Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Danger!

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A group of four huddled together and trudged silently on a dried mud path as they followed behind a gigantic figure.

“F*ck me! Qin Yun, don’t tell me you have something against us? No matter how you look at it, this situation doesn’t look like you treating us to a meal!”

The atmosphere on the path had been extremely bad, and the guy behind Qin Yun decided to lighten the mood.

“Oh, right, could it be that you are still holding a grudge because I rejected your love?”

“In my opinion, this huge bloke only lacks a tattoo to join the mafia,” Tan Qian commented wordlessly.

“Don’t exaggerate like that… I found this place in the chat group so it should be pretty safe. Even the richest guy in Qingcheng flew in on a helicopter for a meal here!” Qin Yun said with a bit of a guilty conscience.

Qin Yun was also a member of the working class. His monthly salary was only around 10,000 yuan. However, the reason he was willing to pay in blood for this meal was naturally because of Tan Qian.

“Boss, I’ve brought the guests,” Bai Xiang faced the gate and shouted in a muffled voice once they reached the old mansion.

“Got it. There will be one more group of customers later. We can begin lunch after you bring them here,” Bei Feng’s voice floated lightly from the kitchen.

Bai Xiang led Qin Yun’s group directly into one of the dining rooms before returning to the village with big steps.

“What a refreshingly beautiful interior decor! It really broadens one’s horizons!”

Initially, Qing Yun’s group had felt a little disappointed when they saw the run-down old mansion from the outside. They had assumed that the interior should not be any better. However, who would have thought that it would be like an entirely different world inside!

There was no helping their misconception. The yard was vast and empty, too. With the flower bed, overgrown with weeds, and the huge Banyan tree in the middle of the yard, it created a rather bleak scene.

Two little wolfdogs dashed playfully around the flower bed, barking at each other and tumbling about in the mud.

Soon, led by Bai Xiang, the second group of customers arrived. It was actually a group of four girls. Based on his understanding, girls did not like to seem voracious.

Bei Feng was surprised for a moment, but paid it no attention otherwise.

Following the example from the morning, Bei Feng increased the quantity of food, and simplified the dishes. He served only three simple dishes and a soup.

Bei Feng prepared a few portions for the customers, keeping the rest for Bai Xiang and himself. However, he took a look at Bai Xiang’s big body and hesitated slightly before reaching out with a large ladle toward the customers’ portions. After that, he waved the ladle several times, taking a few large scoops of food from the customers’ portions onto Bai Xiang’s plate.

Even so, Bei Feng realized that he had still been too naive and had severely underestimated Bai Xiang’s appetite!

Normally, people would scoop rice out from the rice bucket into their bowls to eat.

In contrast, Bai Xiang seemed to do the exact opposite! He might as well just scoop out a bowl of rice for Bei Feng, and just hug the rice bucket and eat directly from it!

Of course, it was not as exaggerated as that. However, his rice capacity was truly frightening! Bei Feng stared dumbly as Bai Xiang helped himself to yet another bowl of rice for the umpteenth time.

“BURP! I’m full!” Bai Xiang rubbed his bloated belly, a silly and honest smile on his face.

“…” Bei Feng did not know what to say.

‘If you weren’t f*cking full yet, would I have to cook another bucket of rice?!’

“Peng! Peng! Peng!”

“Is anybody in?”

Bei Feng had just swallowed the last mouthful of food when a rough banging sound came from the front gate.

“Woof! Woof!”

The two cowardly little wolfdogs immediately shrunk into a corner, huddling together as they barked timidly.

Bei Feng scrunched his eyebrows together and got up. Bai Xiang hesitated for a brief moment, before following behind Bei Feng.

“Big brother, could this kid be hiding from us? I think he’s not coming out on purpose!” The appearance of this man who ran back to another person in the back didn’t differ much from his gruff voice.

“Humph. Hiding? Continue knocking! Just make sure you don’t break the door!”

Li San fondled his chin and commanded in a chilly voice.

The reason Li San added that last sentence was naturally because of the instructions he had received from his superior: they must not damage a single part of the old mansion!


Zhang Qiang ran back to the gate. However, before his knuckles could even land on the door again, it suddenly swung open right in front of him.

His clenched fist was left hanging in midair, as he took a step back in shock.

“Damn brat, you finally dare to come out? Big brother! He’s out!” Zhang Qiang hollered backwards.

“Oh? Gangsters?”

