Gold grade, the increase in the concentration of spirit qi in the Spirit Lock spatial zone, and the impending change of Genius and Chimey’s bloodlines made Lin Yuan think that this evolution would be much more dangerous for Genius and Chimey than before.

Lin Yuan forced himself to calm down and thought for a moment before he decided to halt Di Wanmi as she was making the precious instrument.

He wanted her by his side to prepare to help if anything wrong happened to Genius and Chimey.

At that moment, Lin Yuan suddenly heard a whale cry from the Floating Island Whale’s fetus.

Lin Yuan walked up and placed his hand on the Floating Island Whale’s egg.

He immediately felt the Floating Island Whale’s affection for him. The young whale in the egg was continuously banging against the eggshell in an attempt to be closer to Lin Yuan’s hand.

This time, the increase in the concentration of spirit qi in the Spirit Lock spatial zone sped up the hatching of the Floating Island Whale.

There was currently a large stock of water-type heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

The increase in the concentration of spirit qi enabled the Floating Island Whale to absorb water-type heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls at a faster rate.

As long as Lin Yuan could ensure that the supply of water-type heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls did not run out, the Floating Island Whale would hatch before the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection.

By this time, Chimey had returned to peak condition after being injected with spirit qi.

It said softly, “Yuan, I’m ready to evolve my bloodline!”

When he saw Chimey’s excited expression, he knew that it was so excited because it wanted to have its fan meet.

Those who were unaware were free from fear.

Genius had learned all of the information on Star Web and currently had a very stern look on his face.

Genius knew that Lin Yuan had spent a lot of resources to create this opportunity for it and Chimey.

It also knew how dangerous this evolution would be for it and Chimey.

It was afraid that Chimey would become careless and fall into danger because it had not made the proper preparation before the evolution.

Genius reminded, “Chimey, remember to stay serious when you’re evolving your bloodline. Do your best to endure the pain and make sure your mind doesn’t fall into confusion.”

Chimey nodded determinedly.

Although Chimey did not know much, it still clearly remembered how painful its previous evolution had been.

Lin Yuan personally harvested a few Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis and handed them to Genius as he said, “Chimey, go to the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree and absorb the energy from strange flames. I will stay here to accompany you.”

Chimey flew up to its nest in the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree and started absorbing as much energy from strange flames as possible.

Genius picked up the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis with its claws and started shoveling it into its mouth.

Lin Yuan had never eaten the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis. But from Genius’ troubled expression, he could tell that the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis did not taste good.

It would take some time for Genius to digest the Intelligent Ganoderma Sinensis that it consumed.

Thus, Chimey would be the one to evolve first.

The entire Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree was suddenly set on fire.

Chimey’s body was set alight with beautiful flames that enveloped the entire Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree.

The leaves of the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree contained strange flames, and they immediately exploded under the burning of the beautiful flames.

The energy in the strange flames rapidly flowed into Chimey’s body as it absorbed the energy as though it was a bottomless pit.

At that moment, Chimey was in such pain that it started to scream that it was too hot.

However, Lin Yuan could not waste time being pained for Chimey’s sake because he needed to shoot a large number of strange flames at the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree to replenish its energy.

Otherwise, not only would the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree become drained and eventually wither as Chimey continuously extracted the strange flames, but there would also be insufficient energy from strange flames to allow Chimey to complete its evolution.

Lin Yuan waved his hand, and hundreds of mid-grade strange flames spewed toward the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree.

The strange flames that had been stored in the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree’s leaves were pushed out by the beautiful flames.

But even as the hundreds of mid-grade strange flames shot into the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree, the bottomless hole that was Chimey did not show any signs of being satisfied.

Lin Yuan became increasingly unsettled when such a large amount of strange flames entered Chimey’s body.

If such a large amount of strange flames exploded, Chimey would instantly shatter.

Even a Myth I fey would be at risk when it was exposed to such an immense amount of energy from strange flames.

But now, Chimey seemed to need the energy from the strange flames badly.

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