Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1775 - 1775 The Hand From the Spatial Doorway!

Chapter 1775 - 1775 The Hand From the Spatial Doorway!

1775 The Hand From the Spatial Doorway!

Lu Ou had tried contacting the Disaster World Faceless Beast multiple times.

But despite knowing that the Disaster World Faceless Beast was still alive, he could no longer communicate with it.

Now that Qian Yu had lost the ability to fight back, Lu Ou was not going to attack either.

Lu Ou still had a secret weapon that he had yet to reveal. However, he did not think that using it would be of any help. Futile struggle that did not change the result of the battle was foolish.


Lu Ou waited for the Goddess of Mercy to step in to protect Qian Yu. Then, due to his special status, she would also take him along in their escape.

Yet, even after a long time passed, the Goddess of Mercy seemed to have no intention of stepping in.

Lu Ou looked at Qian Yu with a troubled gaze.

Qian Yu had sworn that he was extremely important to the Goddess of Mercy. Could it be that she had abandoned him?

But even if the Goddess of Mercy did not step in, Lu Ou was still confident in preserving his own life.

After all, he was different from Han Qi.

Favored experts and disciples were both outsiders. Without a blood link, it would be difficult to truly view another as important as oneself.

However, Lu Ou did not want to burden his mother and bring her to the Radiance Federation, which was a hostile state.

While Lin Yuan was attacking Qian Yu, he realized that he would be able to hurt Qian Yu using Spirit Essence Explosion, but it would be difficult for him to kill Qian Yu with this attack.

He noticed Lu Ou looking at him with a stormy gaze from a distance away.

With a wave of his tail, he swung at Qian Yu and launched him toward Lu Ou.

At the same time, Lin Yuan raised his right hand, and the entire azure sea turned choppy.

Lin Yuan wanted to use Flowing. It was a very simple ability as it would break apart the original body and turn all the water elements in the body into violent water that would attack a target.

When Dark Blue’s body had only been about the size of ten water basins, it served as a strong combat ability.

But after all this time of consuming heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls to increase its power, Dark Blue contained an unimaginable amount of water-elemental energy.

If it turned into water currents that charged at a target, it would carry a much higher lethal power than if Lin Yuan used his fishtail to release Spirit Essence Explosion.

With Lin Yuan at the center, the seawater turned into a large vortex, and an azure pillar of water soon burst out and shot into the sky.

The water level of the sea was falling rapidly.

When the pillar of water was about to crash into the shield produced by the Mountain River Grain God Bells, the Moon Empress casually waved her hand, and a hole opened up in the shield to allow the pillar of water to pass through. Through the hole, the pillar of water shot into the sky.

Almost every person in the Royal Capital was watching the battle on Star Web.

If anyone was too busy to watch the broadcast, they would be able to look up to see the seemingly endless water pillar.

It was as though the azure pillar connected the heaven to the ground.

At that moment, Lin Yuan snapped his fingers in the direction of Lu Ou and Qian Yu.

The pillar of water rapidly moved toward Qian Yu and Lu Ou.

Once the pillar of water closed in on the two men, Lin Yuan tossed the Vortex Fairy he had held onto all this time in front of him and slammed into it with his fishtail.

The Vortex Fairy crashed into the pillar of water and sliced through it.

In an instant, the pillar of water connecting the ground and sky became unbalanced and collapsed on Qian Yu and Lu Ou.

When the Vortex Fairy sliced through the pillar of water, it was crushed by the powerful water.

Lin Yuan did not even have to use the aura of Red Thorn’s bloodline to suppress the Vortex Fairy, as it was already completely incapacitated.

Lu Ou knew he could not allow the pillar of water to touch him. Otherwise, it was likely that he would suffer irreparable injuries.

He knew that this attack was not solely composed of elemental power. Given that the water was falling from such a high height, it would also generate overwhelming gravitational force that would physically wreck all surrounding lifeforms.

Once the water crashed into the ground, the water droplets that reached the ground first would be under pressure from the still-falling water, creating an explosive effect.

It was likely that it would even be able to warp radium boards.

Once Lu Ou became certain that the Goddess of Mercy was not going to step in, he took a silver ring out of his spatial equipment.

The ring contained a large amount of spatial energy as it had been made from the body of a sacred source lifeform.

According to the request made by the Radiance Federation, the use of any precious instrument was forbidden. As such, Lu Ou was publicly breaking his condition.

This battle mimicked the battle of the Major Federation Meeting.

If any contestant violated any rule during the Major Federation Meeting, it would be an immediate loss for the side that the participant belonged to.

It could be said that the Freedom Federation had lost this battle from the moment Lu Ou took out the spatial equipment.

Lu Ou injected his remaining spiritual power into this silver ring.

Then, a spatial doorway materialized in front of him.

As the doorway grew larger, the spatial runes on it also became more visible.

Eventually, the spatial runes transformed into a moving silver tadpole.

The silver tadpole crawled out from the doorway and left it empty.

The Spacetime Elder’s expression was the first to change.

He had contracted the 10 Stars Spatial Mother Shellfish, and it could clearly sense spatial fluctuations and ripples.

The Spacetime Elder could sense intense spatial energy from the doorway.

This energy surpassed that of Lu Ou’s own.

The aura of the silver ring was that of an 8 Stars sacred source lifeform. This meant that the ring-shaped precious instrument was an 8 Stars precious instrument.

It was unknown where this spatial doorway led to.

At that moment, a crack appeared in the spatial doorway, and a pair of slender hands peeked through the rift.

The fingernails on the hands were stained dark red.

Once the hands appeared, a pink and purple shield appeared. It covered a radius of 30 meters and immediately sealed Lu Ou within.

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