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Chapter 916 - Joy, Cunning With Time

Chapter 916: Joy, Cunning With Time

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Ever since Joy was kidnapped, Mu Tingfeng realized that his son was too soft-hearted. Even so, he had let this child down because of what had happened before… therefore; he was more lenient towards this child in all aspects.

However, such leniency was not suitable for a family like theirs. After realizing that if he continued to dote on this child, he would not be helping him but instead, harming him.., Mu Tingfeng quickly reformulated his plan to raise his son.

Fortunately, after the kidnapping incident, Joy had long remembered Mu Tingfeng’s words that only by becoming stronger could he protect his mom. After Mu Tingfeng proposed to teach him some new things, he did not reject him. If anything, he was overjoyed.

The father and son hit it off and opened up their secrets about men behind Zhao Youlin’s back. By the time Zhao Youlin found out that her soft and cute eldest son had grown askew, it was already too late!



It was a rare day for Zhao Youlin to not go to the company. Instead, she stayed at home to play with her two children. She was originally having a good time, but Joy suddenly grabbed the hem of her clothes and looked up with a hesitant expression.

Zhao Youlin raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at her soft and adorable eldest son. She took the initiative to ask, “What’s wrong?”

Joy’s big eyes rolled around, and then he looked up at Zhao Youlin with a wronged expression, as if he had made up his mind. “Mom, I… I want a younger sister.”

Zhao Youlin was stunned. She didn’t expect her son to suddenly mention this.

After a long while, she finally came back to her senses. She forced a smile and asked, “Why would you suddenly want a younger sister? Don’t you already have a younger brother? Do you not like him anymore?”

Joy’s small face wrinkled and he hesitated. “I do!”


“But I would also like a little sister.” Joy anxiously interrupted Zhao Youlin’s words. He looked up at her expectantly, “Mom, Little Brother and I went to Aunt Su’s house to play with Aunt Su the day before yesterday. We saw Aunt Su’s little girl and little boy.”

When Joy said this, he paused and carefully glanced at Zhao Youlin. After making sure that Zhao Youlin was not angry, he continued, “Although a little brother is also very cute, a little sister can wear a skirt and dress beautifully. She can also play with me and my little brother. I like my little brother, and… would also like a little sister.”

As Joy said this, he subconsciously glanced at his little brother. Although the little brat did not know what his brother was talking about, he immediately responded. He cried out a few times and moved to Joy’s side. He looked at Zhao Youlin and matched Joy’s expectant gaze.

Zhao Youlin was stunned by Joy’s explanation. The topic of dressing up and wearing skirts struck her as odd. However, after thinking about it carefully, it was not incomprehensible.

Su He’s little girl could be said to have inherited 70-80% of Su He’s looks. She had gained countless “fans” at a young age. No matter when she was carried out, she would inevitably be attacked by a group of strange uncles and aunts. Now, even the two little girls in the family had fallen at her feet. It was clear how powerful she was.

Zhao Youlin looked at her eldest son and youngest son’s clear and big eyes. The words of rejection were about to reach her mouth, but she swallowed them back. She reached out and touched the heads of the two children. She said in a low voice, “I need to discuss this with dad. Can we talk about it in the future?”

Joy was a little disappointed, but he did not continue to pester her. He nodded reluctantly.

Zhao Youlin played with the two kids for a while, then chased them off to take a nap.

However, what Zhao Youlin did not expect was that the moment she went downstairs, a certain kid who was supposed to be sleeping soundly immediately snuck out of the room and met up with someone who had been waiting outside.

“Grandma, grandma…” Joy threw himself into Su Ruixin’s arms on the bed, his eyes sparkling as he begged for praise.

“Aiyo, my baby.” Su Ruixin carried Joy in her arms. “How is it? How is it? Have you told your mom what I taught you?”

“Yes, Mom said that she would discuss it with dad.”

Su Ruixin was a little unhappy when she heard Joy’s words. “Is there a need to discuss such a small matter?”

However, she changed her mind after thinking about it. “However, it doesn’t matter whether they discuss it or not. At least there is still a possibility of negotiation. It’s better than outright rejection.”

Joy’s eyes lit up when he heard Su Ruixin’s words. He hugged Su Ruixin’s neck and giggled. “Grandma, since I have told mom what you said, does that mean that your promise to me…”

Su Ruixin was stunned for a moment. She tapped Joy’s nose and whispered, “You’re so smart. Okay, okay, okay. You have helped me so much. I will live up to my promise. Most definitely.”

Joy’s eyes curved into crescents when he received an affirmative reply. Two dimples appeared on his cute little face. He looked especially docile.

“What did you promise?” The grandmother and grandson pair were excitedly exchanging their little secrets when a familiar voice suddenly came from behind them. They could not help but tremble.

“Ting… Tingfeng, when did you come back? Why do you not make any sounds when you walk?” Su Ruixin saw that the person who came was actually her cold and precious son. The smile on her face froze for a moment, and she asked awkwardly, “When did you come back?”

Mu Tingfeng walked towards them with a cold expression on his face, which made Su Ruixin feel a little scared.

“I just came back, and I happened to hear that you guys are plotting something here that I don’t know about.” Mu Tingfeng’s eyes flashed coldly, and he looked directly at the child beside Su Ruixin.

Su Ruixin saw this and quickly stepped forward. “This was my idea. Don’t blame Joy. In the end, you are also responsible for this. You know that your father and I both want a granddaughter, but…”

Mu Tingfeng was a man. With just one sentence from Su Ruixin, he had already guessed the whole story. His eyes turned cold as he said coldly, “You asked Joy to beg Youlin to have a daughter?”

“Eh, aren’t you…” Su Ruixin was stunned for a moment, as if she suddenly realized something. Her eyes widened, and she said in disbelief, “You tricked me!”

Her own son actually tricked her, his own mother, into telling her the truth. This realization made Su Ruixin very sad and bitter. Back then, he had been such a soft and cute little ball. He had called her “mom” in a childish manner, which made her heart almost melt. Why did he grow so crooked after he grew up! It was really… really..

Mu Tingfeng did not care how his weak-minded mother was upset by what he had done. At that moment, his entire attention was focused on his son.

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