Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 3098 The Livid Xie Lin!

Chapter 3098  The Livid Xie Lin!

Lin Yuan was very satisfied with the divine kingdom ability Toxin Spirit Control that the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake had obtained after reaching the Holy Spirit level.

Toxin Spirit Control could be regarded as a defense-type and amplification-type divine kingdom ability. Apart from Snake Coiling Defense and Soul Forging Armor, the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake's current defensive abilities were only Life Prolonging Shedding and Soul Box of the Ancestral Snake.

No matter how strong the snakes controlled by the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake were, it was the core of the snakes. If the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake was in danger, the entire snake group would be destroyed.

Among these four defensive abilities, Life Prolonging Shedding could indeed save one's life. But every time it was used, it would cause the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake to enter a weakened state.

Soul Box of the Ancestral Snake could be said to be the strongest life-saving ability. It allowed the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake to revive even if it died in battle.

However, the price of using Soul Box of the Ancestral Snake was too high. Every time he used it, it would consume all the accumulation of the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake.

In terms of combat, the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake relied on the snakes it controlled. Its methods were enough.

Compared to fighting techniques, Lin Yuan hoped that the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake could obtain defensive techniques. Relying on the toxins controlled by the snakes and the condensed Spirit Snake Fruits to strengthen the defense of its body, mind, spirit, and soul was equivalent to an unlimited strengthening of its body.

There were many types of snake creatures in the Sky Beyond the Clouds and the toxins contained in each snake creature were different. Even if the same snake creature lived in the same area, there would be varying degrees of difference after a long period of evolution.

After controlling all the snake creatures in the star pirate groups, the defense of the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake would increase by at least three times.

As the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake controlled more and more snake-type creatures through its ability, creatures of the same grade and level would probably find it difficult to break through its defense even if they caught the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake when it was hidden among the snakes.

Apart from increasing defense, it could also enhance its poison-related abilities.

The Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake's poison-related abilities were Violent Venom Burst and its exclusive skill was Poisonous Waves.

This could be considered the best way for creatures with poison.

Moreover, Violent Venom Burst also had a certain healing ability. It could heal snake creatures that were injured in the snake group by exploding the poison in the target's body for a moment. Moreover, Toxin Spirit Control increased the durability and lethality of poison, targeting the entire snake group.

Through the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake, Lin Yuan had a clear understanding of the importance of bloodlines.

Apart from Lin Yuan's meticulous nurturing, the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake's strength was mostly due to its supreme snake-species fey bloodline.

Under the effect of Snake Eye, the snake creatures that were being controlled by the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake would be controlled one after another.

The Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake would choose the snake-type creatures it liked to control first. Apart from strength, what the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake saw was bloodline.

It was not that the members of this joint star pirate group had never thought of resisting. As a Holy Spirit snake-type lifeform, the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake was not strong enough to restrict the movements of all the members of this joint star pirate group.

The Snake Eyes controlled snake-type creatures one after another.

The reason these star pirates were obediently under the control of the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake was that when Lin Yuan summoned the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake, Autumn had already taken the initiative to use his aura to control all the members of this joint star pirate group.

It did not take long for this alliance of hundreds of star pirates to be completely controlled.

The Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake let out a satisfied sigh and said, "Father, it's been a long time since I obtained so much outstanding blood food! I'll eat some of those with mediocre aptitudes as food to improve myself. I'll keep those with the potential for targeted training. These few fellows whose strength has reached the Holy Spirit level can directly condense Snake Spirit Fruits for me!"

Lin Yuan smiled when he saw the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake's satisfied expression. Then, he said seriously, "If you control all the members of this joint star pirate gang, you will be able to clearly understand the secrets of these star pirate gang members. Sort out the information they know about South Face City and explain the situation to Genius."

Lin Yuan summoned Genius and hugged it.

When the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake heard Lin Yuan's command, it immediately began to move. Soon, Lin Yuan learned about the situation in South Face City from Genius' exclusive skill, Connected Tails.

Lin Yuan also asked Genius to inform Spring, Autumn, and Winter.

"Young Master, I didn't expect this joint star pirate group to be personally controlled by South Face City's City Lord, Xie Lin! Furthermore, the number of star pirates under Xie Lin's control exceeds 50. These years, relying on these joint star pirates to plunder everywhere in South Face City is enough to maintain the expenses of the city lord's mansion."

Xie Lin also nurtured mercenary forces in South Face City and led the establishment of a mercenary hiring center.

Merchant groups that hired mercenaries in the mercenary hiring center would be able to avoid the pursuit of star pirates. Those forces that did not go to the mercenary hiring center to seek protection from mercenaries would not only be robbed of their resources, but they would also suffer heavy casualties.

This caused many chambers of commerce to flee from South Face City. Those chambers of commerce that did not flee South Face City were accepted their fate of hiring mercenaries to protect their safety.

Xie Lin had earned all the resources inside and out.

It would be fine if it was just a straightforward plan. But the key was that even if they hired mercenaries, they could not guarantee their safety.

If the value of the resources transported was too high and the mercenaries found out, they would become coordinates to attract the star pirates to plunder.

Lin Yuan sighed.

It was indeed a little difficult to manage and develop forces in a chaotic place like South Face City.

It was also because a large city like South Face City, which was at the intersection of the North and South Universes, often had a large number of people constantly replenishing the forces in the city.

If it was another City Lord obtained resources in this way, this city would probably have long been exhausted. As the factions continued to move, the city would have become poorer and poorer.

As soon as Spring finished speaking, Winter could not help but say, "This City Lord of South Face City is either very strong or possesses extraordinary means. Otherwise, he wouldn't have done such a thing.

