First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Chapter 26 How is my son-in-law


Xi Yuancheng walked out and extended his hand to welcome Dongfang Yu. Dongfang Yu immediately handed him the cheque for 10 million, but he just so happened to avoid shaking hands with Xi Yuancheng.

“My brother gave it to me. He said it was a return gift from sister-in-law. ”

Dongfang Yu’s voice was very indifferent and emotionless.

Xi Yuancheng’s face blushed slightly, but then he warmly invited Dongfang Yu to sit down quickly while loudly ordering his wife, Du Xinyue, to quickly make tea.

Then, he sat down and chatted with Dongfang Yu, praising how good mu ru was. She was gentle, obedient, sensible, and smart. She even got the top scorer in the college entrance exam this time.

Mu Ru couldn’t stand it anymore. She went to the kitchen alone and helped mother Wang with her work. When mother Wang saw her, she was very affectionate. She held her hand and kept asking Mu Ru,

“Is my son-in-law good to you? ”

Of course not. Dongfang Mo was like a devil, how could he be good to her He even insulted her in that way last night.

However, she definitely couldn’t say these words to mother Wang who cared about her, so she smiled and said,

“MMM, he’s very good. Even though that face is a little scary, once you get used to it, it’ll be fine. ”

“Oh, that’s good, that’s good. ”

Mother Wang nodded in relief. She originally wanted to ask Mu ru if he was good in that aspect, but when she thought about how it had already spread outside, she was afraid that her question would make Mu ru feel uncomfortable, so she tactfully didn’t mention it.

During the lunch that Mu ru and Dongfang Yu had at the Xi family’s house, for the first time, the Xi family treated her as an important guest and sat at the lower seat. Xi Muxue was the first to sit beside Dongfang Yu, constantly putting food into Dongfang Yu’s bowl to please him.

Mu Ru lowered her head and ate quietly. She was originally incompatible with this family, so she buried herself in her work while eating. Soon, she finished eating and went back to the kitchen.

Actually, she had grown up in the kitchen, so she knew everything about the kitchen. Her favorite thing was cooking, especially the lion head that she made. Mother Wang said that she was better than her at it.

She also made the lion head this afternoon to entertain Dongfang Yu, but she still wanted to make a few for Dongfang Mo to bring back.

With his appearance, he could not usually go out for dinner, so other than Mama Liu’s food, he definitely had not eaten other people’s food for a long time. She wanted to bring some of her own food back to give him a taste.

The Xi family originally wanted to stay for dinner at Mu Ru’s place, but Dongfang Yu said that he had something to do in the afternoon, so he did not have that much time to come pick mu ru up, so he said that he was going back an hour after dinner.

Dongfang Yu wanted to go back, so mu ru naturally had to go back too. Xi Yuancheng gave her a red packet for the first time, saying that there was 500,000 yuan in it for her wedding gift, so she could go buy some jewelry herself.

Du Xinyue took off the bracelet that she had worn on her wrist for more than 20 years and forced mu ru to wear it. Then, she sobbed softly

“Mu Ru, mother… I’m sorry. ”

Xi muxue pulled Mu ru to the side. She glanced at Dongfang Yu who was not far away and asked softly, “Mu Ru, do you have a girlfriend? ”

“Mu Ru, does Dongfang Yu have a girlfriend? When did he come back to the country? What position does Dongfang Corporation hold now? ”

Mu Ru could only shake her head helplessly.

She didn’t know, she really didn’t know. Today was the third day she married into the Dongfang family, but in these three days, she had no chance to get to know Dongfang Yu.

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