Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1773 - 1773 What is Qian Yu?

Chapter 1773 - 1773 What is Qian Yu?

1773 What is Qian Yu?

At that moment, everyone’s eyes were on Lin Yuan. This was with the exception of the Goddess of Mercy, who had her eyes lowered.

Her eyes were swiftly moving as though she was contemplating something of extreme importance.

She only lifted her head a moment later.

But now, her brows were no longer furrowed. Rather, they were relaxed as though she no longer had a single care for Qian Yu.


She looked at Lin Yuan with shock, and a strange feeling within her was growing while being urged by her bloodline.

This feeling was completely unfamiliar to the Goddess of Mercy.

But at the same time, she was restrained by Lin Yuan’s aura.

The Goddess of Mercy never expected such a pure mermaid bloodline to exist in the world.

It had reached the level of the mermaid king bloodline.

However, it needed another few months to stabilize. If it was injured during this period, the bloodline could plummet to pinnacle mermaid bloodline.

At that point, it would be even more difficult to evolve it into a mermaid emperor bloodline.

In the past, the Goddess of Mercy would not have hesitated to forcefully take Lin Yuan away with her.

This was always how the Goddess of Mercy operated. If she saw something that caught her attention, she would have to make it her own.

Otherwise, there was no point in her awakening her birth horoscope.

However, Lin Yuan’s bloodline made the Goddess of Mercy wary of acting so impulsively.

The Goddess of Mercy only wanted to remove her curse so she would be able to continue increasing her power again.

The way to remove the curse was to gain the love of the mermaid king clan.

If she forcefully kidnapped him, it would be a miracle if the young man did not resent her, much less love her.

Thus, the Goddess of Mercy decided to proceed with her original plan.

It seemed that she would need to have a talk with the Moon Empress and that old man before she left the Radiance Federation.

As for Qian Yu, the Goddess of Mercy couldn’t care less about him. What was Qian Yu? She might as well have never heard of him before.

Lin Yuan, whose mermaid bloodline had just transformed, could clearly sense his ability to control the sea.

The feeling was even more natural to Lin Yuan than walking on land.

All the water elements were fighting for the chance to communicate with Lin Yuan.

Through the water elements, Lin Yuan did not need to use his eyes, and he would be able to sense any minute changes within the sea.

Qian Yu’s purple and blue blood was like a stain in the azure sea.

Qian Yu was very clear that as long as he had the mermaid bloodline in his body, it would be almost impossible for him to move while suppressed by Lin Yuan.

He had tried to activate the rare mermaid emperor bloodline, but it was of no help.

Eventually, Qian Yu had no choice but to dissolve his fusion with the Diving Songstress.

At that same moment, Qian Yu gained his freedom of movement.

Qian Yu’s arsenal was almost empty.

At the same moment that Lin Yuan transformed, the half-dead jellyfish was pulled beneath the water by Lin Yuan and killed.

Qian Yu had no choice but to summon his last fey, a pinnacle four-winged water-type fairy source-type lifeform.

It was called the Vortex Fairy.

A small fairy that seemed to have fins for wings appeared in the sea.

Five vortexes materialized around Qian Yu.

Qian Yu glanced at Liu Jie with delight. He had not summoned the Vortex Fairy yet because the Insect Queen was a six-winged fairy.

As such, the Insect Queen’s bloodline would exert strong pressure on the Vortex Fairy’s bloodline.

But after combining with the Emperor Core of All Insects, the Insect Queen had fallen asleep and would not be able to exert bloodline pressure.

The Vortex Fairy was Suzerain/pinnacle Myth II. It was only a hair’s breadth away from reaching six wings.

Qian Yu felt that the Radiance Federation team should be devastated that he was still able to produce such a powerful weapon at such a juncture.

He noticed that Liu Yifan, Zong Ze, Liu Jie, and Gao Feng’s expressions all darkened.

Yet, Lin Yuan smiled. This smile was accompanied by the two pearl drop scales at the corner of his eyes that reflected a brilliant light off the surface of the sea.

The beautiful smile caused Qian Yu’s heart to skip a nervous beat.

When Qian Yu was activating his spiritual energy to summon his fey, Lin Yuan assumed that Qian Yu was about to display a stunning secret weapon.

Any other pinnacle Myth II fey would cause Lin Yuan to struggle.

He still had two unused Sword Skills.

One of them was Attack of the Sea Leaping Whale.

Although Lin Yuan’s sacred source lifeform had evolved to 4 Stars and both the Grace Queen and Sacred Sword had gained another ability each, the Grace Queen’s new ability only had support effects. Meanwhile, the Sacred Sword’s second ability came with great cost with each use.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, Lin Yuan would not use the Sacred Sword’s second ability.

But if the pinnacle four-winged fairy source-type lifeform was Qian Yu’s final weapon, Lin Yuan felt that he would not be pushed to the point of using the Sacred Sword’s second ability.

Red Thorn was a fairy source-type lifeform, and its bloodline was pinnacle six-wings.

Even if it was placed alongside the six-winged Insect Queen, Red Thorn’s aura would leave the Insect Queen trembling in fear and cause its power to fall by 80%.

Lin Yuan and Red Thorn’s contract was special as the medium had been blood.

Red Thorn and Lin Yuan’s bloodlines were connected, so Lin Yuan could activate his bloodline to exert the pressure that would come from Red Thorn’s pinnacle six-winged bloodline.

Lin Yuan swished his fishtail and swam toward the vortexes.

Since Lin Yuan had Blue Lotus’ blessing, the Vortex Fairy’s attack was absorbed by the lotus flowers before they could make contact with Lin Yuan.

Hence, none of the Vortex Fairy’s attacks hurt Lin Yuan.

Ten enormous water pillars shot out from the water and protected Liu Jie, Liu Yifan, Gao Feng, and Zong Ze.

Moreover, Liu Yifan had healed a portion of his spiritual power and summoned the Yin-Yang Double Instrument Cow and Four-Animal Eight-Trigram Deer again. He instructed them to support Lin Yuan.

After Qian Yu removed his mermaid state, he pondered how he could get nearer to Lin Yuan.

Since he was fused with his devil, his physical body was extremely strong. He would only be able to demonstrate his full power in close-quarter combat.

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