Bei Feng raised his eyebrows as he glanced at the group of men gathered outside his gate.

“Kid, this mansion of yours is not too bad. My boss has taken a liking to it. If you know what’s good for you, you should sell it to us obediently! Otherwise…”

Li San was dressed in a flower-patterned shirt. The top few buttons were left unbuttoned, showing off a tattoo of a green dragon on his chest.

“Otherwise what?”

Bai Xiang walked up from behind Bei Feng, scratching his head slowly. He was actually really curious when he heard Li San’s unfinished sentence, and was going to ask about what would come next.

He stood smack in the middle of the gateway and stared at Li San’s group, looking like a guardian deity by a temple’s doors.

‘Motherf*cker! Where did this monstrous dude come from?!’

Li San glanced at the body size of himself and his group, and then compared them with Bai Xiang. In that moment, he felt that they must not offend Bai Xiang no matter what!

‘If this hulk of a f*cker decided to rain down on us, wouldn’t that be the same as a strong abusive father beating up his helpless son?’

In an instant, Li San’s group’s imposing manner dropped considerably, their faces turning green.

“Haha, little brother, our boss is actually very sincere about this deal! If you are willing, our boss will give you two million yuan for this old mansion!” Li San looked expectantly at Bei Feng after saying that. In his opinion, two million yuan was a huge sum of money! There was no way the kid would decline such a huge amount of money for a dilapidated old mansion!

“Not selling! Perish the thought! I’m not selling it no matter how much you offer!” Bei Feng rejected their offer without even pretending to give it some consideration.

“Little brother, won’t you think about it for a bit more?” Li San’s face sank as his tone became increasingly cold and threatening.

“Not selling! Is there anything else? If not, please leave,” Bei Feng’s heart was not affected at all by the other party’s threatening tone. He immediately flicked his sleeves in a dismissing manner to chase them away.

“Fine! Don’t regret it when the time comes!” Li San summoned his courage and threw out a sentence bitterly before leading his group of men to leave.

‘How ridiculous! Who the hell are these people? If Bai Xiang was not here today, I might have ended up suffering a bit…’ Bei Feng thought silently to himself.

‘Someone had already tried to talk me into selling the mansion before. I think it was to build a holiday villa or something here. Looks like the matter is not as simple as that…’

If one thought about it logically, if the other party really wanted to build a holiday villa here, they would have already begun working on the other blocks of the villa a few years ago. Why would they need to wait until they acquired his mansion before they start building?

‘Unless… they have other motives?’

Bei Feng narrowed his eyes. In that instant, he had a pretty clear understanding of the entire situation. He had managed to guess an inkling of the other party’s scheme!

‘Since it’s like that, there’s no way they will give up so easily. They will definitely return again!’

A sense of crisis appeared in Bei Feng’s heart. This time, the enemy was most likely just them probing his stance. It definitely would not be such a simple lineup the next time they appear.

“Big brother, are we just letting it go like this?” Zhang Qiang asked stupidly.

“What else do you suggest we do then? A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him! Did you see that huge thug behind him? Can you beat him in a fight?” Li San shot a piercing glare at Zhang Qiang and replied icily.

“This… I guess we have to let it go…”

An image of Bai Xiang’s huge, frying pan-like hands wrapping themselves around his tiny neck flashed in his mind, causing him to swallow a mouthful of saliva in trepidation.

“We’ll act tonight. Wait for the nightfall and then sneak some tough fellows into the mansion to properly teach the little brat a lesson!”

“If he refuses to sell, we’ll give him a good beating. If he still refuses to sell after that, we’ll give him a beating everyday until he sells! Hmph! I want to see how much backbone this kid can still have when that time comes!”

Li San snorted coldly, a ruthless look in his eyes. If the huge bloke was not there this afternoon, he would already have subdued Bei Feng and personally taught him a good lesson.

After Bei Feng sent the guests away, he got Bai Xiang to help him with washing the dishes and some other chores. With the two of them, it was much easier for Bei Feng and everything was cleaned up in record time.

“There’s nothing else for this afternoon. You can go back and bring your stuff over here. I have a lot of empty rooms in the mansion, you can just pick any room you like later,” Bei Feng told Bai Xiang with a light smile.

“Ok, I’ll go back and brings my things over now!” Bai Xiang nodded his head in a straightforward and good-natured manner, a serious look on his face. However, it looked extremely comical when combined with the oppressive aura his enormous body naturally radiated.

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