First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Chapter 17 the real and fake groom take turns on Stage 1


Xi Yuancheng saw that his precious daughter had been caught and quickly rushed over. Although he was also afraid of Dongfang Mo’s glory, he was after all a man who had seen the world. He was finally able to stabilize his body.

“President Dongfang, Mu Xue isn’t looking down on you. ”

Xi Yuancheng quickly organized the words in his mind and then added on with more exaggeration

“But, my eldest daughter, Mu Ru, admires you even more. I think it’s better to have some affection in marriage. You saw it yourself. Mu Xue ran away in fright when she saw you, and Mu ru is still standing there steadily. Both of them are my daughters. Actually, Mu Ru and you will make you happier. Mu Xue has a wild personality, unlike Mu ru who is gentle and virtuous… “. “… “…”

Xi Muru stood there quietly. This was the first time she heard so many words of praise from her father. If it were any other time, she would be more or less happy if her father praised her like this, right?

However, now, at this moment, she obviously understood what this kind of praise meant?

Because this was Xi Yuancheng’s plan to push her into a desperate situation.

“You mean… ”

Dongfang Mo’s cold gaze stopped on Xi Yuancheng’s face. He paused for a moment and then said coldly,

“You want me to accept my mistake and marry you, this daughter who is as ugly as Zhu Bajie? ”

When Xi Yuancheng heard Dongfang Mo’s words, he could not help but look at his own daughter. Coincidentally, Mu Ru’s hair was lifted when Xi muxue slapped her. The thumb-sized birthmark was clearly seen in front of her smooth forehead Both of her cheeks were red and swollen from Xi Muxue’s slap. She indeed looked like Zhu Bajie.

Hence, Xi Yuancheng quickly added

“Even though my eldest daughter, Mu Ru, is a little ugly, she’s still a good girl. Even though she’s already nineteen years old, no one likes her because she’s ugly, so she’s still an original. In today’s society, even the CEO of Dongfang knows that an original is already a rare item… “… “…”

Xi Yuancheng lowered his head as he continued to speak. He did not notice the disdain in Dongfang Mo’s eyes at all. Even uncle Liu and nanny Liu, who were standing not far away, were looking at him with disdain.

Xi Muru’s face was originally red and swollen from Xi Muxue’s two slaps. However, after hearing her father’s shameless words of promoting her, her entire face turned pale and her body took two steps back She only stopped when she hit the wall.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect that this was her father. He actually… …

He actually said such a beast-like thing. For the sake of his lucky princess, he was willing to sacrifice an ominous person like her without any bottom line.

“since she’s still a good girl? ”

Dongfang Mo’s meaningful gaze glanced at Xi Muru who was standing not far away. Then, he stared at Xi Yuancheng with a smile that was not a smile

“Then, let’s just forget about this marriage. If it’s not… ”

Dongfang Mo paused for a moment. Then, his cold gaze once again landed on Xi Muxue’s overly beautiful face. He snorted coldly and said,

“I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble CEO XI to personally send your most beautiful daughter over. ”

Dongfang Mo’s face was already extremely terrifying due to the fire. At this moment, he still had a faint smile on his face. He looked even more like a devil that came out of a horror movie.

Xi Muxue kept her eyes closed and did not dare to look at Dongfang Mo’s face. Meanwhile, Xi Yuancheng lowered his head and tried his best to avoid his gaze from touching Dongfang Mo’s face.

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