"I don't recommend contacting the City Lord of South Face City now. It's easy to cause trouble if we interact with him. Maybe he'll use our interaction to target us instead. This kind of trick makes everyone his prey.

"Zhao Chen's faction has a rather high status in South Face City. He must be familiar with the City Lord of South Face City. Just ask Zhao Chen if there's any information."

Lin Yuan shook his head with a cold expression.

"As long as we want to move in South Face City, we can't avoid the eyes of the City Lord unless we hide and don't make any big moves. Therefore, we still have to make contact with the City Lord of South Face City.

"I hope he doesn't take the initiative to cause trouble. Otherwise, we'll teach the City Lord of South Face City an unforgettable lesson and let him know that not just anyone can be provoked!

"If not for the fact that this top-notch blessed land is about to be opened and I don't want to complicate matters, I would have wanted to deal with the City Lord of South Face City."

Autumn laughed when he heard Lin Yuan's words.

"Winter, you're just worried too much. How much trouble can a mere City Lord of South Face City cause? It's beneficial for us to know that the City Lord Manor is monopolizing all the local forces in South Face City so that we don't have to trouble ourselves to come into contact with the other local forces in South Face City.

"I need to stay by Young Master's side. Only the two of you can really move. Rather than setting up a big stall, it's better to spend all your strength and effort on the most important goal. Even if we really get rid of this City Lord of South Face City, it won't affect our goal."

Autumn had never been like Spring and Winter who liked to consider the consequences. Most of the time, as long as one's fist was big enough, there was no need to worry too much about the consequences.

Spring and Winter both knew that Autumn's personality was flawed, so it was more suitable for him to stay by Lin Yuan's side and be responsible for protecting him.

"Spring and Winter, since you already have a goal and plan, why don't the two of you take action now? These joint star pirate groups have ways to communicate with each other. Autumn and I can eliminate the other forty or so joint star pirate groups outside the city in the next few days.

"The City Lord of South Face City would never have thought that someone would dare to attack his star pirates. It's easier to facilitate your cooperation with him by weakening his strength at such a time.

"From the information we just received, we can confirm that most of the star pirates are snake-type lifeforms. There aren't many opportunities for the Ancestral Contract Brahma Snake to obtain resources like now. If it encounters them, it will definitely cherish them. It will also prevent these star pirates from harming others."

Upon hearing Lin Yuan's command, Spring and Winter signaled to Autumn with their eyes that he must take good care of Lin Yuan and protect him. He must not let anything happen to him. Then, the two of them set off for South Face City.

Autumn accompanied Lin Yuan to deal with the joint star pirates who were wreaking havoc everywhere. In less than three days, more than 30 joint star pirates were annihilated by Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan did not pity these star pirates who were plundering and hunting everywhere. When Lin Yuan found these star pirates, several of them were plundering caravans. Lin Yuan felt helpless and could not bear to see this. These factions that were making a living in South Face City were really living a little too hard.

These chambers of commerce definitely did not know the reason why there were frequent casualties when they sent out caravans. If they did not have enough strength in the Sky Beyond the Clouds, this would be the result. There was no such thing as luck.

According to Lin Yuan's information, South Face City was a large-scale meat grinder. Many factions that had no choice but to move to South Face City for various reasons had died out in the past hundreds of years.

A few hundred years was a long time in the main world but a few hundred years in the Sky Beyond the Clouds was just a blink of an eye.

Most of these forces that were forced to settle in South Face City were bullied by other factions and were forced to hide. Otherwise, if there was no reason, which faction would be willing to leave their hometown?

Unfortunately, these factions were not treated well in South Face City.

While Lin Yuan was dealing with these joint star pirates, South Face City's City Lord, Xie Lin, already knew that the joint star pirate groups under his command had been obstructed. This was because the leaders of these star pirates would report their gains to Xie Lin every two days, rain or shine.

These joint star pirate groups were controlled by Xie Lin in a special way. Every few days, they would get a potion from Xie Lin.

If nothing happened to the captains of these star pirate groups, there was no way they would not be in danger.

Xie Lin was determined to have the unaffected star pirate groups investigate the matter immediately. However, he soon lost contact with the pirate groups he had previously been able to reach.

This was a critical moment for Xie Lin, as the members of these star pirate groups were closely tied to his own power base.

In a fit of anger, Xie Lin killed the adjutant standing beside him.

"Damn it! Who's causing trouble in my territory?"

With the opening of the top grade blessed land, various factions had gathered in South Face City.

Xie Lin had specifically instructed the joint star pirate groups to avoid provoking powerful factions and to target only the weaker ones.

These factions saw the top grade blessed land as a significant resource and hoped to capitalize on it. This strategy allowed Xie Lin to capture numerous victims.

Initially, Xie Lin considered recalling these joint star pirate groups at a crucial moment. However, he ultimately decided against it, as he did not want to forgo the potential prey.

The loss of these 50 star pirate groups was substantial, even for Xie Lin, making it difficult for him to bear.

More importantly, Xie Lin did not know which faction was responsible. It was clear that this force was specifically targeting the joint star pirate groups.

These groups had limited resources, and since the members were snake-species feys—most of them venomous—defeating them would not typically lead to an attack on the factions.

Xie Lin had placed three Holy Spirit experts in each joint star pirate group. It was evident to him that the destruction of these 50 groups was a deliberate act by a force aiming to undermine him at this critical moment.

When asked how many factions in South Face City held grudges against him, Xie Lin could only admit that there were countless.

The sheer number of factions with grievances against him made it challenging for Xie Lin to pinpoint the one targeting him.

Many factions had intended to visit City Lord Xie Lin upon arriving in South Face City.

Initially, Xie Lin had no plans to engage with these factions. However, with the disappearance of the 50 star pirate groups and the 150 Holy Spirit experts, he found himself with no choice but to reconsider.

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