Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Slaughter!

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Chen Ya narrowed his eyes as a certain possibility sprung up in his mind.

‘A group of professional criminals like this couldn’t have appeared out of nowhere. In that case, the only group that fits their profile are the robbers from Huainan from three months ago!

They’ve actually ran all the way to Qingcheng!’

A dark expression appeared on Chen Ya’s face as he recalled the case about a notorious group of criminals who pulled off twelve successful heists within a mere three months!

This group of criminals were extremely cruel and merciless. Every single time they acted, it would end with at least one casualty! Their intelligence system and counter-reconnaissance ability were also extremely effective, ensuring that they would not be caught in the short term, allowing them to strike time and again.

One of the bandits pulled out a black bag as he walked toward the first passenger.

His razor-sharp blade gleamed blindingly in the sunlight as he spun it between his fingers. The passengers were all shivering in fright and hurriedly threw all their belongings into the bag when he neared.

Bei Feng did not say a single word. Just the guy with the handgun posed a really big threat to him. As such, he could only remain silent for the time being and wait for an opportunity to strike!

He was definitely not the kind of person who would willingly put his life in the hands of a group of bandits and allow others to decide his fate!

“You dare hide something from me?!”

The bandit saw that one of the passenger’s expression looked a little strange and immediately grabbed onto his hands. As expected, the man was clutching a wad of cash and a diamond ring within his fists.

Snorting coldly, the bandit with the gun walked over and looked down at the man, disdain apparent in his eyes. The man was currently begging with a pale face, and was pleading with the bandits to let him keep the ring at least. Without even a single change in his expression, the bandit raised his hand and swung it down ruthlessly, causing the gun’s handle to collide brutally with the side of the man’s face.

“This is the last time I’m warning you all. Don’t try your luck with us! Later on, all of you will be stripped naked and searched. Whoever is caught hiding anything from us will not be let off as easily as this guy. Understood?” As he laughed brazenly, his gaze fell upon the body of a few young girls huddled together.


The faces of all the girls paled in unison as they heard that sentence. At this rate, their bodies were going to be exposed in public! How could this happen?! They were not even married yet!

A few of the more timid girls even started crying loudly.

“Che. I can understand if the others girls are crying. However, what the f*ck are you crying about?! Shouldn’t you be burning incense and thanking the gods right now that there are people who are willing to look at you?”

The bandit clicked his tongue in disdain as he looked at the girl who was crying the loudest. She appeared to weigh at least 200 kilos.


The fluffy girl was stunned for a moment. ‘That’s true, why would I be afraid of letting them see me?’

“It’s your turn, little girl. Hehe, hurry up and hand over all your valuables! Later on, big brother will personally conduct a detailed search to see if you’ve hidden anything,” the bandit looked at Lin Jia with heated eyes, a lewd smile on his face.

Lin Jia did not dare to resist and immediately threw her purse into the black bag as she looked at the bandit fearfully.

“Hey kid, this old man has been watching you for a while now. Hurry up and put your money in here!” The bandit looked maliciously at Bei Feng who had been as calm as a slumbering toddler this whole time.

“I’m afraid it’s too heavy for you,” Bei Feng replied blandly.

“Hoho… Good kid. Hey, second brother! There’s a thorny one over here! Why don’t you come over here and teach him some manners?”

The bandit was momentarily stunned. That kid was quite daring! Was he not afraid of death? He turned around and called out to the bandit with the gun while he himself proceeded on to the next passenger.

“Heh. Brat, I must commend you on your courage! Come, show me how heavy your treasure is, and we shall see if I can take it or not!”

The bandit stroked his gun and sauntered toward Bei Feng with a nasty expression on his face.

“In that case, catch!”

Bei Feng noted the positions of the other bandits and, with a thought, a huge long spear immediately materialized above the bandit’s head!

After this long spear was bounded to Bei Feng, he could will it to appear anywhere within a three meters range, with his body as the center. Although he was unable to move it with any other method at the moment, his opponents wouldn’t be able to move it either!

It was only the briefest of moments. How fast does it take for a thought to flash past one’s mind? Like the spark created by an electric current, Extreme Arctic Frost was recalled back into Bei Feng’s body again.

In the eyes of the other passengers, a blurry shadow appeared to have flashed past, and when they looked again, a huge portion of the bandit’s head was missing!

Bei Feng wasn’t idle as he recalled Extreme Arctic Frost. He rolled forward theatrically and snatched the handgun from the hands of the dead bandit.

“Peng! Peng!”

Bei Feng raised the gun and quickly fired off two shots, causing everyone to cower on the ground in fear.

“Don’t move! Put the knives down now, or I’ll shoot,” Bei Feng demanded in an icy tone.

One of the bandits was rudely awakened to the present situation as he slowly got up from the ground, clutching the left side of his head where his left ear had been.

A sense of awkwardness rose up from Bei Feng’s heart. He had intended to do a cool triple kill but he failed his stunt as both his shots ended up missing his targets. The closest they got to their target was blowing away a bandit’s ear, and that too only by pure luck.

