Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1606 - Don't Wag Your Tail, Little Iron Block!

Chapter 1606: Don’t Wag Your Tail, Little Iron Block!

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It could be said that Lin Yuan was the one who had molded the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull and Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly.

When the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull had only been the Sharp Rock Bull, it had been injured by the open alien insect dimensional rift.

At that moment, Yang Mingkai had not been able to do anything about the seriously injured Obsidian Iron Wild Bull. He almost ended up consuming it as beef.

It was Lin Yuan who had discovered the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s ability Sacrifice and saved it. He also gave Chu Ci the chance to change her life.

Lin Yuan had only just realized his body was special at that time, and it would have been impossible for him to gather the money to buy a high-quality Bronze fey within a short span of time.


Lin Yuan had also traded for the Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly from Liu Jie when it was still a larva.

At that time, Liu Jie had been in the pits of despair because the Insect Queen had been about to die, and he was about to lose his chance to become a spirit qi professional.

He had put on a mask and hid his identity as he went up a mountain to collect spiritual resources.

He had not only been supporting himself but also many orphans. He had even educated them.

At that time, the Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly had been a small pink larva.

Later, it evolved into the Vajra Butterfly and eventually managed to use the pollen of the Golden Curtain Peony and pure spirit qi to mutate away from the path of becoming the Jadeite Butterfly.

This was proof that the metal-type Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly was even more suited for Chu Ci than the wood-type Jadeite Butterfly.

The Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly had even stronger defensive and combat powers than the Jadeite Butterfly.

However, it was not perfect.

The Jadeite Butterfly had a certain level of supporting effect.

According to Chu Ci, the Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly had evolved to Diamond grade.

This meant that the Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly’s bloodline had evolved.

However, there was still the question of whether the Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly would be able to maintain the mutation that the Golden Curtain Peony’s pollen had brought it when it evolved into the Tourmaline Emperor Butterfly.

Under Cold Moon’s guidance, Chu Ci started to understand how important being able to keep one’s lips sealed was.

If she leaked information about her feys and happened to be faced with an opponent who could counter her feys, she might be defeated even if her opponent was objectively weaker than her.

If any outsider wanted to see Chu Ci’s feys, she would never summon them.

However, she did not put up any guard when she was with Lin Yuan.

Although people on Star Web called her the Radiance Federation’s youngest genius, she knew that all the glory she had came from Lin Yuan.

She would never forget how Lin Yuan supported her despite being so weak that he was prone to fainting spells.

When the two of them were fending for themselves and were so poor that they could only afford one bowl of porridge, Lin Yuan had given that bowl of porridge to her.

He had snuck off in the middle of the night to eat the Usneas.

The Usnea was not as soft or palatable as the Soldier Ration Radish.

The leaves of the Usnea would prick one’s stomach and often leave the spirit qi professionals who ate them with painful stomachaches because they did not have strong stomachs like herbivorous feys did.

Hence, no matter what happened, Lin Yuan would be the most important person in Chu Ci’s life.

With a wave of her hand, Chu Ci summoned her two feys.

Lin Yuan was immediately faced with a five-meter-long and two-meter-tall bull.

The bull’s skin resembled the silver surface of a mirror. Its tough and sinewy muscles could be seen under its skin.

Amongst all the feys that Lin Yuan had seen, not even tiger-species feys were as magnificent as this bull-species fey.

Its one-meter-long tail swayed gently and created waves of noise.

At that moment, Chu Ci crossed her legs and gently patted the bull’s face as she said, “Little Iron Block, I know you’re happy to see Lin Yuan, but I’ve told you many times not to swing your tail! Don’t learn from that hippopotamus! People might think you’re farting!”

The Obsidian Iron Wild Bull mooed twice in reply, stopped moving its tail, and stared at Lin Yuan joyfully.

Lin Yuan’s lips twitched when he heard the way Chu Ci addressed the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull.

How can this be considered a Little Iron Block? It’s just a bull-shaped tank!

Since the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull had turned silver, it meant that its bloodline had evolved.

The Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s new skin was only the third-most shocking change that had happened to it.

There were also black clusters of gems embedded all over its body. The gems refracted rainbow light.

The color was similar to the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s original color and appeared like colorful patches.

It was likely that the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull stored the energy from its original bloodline within the black gem clusters.

The biggest change had to be the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s horns.

The Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s horns used to be made of elements and were not connected to its head.

However, the black horns flashed on its head intermittently. But its shapes changed each time.

In a battle, the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull could choose the best shape according to the fey that it was facing off against.

Although it charged with brute force, it could change the shape of its horns to inflict the most damage on its enemy.

If any other cow-species fey charged against the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull thinking that it was hornless, it would end up with a hole in its body from the impact.

The Obsidian Iron Wild Bull could protrude its horns from next to its eyes to pierce through the eyes and cleanly into the skull of the opponent cow-species fey.

The Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s horns were enough for it to be deemed a killing machine in the form of a defense-type fey.

Now, Lin Yuan realized that the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s elemental horns remained mostly silver. Only a small part of it was black.

A few of the horns were covered with a layer of black on silver or a layer of silver on black.

Evidently, the evolved Obsidian Iron Wild Bull could actively make use of the power in its bloodline.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check on the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull.

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