Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 2934: Twelve-Winged Silver Corona!

Chapter 2934 - 2934: Twelve-Winged Silver Corona!

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Apart from the core members, Sky City was only made up of the white-clothed followers and Combat and Reserve Sequence members. After that, the white-clothed followers and Combat and Reserve Sequence would not expand.

It could be said that the white-clothed followers and Combat and Reserve Sequence members were definitely Lin Yuan’s own people who were under his control. Since that was the case, Lin Yuan had no reason not to be generous. Under normal circumstances, Lin Yuan would provide a large amount of high-quality resources for Sky City’s grassroots.

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Liu Jie and Wen Yu immediately displayed thoughtful expressions on their faces. Neither of them had ever considered what sort of rewards they would prepare for the white-clothed followers and Combat and Reserve Sequence members in the competition.

Previously, these rewards had been provided by Lin Yuan, which meant that he had always been the one making the decisions. Liu Jie and Wen Yu had merely distributed the resources provided by Lin Yuan according to his instructions. Now that Lin Yuan had given Liu Jie and Wen Yu a chance to suggest the distribution of rewards, they would definitely think about it seriously.

Wen Yu quickly had an idea. As Sky City’s main manager, Wen Yu knew very well how much resources Lin Yuan had invested in the white-clothed followers and Combat and Reserve Sequence members. Wen Yu easily calculated the approximate value of the reward according to a certain ratio.

Liu Jie’s ability in this aspect was inferior to Wen Yu’s, and he was still in deep thought. However, Liu Jie was the leader of the white-clothed followers, and the white-clothed followers and Combat and Reserve Sequence members were under his control. Even if Wen Yu had an idea, she did not speak. Instead, she waited for Liu Jie to speak first before she added.

After nearly five minutes, Liu Jie spoke extremely seriously, “Lin Yuan, be it the white-clothed followers, Combat Sequence or Reserve Sequence members, they all harbor a strong desire for new feys.

“After reaching the Divine Kingdom level, every white-clothed follower needs to replenish at least two feys. Those Combat and Reserve Sequence members who haven’t reached World Emperor/Divine Kingdom will need to replenish at least one fey.

“Some white-clothed followers and Combat Sequence members have already made a request of me. Zhou Luo has always managed the Reserve Sequence members, and the situation is the same on his end.

“I think there’s no harm in using high-quality Bronze feys as a reward and providing some resources needed to nurture feys!”

Upon hearing Liu Jie’s words, Wen Yu nodded subconsciously. What Liu Jie had said would be considered the best reward in any faction. However, while it might suffice as an ordinary reward in Sky City, considering it as the main prize for a major competition would indeed seem somewhat shabby.

Lin Yuan intended to make the competition exceptionally grand. All the core members of Sky City, including the City Lord, would attend. This could be considered to be Sky City’s biggest event since its founding. Awarding the resources that Lin Yuan typically granted to the grassroots of Sky City as the rewards for this grand event seemed inappropriate.

Before Wen Yu could speak, Lin Yuan shook his head, “Big Brother Liu, the rewards for the competition shouldn’t be limited to just resources. As far as I remember, I have only promoted the members of the white-clothed followers to the World Emperor/Divine Kingdom, and the other Combat and Reserve Sequence members are only at the spirit fire level.

“Compared to the newly contracted feys and the resources to increase their strength, these members will definitely want to increase their levels as soon as possible.

“Since we’ve already decided to make this competition grand, why don’t we prioritize the Reserve Sequence members for the competition?

“I will upgrade the top 30 participants of the competition from the spirit fire level to the Divine Kingdom level. Then, these members will obtain the qualifications to compete with the Battle Sequence members. The top 30 Combat Sequence participants can compete with the 500 white-clothed followers!”

Liu Jie had never mentioned to Lin Yuan that some white-clothed followers had become arrogant and lazy. Once Liu Jie discovered this situation, he would immediately deal with it and personally find these white-clothed followers for an in-depth conversation.

While Liu Jie hadn’t really brought up this matter to Lin Yuan, Wen Yu had documented it in the files. Lin Yuan proposed such a competition reward to increase the strength of the Reserve Sequence members.

He would start mobilizing Sky City’s grassroots, starting with the Reserve Sequence. Not only would this make Sky City’s internal competition stronger, but it would also help eradicate the arrogance at the grassroots.

In a situation where those who didn’t work hard would be relegated to the Reserve Sequence, arrogant individuals who become complacent and lazy would gradually be eliminated.

This competition would also offer the Reserve Sequence members the opportunity for evolution. Otherwise, it would be too difficult for them to stand out in a situation where high-quality resources were mainly directed towards white-clothed followers and Combat Sequence members.

