First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Chapter 32-running into my third brother in school


“Alright, alright, I won’t laugh anymore, alright? ”

Cheng feier finally swallowed the urge to laugh and patted mu ru on the shoulder

“Hey, Xi Muru, what’s the matter with you? Not only did you skip school for a few days, but you also look listless. Could it be that you’ve recently found a boyfriend and stayed up all night for a date? ”

“I’ve been busy recently, so I didn’t get a good rest! ”

Mu Ru said helplessly.

She had been married to the Dongfang family for three days, but she had been attacked by the devil two nights out of every three. She had been tortured by the devil, so how could she have a good night’s rest?

However, she definitely couldn’t say these words to Cheng Feier, so she lied

“Didn’t my sister get married a few days ago? There were a lot of things going on with her at home. I was busy with her, so I didn’t get a good night’s rest! ”

“Oh, right, right, right. ”

Cheng feier immediately remembered when she heard mu ru say this, so she said enviously,

“Mu Ru, you really shouldn’t say it. Your sister was so beautiful at the wedding, and your brother-in-law, Dongfang Mo. he’s so handsome, so handsome. Looks like the rumors in the outside world are all fake. Dongfang Mo isn’t like a ghost. I guess his… ”

“Mu Ru. ”

A male voice called Xi Muru from not far away interrupted Cheng Feier’s words.

Mu Ru and Cheng feier looked at the voice at the same time and immediately saw Dongfang Jun walking towards them.

“Holy Sh * T, Mu Ru, we’ve only entered the university for a few days and you already know the Campus Belle? ”

Cheng feier’s voice was filled with shock and excitement. As she looked at Dongfang Jun walking in, her voice trembled with excitement

“Can you introduce me to him later? ”

Before Mu ru could reply, Dongfang Jun had already walked in front of them.

His flowing hair was filled with the sexiness of the end of the century, fluttering in the wind. His sculpted facial features and impeccably fit body exuded a youthful aura like the sun.

Although he was only wearing a simple casual outfit, it did not make him lose any of his handsomeness. His smiling face was filled with confidence, instantly making the girls around him unable to take their eyes off him.

“Mu Ru, I thought you couldn’t come to school? ”

Dongfang Jun’s face was filled with a smile. Without waiting for mu ru to answer, he continued to ask,

“Big Brother already agreed to let you come to school, right? ”

Before Mu ru could answer, she heard a voice from behind her

“When did big brother agree to let her come to school? ”

Mu Ru turned around in a panic and only then did she realize that Dongfang Yu was standing behind her with a gloomy face. She instinctively took a step back and stammered,

“Why did you come to my school? ”

“Do you think I’m willing to come? ”

Dongfang Yu’s face was filled with displeasure. Without waiting for Mu Ru’s reply, he continued,

“Hurry up and pack your things and follow me. Big Brother is waiting for me to bring you back. ”

“Hey, second brother, what do you mean? ”

Dongfang Jun immediately shouted at Dongfang Yu,

“Mu ru ru is a student and it’s the time for her class. She still has classes in the afternoon, you can’t… ”

“I don’t know if she’s a student or not. ”

Dongfang Yu quickly interrupted Dongfang Jun’s words and then looked at Dongfang Jun coldly

“I only know that she is big brother’s wife and my sister-in-law. Also, Dongfang Jun, I’m warning you, don’t call mu ru or mu ru by her name. Remember to call her sister-in-law. Otherwise, if big brother hears you, I’m afraid… ”

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