Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 16: Web-Spraying Spider

Chapter 16: Web-Spraying Spider

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Lin Yuan had been operating a fey store since he was eight years old, so he was rather proficient in conversations. Seeing that the boorish man was so friendly to him, Lin Yuan got friendly too.

“Big Brother Yang, then can I trouble you to bring me inside for a look?”

The boorish man used his hand to pat on Lin Yuan’s shoulder and laughed heartily. “You don’t need to be so polite with your Big Brother.”

In just a few seconds, we are already addressing each other as brothers. This script doesn’t feel right, Lin Yuan mumbled in his heart.

In fact, the Calm Mind ability would help Lin Yuan to receive favorable impressions. To be honest, a favorable impression was a sensory impression.

The boorish man had such an attitude toward Lin Yuan because he was a forthright person. Also, when he was at his lowest emotional state, Lin Yuan’s appearance had actually dismissed the sadness. It naturally made the boorish man feel that it was due to Lin Yuan.

While the boorish man was leading at the front, Lin Yuan followed behind and looked around.

The exterior of the stall had already been cleaned up. Apart from the three feys left inside the shed, there was basically nothing else. Had Lin Yuan not arrived today coincidentally, this stall might not be here tomorrow.

After entering the shed, Yang Mingkai pointed at the two transparent boxes and said, “Inside those boxes are two Web-Spraying Spiders. They might look healthy now, but their abdomens have been torn open. From the looks of it, they will only last for another two days.”

Yang Mingkai wasn’t a dishonest merchant, but he probably wouldn’t get into detail about the Web-Spraying Spiders’ injuries if it were someone else.

This was all due to the favorable impression that Yang Mingkai had on Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan was using True Data to check on the two Web-Spraying Spiders’ information.

[Fey Name]: Web-Spraying Spider

[Fey Species]: Arachnid species/Web-Weaving Spider subspecies

[Fey Grade]: Elite (10/10)

[Fey Type]: Poison

[Fey Quality]: Flawless


[Thread Conceal]: During the moving process, the movement trajectory will be sprayed out with sharp spider threads that are hard to detect.

[Poison Web]: Spray out a web of threads in front that is poisonous.

These two Web-Spraying Spiders were averaging at Elite X/Flawless.

An Elite X/Flawless fey was only one step away from reaching bronze-grade. Had it not been for the dimensional rift, these two Elite X/Flawless Web-Spraying Spiders would have successfully reached bronze-grade and awakened their exclusive skills.

This was something great that wouldn’t be seen during normal days in the fey marketplace.

Feys that were one breath away from bronze-grade would normally be sold on the Star Web.

When Yang Mingkai saw how serious Lin Yuan was when looking at the Web-Spraying Spiders, his face turned sad again as he thought of something.

“During the alien insects’ invasion, the Web-Spraying Spiders were able to survive because they are insect feys and small enough to hide inside a bigger fey’s body. However, before they hid inside the body of the bigger fey, their abdomens were still stabbed by the alien insects.”

Yang Mingkai’s face revealed his sadness again, but Lin Yuan didn’t use Morbius’ Calm Mind this time. Some experiences could never be forgotten. It was like an obstacle on the road, and if one couldn’t surpass it, they would be trapped forever and die in this state.

After getting over this obstacle, it would make the person tougher, and their hearts would be stronger. This was Yang Mingkai’s obstacle, and no one would help, as he had to get over it by himself.

“Big Brother Yang, sometimes, it is useless to continue feeling sad. Why don’t you put it in the past and look forward to the future?”

Before Yang Mingkai could reply, Lin Yuan said again, “If these two Web-Spraying Spiders weren’t injured, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to be sold for 300,000 Federation dollars on the Star Web.”

The prices for support-type feys of the spider species were always very high. The Web-Spraying Spider’s abilities had great control power and were slightly poisonous. It was considered a support-type fey with strong lethal power.

It was able to achieve a supportive effect that was brutal and direct when controlling the enemy.

The size of the Web-Spraying Spider was small, only around ten centimeters. It was very nimble and great at concealment, making it an outstanding fey for wilderness battles.

Yang Mingkai felt that Lin Yuan’s words had penetrated right into his heart. He was alone now, and after experiencing the disaster, it felt as though no one else had talked to him like this apart from the rescuers.

While living in the harsh cold environment, a little warmth could warm the body, and a little light from a matchstick was enough to illuminate the dark house.

“300,000 Federation dollars is still too little. The prices on the Star Web when selling feys are normally higher, and it is due to the restrictions of talent. To people who need them, they wouldn’t mind spending more money. However, these two Web-Spraying Spiders are already injured. It would already be good enough to sell both of them for 150,000 Federation dollars together.”

Lin Yuan nodded. Given how Yang Mingkai set the prices, he knew that he was an honest person.

Apart from being able to form a contract with the Web-Spraying Spiders, they were also a medicinal ingredient. The carcass of a Web-Spraying Spider was worth about 50,000 Federation dollars. Therefore, when setting the price of these severely injured Web-Spraying Spiders at 75,000 Federation dollars each, it was already very reasonable.

“Big Brother Yang, I wish to buy these Web-Spraying Spiders, but I do not have enough money on me. I wonder if I can trade for them with feys?”

Lin Yuan had come to the marketplace today with the plan to use the Elite Usneas in exchange for money. The Elite Usneas were productive spirits plants that were always in demand. Thus, Lin Yuan was very certain.

Yang Mingkai frowned after hearing Lin Yuan’s words. If it were someone else saying this, Yang Mingkai would have already chased them out.

It was common to use feys in exchange for money. However, there was a condition that the other party required the feys, or if it was a top-selling fey that was hard to find in the market.

“Young Brother, I don’t wish to conceal anything from you. After I finish handling this batch of feys, I plan to open up another fey breeding base and restart everything. That’s why, if you use feys to trade with me, I might not need them.”

Yang Mingkai might have a good impression of Lin Yuan, but business was still business.

When Lin Yuan heard that Yang Mingkai would be opening a breeding base, he immediately smiled. “Big Brother Yang, I have some Elite Usneas. Do you think I can use them for trading?”

As soon as Lin Yuan spoke, Yang Mingkai asked with a pleasantly surprised tone, “Young Brother, do you want to trade with Elite Usneas? I wonder what the quality of your Elite Usneas is?”

Yang Mingkai was planning to build a fey breeding base and start small. It was the same as destroying everything and restarting.

Everything would be difficult at the start, and Yang Mingkai had been fretting about the initial feys that were required for the setup.

Elite Usneas had to be nurtured through special methods, and they were able to produce plenty of regular Usneas. An Elite Usnea was already qualified to produce new seeds. However, it was almost impossible for anyone to sell Elite Usneas.

Yang Mingkai had been collecting information to purchase Elite Usneas during the past few days, but he couldn’t find anything.

A few parties were willing to sell, but their asking prices were at least twice as much as the market rate. If Yang Mingkai were to buy them, it would lead to a huge deficit at the beginning.

Now that Lin Yuan wanted to trade Elite Usneas, Yang Mingkai was immediately excited.

“Qualitywise, they are all rather good. If Big Brother Yang agrees to trade for Elite Usneas, you can come over to my place and take a look at the goods first.”

When Lin Yuan saw Yang Mingkai’s excited reaction, he knew it was going to work. Just as Lin Yuan and Yang Mingkai were speaking, Lin Yuan suddenly heard a rather weak ‘Moo~’.

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