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s arrangement, Liu Jie could not help but sigh inwardly. His plan was truly brilliant, and Liu Jie had never thought of it that way. Liu Jie still had many things to learn about the faction’s management.

Wen Yu smiled when she heard Lin Yuan’s arrangement, which resonated well with her thoughts. However, she refrained from making specific arrangements because she did not know the price Lin Yuan had to pay to help Sky City’s grassroots increase their strength.

“Lin Yuan, I’ll make the arrangements as you say. However, we’re still in the midst of attacking the Crimson Heaven and Spinning Wings White Falcons. Should I inform you about the competition now?”

Lin Yuan immediately said, “Big Brother Liu, just pass on the news now. You must give the Reserve Sequence members time to prepare before the competition. The Crimson Heaven and Spinning Wings White Falcons won’t need these Reserve Sequence members, and it won’t affect Sky City. We just need to focus on the acquisition of the territories later.”

Liu Jie immediately prepared to make preparations. Before he left, he thought of something and said to Lin Yuan, “Lin Yuan, not long after you left, a bunch of mice appeared in the Spinning Wings White Falcons’ territory. These mice possess extremely strong reproductive abilities and decent strength themselves.

“If the Moon Empress hadn’t ordered Summer to take action and eliminate this group of mice that could reproduce at high speed, the entire King Blood Jackal’s territory would have suffered a calamity!”

Liu Jie had lingering fears on his face. He had personally witnessed the reproduction of that group of mice. Seven or eight mice could multiply within half a day into a large swarm.

Liu Jie was very familiar with Red Thorn and Silver Corona and was aware that they fed on flesh and blood. He took the initiative to propose reserving a portion of the mice and raising them in the sea of flowers woven by Silver Corona and Red Thorn. Liu Jie’s suggestion allowed Red Thorn and Silver Corona to improve rapidly while Lin Yuan was away. As this was Liu Jie’s private request to Summer, Wen Yu did not document it in the records.

Upon hearing Liu Jie’s words, Lin Yuan raised an eyebrow, especially upon learning that Liu Jie had arranged for these mice to be in the sea of flowers woven by Silver Corona and Red Thorn.

This was because Lin Yuan had deliberately collected many mice kings in the previous rodent infestation, intending to use these tooth mice to replace dimensional lifeforms in feeding Red Thorn and Silver Corona. He didn’t expect Sky City to have a rodent infestation.

Lin Yuan keenly captured from Liu Jie’s words that these tooth mice capable of causing rodent infestation had escaped from the territory of the Spinning Wings White Falcons.

The Spinning Wings White Falcons could be said to be the natural enemy of these mice. Tooth mice that could multiply infinitely could be considered the best food for the Spinning Wings White Falcons. They must have released these mice and come over. Otherwise, they would most likely cause a rodent infestation within their territory.

The Spinning Wings White Falcons probably intended to use this method to probe their side, so the Moon Empress had gotten Summer to quell this rodent infestation. This meant that the alien insects did not have much effect in combating these tooth mice.

Lin Yuan had personally witnessed tooth mice’s ability to breed, which was stronger than that of demon insects.

Moreover, the individual combat strength of these tooth mice was not something that demon insects could compare to.

If it weren’t for the fact that these ordinary tooth mice had low intelligence and couldn’t be completely controlled by Keira like the clueless Class 3 Genetic Lock demon insects, they would definitely have the ability to become the top of the Species Ranking and threaten other species.

At present, Lin Yuan had already returned to Sky City. At such a distance, he could contact Silver Corona and Red Thorn.

Red Thorn was currently in a deep sleep. It was obvious that it was at the juncture of evolving. Silver Corona, on the other hand, had successfully evolved.

Silver Corona sensed Lin Yuan’s connection and knew that he had returned to Sky City. It immediately headed to Sky City to look for Lin Yuan.

While Lin Yuan had been away, Silver Corona had experienced a major transformation in its life. Now that Lin Yuan had returned, Silver Corona was eager to see him. Firstly, Silver Corona really missed Lin Yuan, and secondly, it wanted to prove its growth to Lin Yuan.

Silver Corona’s speed was extremely fast, and it didn’t take long before it appeared in front of Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan was both surprised and delighted that Silver Corona had grown a pair of wings to become a 12 -winged fairy. He immediately used True Data to check on Silver Corona.

[Fey Name]: Sea Burial Lotus Flower (Silver Corona)

[Fey Species]: Water Willow/Water Bone Lotus

[Fey Grade]: High Sovereign (5/10)

[Fey Type]: Source/Fairy [Fey Quality]: Immortal IV


[Spotted Coral]: When trained according to the spots on the coral jade, different effects are generated.

