First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Chapter 28: I will try my best to be a good wife


Mu Ru was stunned when she heard that. The moment she turned around, Dongfang Yu had already driven the car away. It was obvious that he was just talking to himself and had no intention of discussing it with her.

Mu Ru lowered her head and quietly walked toward the door with the thermos in her arms. Dongfang Yu’s words echoed in her ears. What was so good about Dongfang Mo?

She did not know what was so good about Dongfang Mo because she had only met him a few times. Moreover, he was like a devil every time. He would either humiliate her, humiliate her, or scold her. She had yet to discover any of Dongfang Mo’s strengths.

However, Dongfang Mo was her husband, and she had already married out of the Xi family. As the saying went, the water splashed by a married woman would make her no longer a member of the Xi family, but a member of the Dongfang family.

There was an old saying in China, “when you marry a chicken, you marry a dog. When you marry a shoulder pole, you have to carry it with you. “.

Dongfang Mo was indeed like a ghost now, but he did not mind that she was ugly or that she was an unlucky person. At the same time, he did not kick her out to live with the servants. She felt that this was already very good.

Mother Liu took the insulation board from Mu Ru’s hands. When she heard that Mu ru had personally made it and brought it for Dongfang Mo, mother Liu was very touched. She wiped her tears and sobbed

“Young Madam, you’re such a good person. The eldest young master will slowly be touched by you. In the future, he will treat you well. ”

Mu Ru nodded. She believed that gold and stone were made with sincerity.

As long as she overcame her psychological obstacles and slowly accepted his appearance, she believed that even if his heart was made of stone, it would still be warmed up one day.

During dinner, the three men from the Dongfang family did not come back, and Dongfang Mei was not at home either. Instead, mother Liu accompanied Xi Muru to dinner.

At around 22 pm, a rolls-royce drove into one inch ink city and stopped in front of the main villa, the black garden. Uncle Liu first moved the wheelchair down, then went to get Dongfang Mo off the car and put him in the wheelchair.

Dongfang Mo, who had returned from outside, dressed himself up very well. He wore casual clothes, a very low cap, a disposable mask, white gloves, and large-framed sunglasses. It was only because his collar was not high in the early autumn The faint scar on his neck still revealed his master’s secret.

Dongfang Mo was the chairman and president of the MO group. He would go to the group once or twice a week. Of course, he would only go because he had a meeting with the higher-ups or had to personally handle some matters Usually, it was uncle Liu who brought the documents back to the villa for his approval.

Dongfang Mo was a miracle in the business world. Four years ago, because of his father’s death at sea, he was forced to return to China to take over the Dongfang Group. In just a year, he had brought the Dongfang Group back from the brink of crisis In another two years, he had pushed Dongfang Group into the top 500 companies in the world.

However, fortune knocks at the door. A year ago, he had a car accident. Now, he could only manage the company from a wheelchair. However, this did not stop him from Managing Dongfang Group well.

“Mo, you’re back. Have you eaten? ”

Mu Ru ran down from upstairs. When she saw Dongfang Mo, she was no longer so afraid that she did not dare to look at him anymore. Instead, she mustered her courage and went up to him

“I brought back the lion head that I made from the Xi family. I’ll heat it up for you to try, okay? ”

Dongfang Mo was stunned. He wanted to reject her, but when he saw her sincere eyes, he nodded and said lightly, “okay. ”

“Sure, I’ll treat it as a midnight snack. ”


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