“Alright, you put down the gun first.”

One of the bandit immediately dropped his knife and said. While Bei Feng was distracted by the knife, he glanced furtively at another bandit and secretly signalled him with his eyes.

The bandits in front of Bei Feng dropped their knives one by one to attract his attention to their side; meanwhile, one of the bandits sneaked into his blind spot.

In that moment, the bandit who had successfully sneaked behind Bei Feng hurriedly shot a threatening gaze at the passengers as he motioned for them to keep quiet. [1]

“Be careful!”

Unsurprisingly, not everyone obeyed the bandit as both Chen Ya and Lin Jia shouted their warnings in unison.

The bandit realized that his sneaky ways had been exposed, and immediately changed his approach as he charged directly at Bei Feng!

As for Bei Feng, he promptly turned around as soon as he heard the warning. As luck would have it, the gun held by his outstretched arm was shoved into the bandit’s open mouth as he swiveled around.

“Mmph! Wuu!!”

The bandit did not care much for others’ lives, but he greatly valued his own life. In that critical moment, he was trying his best to say: don’t shoot! However, all he achieved was to stare at Bei Feng with desperate, wide eyes, produce some weird muffled sounds and reach for Bei Feng with his hands.

In the end, his actions only caused Bei Feng to think he was trying to attack him. The distance between them was very small and, having never encountered such a dangerous situation before, Bei Feng was naturally startled. In a moment of panic, the finger he held on the trigger jerked once.


A huge hole appeared at the back of the bandit’s head as he slumped lifelessly to the ground. A large amount of blood flowed out of his head and formed a ghastly, bloody puddle around him.

In that moment, a petrifying curse seemed to have been cast on everyone. That kid…was actually so brutal and merciless!

The dull and stupefied expression on Bei Feng’s face had actually been interpreted as him being cold-blooded and devoid of emotions…

‘What is this guy’s background?! He’s actually even more savage than us!’

The group of bandits had all been shocked silly.

“Little brother, we admit defeat! Please let us go just this once! If there’s an opportunity, we’ll definitely repay this kindness of yours!” Hei Zi stepped out of the group and said heavily.

“No! Don’t let them go! These guys had committed many high-profile crimes in Huainan during the past months and are all wanted men! I’m a police officer!” Chen Ya hurriedly said as he pulled out his police badge.

“Stop! Don’t come over here! How am I supposed to know if you’re not with them? Everybody stay put! Nobody moves or I swear to God I will shoot! We’ll wait for the police to arrive first. We can talk after that,” Bei Feng maintained his vigilance as he gathered all of the bandits together.


Almost immediately after receiving the call, the entire Chengdu’s police force was stirred into action like a disturbed hornet’s nest!

This was actually a huge case and had been a source of an enormous headache for them! They had never met such a savage bunch of criminals before. Despite having killed tens of people and committed tens of high-profile heists, these guys had managed to remain at large and continued behaving in an unrestrained manner!

Afraid of the situation taking a bad turn, the Chengdu police force immediately dispatched two helicopters to Bei Feng’s current location!

In no time, the whirring sound of helicopters appeared in the distance. The bandits knew their game was up and that they would likely be unable to escape this time.

“Kid, you better pray day and night for our deaths! Otherwise, I swear that I shall have my revenge as long as there is still one breath left in me! Mark my words. You will be the one to die if I ever get to lay my hands on you!”

Hei Zi growled menacingly at this hateful youngster. It was this unremarkable kid who had caused their entire operation to go up in smoke! Even the lives of himself and his gang was placed in danger because of him! [2]

“Put your hands up! Throw down your weapons! Nobody move!”

Someone shouted through a microphone from the helicopter. Immediately after, the helicopter’s doors burst open and an entire team of special force units rappelled out of the helicopter.

Multiple black rifle muzzles turned toward Bei Feng causing him to hastily drop the gun in his hands.

“Xiao Yu, it’s me!” Chen Ya stepped out from the group and walked toward the leading officer.

“Captain? What are you doing here?!” Yu Wei asked in shock.

“I was on my way home and just happened to get dragged into this matter. This time, we really need to thank this little brother here,” Chen Ya said full of gratitude.

“One of the passengers was killed, and our little brother here took out two of the bandits.”

Chen Ya felt quite regretful. Those bandits deserved to die a million times over. However, that youth had been completely innocent! His death was an unjust one.

“Captain, the higher-ups view this case with great importance. We have to bring them in first. The rest of the passengers and the driver can make a trip to the station on the bus to leave a statement,” Yu Wei said.

[1] TL/N: I wonder why he thought that would work.

[2] ED/N: Other than in some countries, the capital punishment in China remains not only legal, but also frequently carried out. According to wikipedia, the number of executions in China is higher than that in other countries combined, and number such as 2,000 or 5,000 are quoted in the recent years. That being said, the exact numbers seem to be classified by the government. Personally, I was a bit surprised how he’s talking about them facing death; well, this is the reason.

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