Nurture Spot Style: Nurture the spots that were absorbed from the spotted coral jade in the Bone Lotus Flowers. The Bone Lotus Flowers will use a living being’s life and soul to nurture the spots to give them vitality. The spots with vitality can use the living being’s original strength to increase the strength and stamina of the Bone Lotus Flowers.

Burial Spot Style: Place the spots in between the Bone Lotus Flowers. The spots will eat the Bone Lotus Flowers and become bone insects. The bone insects will retain the spot’s abilities and can deal with attacks on the Bone Lotus Flowers according to the abilities. The external lifeforce will be absorbed and when the external lifeforce is still weak, their soul can also be absorbed.

[Bone Powder Mist]: The Bone Lotus Flowers will vomit out the living being’s bones that could not be digested. The bone powder will fly up into the sky and stay in the coral spots once it reaches a set thickness of layer.

[Blood Bone Insect Drunk]: While the bone insects are eating, they will enter a drunken state. When they’re in a drunken state, they will not feel any pain. The circulation of their root power will also slow down.

[Blooming Lotus]: The Bone Lotus Flowers’ structure will change and gain split into main lotuses and branch lotuses. The branch lotuses will strengthen combat power while main lotuses will lose all combat power. Every time the main lotuses blooms, the spots will use the vitality they absorbed to produce a skeletal insect. The skeletal insect can consume gus to repair damage done to the body.

[Arrival of Grant of Death]: When the hermit’s dead servants could not stand up against the enemies, they will change into the grants of deaths that place death penalties on the targets’ souls.

[Soul Parasite Rebirth]: The soul will be hosted in the main lotus. The main lotus will make a copy of the aura of the lifeform’s soul and vitality. When the target’s body and soul are damaged, the main lotus can be sacrificed while absorbing vitality and soul power to enable the target to be reborn. Once reborn, the target will be in a very weak state and its soul and roots will also be diminished.

[Lotus Territory Fairy Shadow]: The fairy bloodline in its body will be used to nurture lotus fairies in the sea of Bone Lotus Flowers. When the lotus fairies attack targets, there is a chance that the target will die instantly. The lifeforms killed by the lotus fairies will be turned into lotus puppets and they will retain a portion of the targets’ abilities from when they were alive.

[Soul Receives Bone Territory]: Use the fairy bloodline to trigger its own soul. The soul will be linked to the sea of flowers and can temporarily store the sea of flowers. The larger the sea of flowers, the shorter the period of time it can be stored in the soul (Its soul energy can be used to replenish its soul territory. If there is insufficient soul energy to replenish or strengthen the sea of flowers, the soul will suffer irreparable damage.)

[Hidden Lotus Bud Realm]: When the growth space outside its body is restricted, or when it wants to shrink the area of the sea of flowers, the main flower will change its form and form a bud realm and nurture the sea of flowers in it. In battles, each bud realm will form a space of its own. It can transfer the target in the sea of flowers to the bud realm to divide the battlefield.

Exclusive Skill:

[Hermit’s Dead Servant]: The Bone Lotus Flower will absorb the target’s body when attacking it. 1% of the target’s power will be injected into the target’s soul to cause the target to be pregnant with its dead soul. The dead soul will consume itself and when the Bone Lotus Flowers gain 36 hermit dead servants, every hermit dead servant will be able to create a layer of mist over the Bone Lotus Flowers.

[Rotted Bones into Fireflies]: Both vitality and death aura will be absorbed simultaneously. The vitality will turn into fireflies that will mend the sea of

Bone Lotus Flowers. The death aura will increase the strength of every Bone Lotus Flower. If there is a pile of rotting bones below the Bone Lotus Flowers to supply nutrients to them, as long as the main lotus is alive, rotting lotuses will be produced from the rotting bones and energy will be saved!

[Lotus Territory Symbiosis]: All of the lifeforms in the territory will be classified as one entity and their lives will be linked together. When individual targets are attacked, the lotus territory will take on some of the damage. Before the lotus territory is destroyed, the individual targets will continue to live.

[Parasite Bone Revives Life]: During combat, branch lotuses will be sacrificed to repair the sea of Bone Lotus Flowers. Other Bone Lotus Flowers and insect patterns can also be rejuvenated.

[Indestructible Spots]: In battle, regardless of the injuries received, the spots will not be depleted by external attacks. Spots replenished through other methods will also enjoy this effect. The excess spots will be trapped in the bud realm. When the bud realm is attacked, it can increase the stability of the bud realm and restore it..

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