First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Chapter 3 was really too ugly



“woman, you are really too ugly. I really have no way to convince myself to lay my hands on you! ”

A cold voice drifted over from the top of her head, followed by the pain of the hair on her forehead being pulled back.

“Ah! ”

Mu Ru could not help but let out a low groan in pain. When she opened her eyes, she realized that Dongfang Mo, who had a cold and dark expression, was using his hand to lift up the thick bangs on her forehead. On her forehead, there was a greenish-purple.. The birthmark, which was like a crescent moon, appeared in his line of sight without any reservations.

“Let go quickly, it hurts! ”

Mu Ru could not help but use her hand to pry his hand away, but she could not use her eyes to look directly into his eyes.

“Where’s Xi Muxue? ”

Dongfang Mo’s cold and cold face was filled with suppressed anger. The flames in his eyes were enough to burn this shameless woman to death. His hands gripped her neck tightly and he could not help but growl

“Tell me, where did you hide Xi Muxue? ”

“I’m Xi Muxue. ”

She gritted her teeth and refused to admit that she was a substitute.

“HMPH, you’re testing my eyesight, aren’t you? Even though you look very similar to Xi Muxue and your voice is almost exactly the same as hers, but… ”

The man could not help but mock her as he poked her birthmark with his finger

“It’s not like I’ve never seen Xi muxue before. When did she grow such an ugly birthmark on her forehead? ”

“This isn’t a birthmark. ”

Mu Ru quickly reacted and then quickly defended herself

“This was left behind when I was in a car accident a year ago. At that time, a piece of broken glass flew over and directly stuck to my forehead. Because that piece of broken glass was scalding hot, it left such a mark. ”

Mu Ru followed the lines that she had prepared beforehand and quickly said it. It did not matter whether the groom believed her or not. In any case, as long as she refused to admit that she was a substitute, she thought that he should not be able to do anything about it.


A crisp slap landed on Mu Ru’s face. The angry groom used all his strength. The frail Mu ru could not withstand his rudeness and was immediately knocked off the bed and rolled down to the bed.

Five finger prints were clearly imprinted on her fair cheeks. It was as if the five fingers mountain had flown directly onto her face in an instant. The corner of her lips had also ruptured, and fresh red blood seeped out. Her entire face was like pig Bajie.

“Say, where’s Xi Muxue? ”

Dongfang Mo’s cold voice continued to ring out sternly. His gaze was as cold as ice, as if he wanted to swallow mu ru whole.

This woman was so bold. She actually dared to pretend to be Xi Muxue to marry him. It seemed that she was tired of living, and that kind and cute Mu Xue of his must have been kidnapped by this woman and hidden somewhere.

Unfortunately, this woman’s acting skills were very good, and her lines were very good. However, she could not lie to him. He had personally experienced the car accident a year ago. The moment the car had just been hit, he had pushed Mu Xue out of the car How could she have been blown to her forehead by the broken glass Did she think that he, Dongfang Mo, was so easy to fool She wanted to pretend to be his fianc��e, but her brain was a little stupid.

Mu Ru held her burning cheek with one hand and grabbed the edge of the bed with the other hand. She struggled to stand up and gritted her teeth to endure the pain. Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at the cold and cold man in front of her She finally understood his cruelty.

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