First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Chapter 30 how quickly she recovered from her cold


She was shocked. Even though she was a little dazed, she knew what was going on, so she immediately opened her mouth to scream for help. However, the moment she opened her mouth, she was quickly stopped by another mouth… …

That night, Mu Ru had been tortured by the devil countless times. In short, her last memory was that she had already fainted when the devil was still torturing her.

“Little Lazy Pig, get up quickly, little lazy pig, get up quickly… ”

The personalized ringtone from the phone woke Xi Muru up again and again. She used her hands to support her body that was about to fall apart as she slowly sat up.

She took out her phone from her bag and just as she pressed the button, her best friend Cheng Feier’s voice sounded like thunder

“Xi Muru, where the hell have you been these past two days? Why didn’t you come to school? ”

Mu Ru then remembered that she had been absent from school for two days. The Wedding Day was Sunday, and today was already Wednesday. Her inexplicable absence from school had probably attracted Cheng Feier’s attention.

“I’m sick. ”

Mu Ru immediately pulled out a lie, then deliberately sniffed and said,

“It seems to be a bad cold. Help me apply for a few days of leave. I’ll come to school when I’ve recovered from my cold. ”

After saying this, Mu Ru did not wait for Cheng Feier on the other end of the phone to react. She immediately switched off the phone and turned it off. Seeing that the room with the thick floor-to-ceiling windows was already brightly lit, she hurriedly got out of bed.

There was still a faint scent of a man in the room. She quickly pulled open the curtains and let the wind blow in, dispersing the disgusting scent.

By the time Mu ru was done, the Dongfang family had already had their breakfast. Meanwhile, one inch ink city was very quiet. Even mother Liu was nowhere to be seen. She could not help but feel secretly happy, so she did not even bother to eat breakfast She went upstairs to get her bag and quickly ran out of the door.

When Mu ru arrived, it was already the second lesson. She sneaked in from behind. Cheng Feier, her best friend, had an empty seat next to her. She immediately found the empty seat and sat down.

“Wow, Xi Muru, why are you here? Didn’t you say you had a cold? ”

Cheng Feier was shocked when she saw her. She could not help but use her pen to push a few words over

“You recovered from your cold so quickly? ”

“I took two cold medicine. ”

Mu Ru quickly wrote on the paper with a pen

“The cold medicine nowadays is so effective. I’ve never taken medicine before. It’ll definitely take effect quickly the first time I take it. ”

Cheng feier looked at her in confusion and did not say anything more. Instead, she used her hand to support her head as if she was listening to the lesson seriously. In fact, her hand was holding a pen and drawing a little turtle on the notebook.

Mu Ru also held her head with her hands and wanted to listen to the lesson seriously. However, she was too late. She didn’t know what the teacher had said before. She wanted to calm down, but her mind kept replaying the scene from last night.

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