Fishing the Myriad Heavens

Chapter 572 - Killing A Path To The Zeng Family!

Chapter 572: Killing A Path To The Zeng Family!

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After hearing what Lu Bu had said, the surprised onlookers all turned to look in the direction which Lu Bu was pointing in.

“Tsk, the Zeng Family has become a stepping stone for the Lu Family.”

“These people of the Zeng Family are considered powerful cultivators within their family, so this time the Zeng Family has suffered a big loss.”

“Looks like the feud has deepened, especially when one of them is the Zeng Family Head’s son.”

Deep sighs could be heard as onlookers realized that San Chuan City would be going through some changes. However, none was panicking as they knew that the most that could happen would be a change of city lord, which would not affect them much.

There was no ban against killings on Tianmu Planet, so the strongest naturally would be at the top of the food chain. Every the city lord had to kill their way up the pyramid.

The Government and Martial Alliance were capable of suppressing any rebellion, but they preferred to focus on the development of their heavenly connecting towers, and thus left the city to run itself.

People were deep in discussion when Lu Bu suddenly turned in another direction and said,

“This person is going to be the oriole?”

Someone asked the question everyone was curious about.

“Good instincts.”

“We actually got discovered.”

“There’s no point in hiding now. Let’s go and meet the Lu Family.”

Hidden from sight by the formation, a middle-aged man waved his hand to break the formation up, causing space to ripple, revealing them to the public!

Putting up an amiable front, Han Tuo and his followers walked towards Bei Feng. He had grown more interested in the Lu Family after having witnessed what had happened.

“Tsk! Formation!”

“Which family are they from? Why didn’t I see them before?”

Many onlookers in the crowd froze in shock as they watched the group appear out of nowhere on the empty field.

Bei Feng scanned the group, and questioned, “Who are you guys?”

Other than the Hundred Year realm Han Tuo, Bei Feng could not gauge the rest.

“I am a classmate of Buhui. I heard about the difficulties your family is facing, and decided to have a look.”

Instead of looking awkward after being caught, Han Tuo kept smiling, and looked at Lu Buhui lovingly.

“Do you expect us to believe your words? I don’t care about your intentions, but if you do anything that crosses the line, don’t blame us for breaking your paws,” Bei Feng said, and gave Han Tuo the side-eye.

Han Tuo’s face turned dark as he thought of how ignorant Bei Feng was. One man full of boiling Blood Qi stepped out from behind Han Tuo, and shouted, “Preposterous! How dare you threaten our young master!”

“Another Thousand Year King!” a spectating cultivator excitedly exclaimed before moving back for some distance just to be safe.

“When did our small San Chuan City become a city full of Thousand Year Kings?”


Not wanting to look intimidated, Lu Bu also took a step forward. Cracks formed on the ground as he took each step.

“How could this be!?”

The sight shocked the challenging cultivator. Being a Thousand Year Third Layer allowed him to know that Lu Bu was only at the First Layer, yet he had no confidence in defeating Lu Bu in battle.

The black-cloaked old man also stepped forward, and said coldly, “How dare a mere Thousand Year King speak to our young master like that!”


The sound like that of a toad could be heard as a two meters tall rabbit stood up. Blood Qi wrapped around its body like a snake as the space around its body rippled, dying the sky above it red.

“A Thousand Year King realm Third Layer demonic beast!”

Staring at the demonic beast in the eyes, Han Tuo could feel danger.

“Xiong Bo, are you confident of winning?” Han Tuo respectfully asked the two and a half meters tall man as he turned to face him.

Xiong Tao shook his head with regret as he replied, “This demonic beast is strong. I am only fifty percent sure even if I prepare to go all out.”

“Come back, then. Since the Lu Family is no longer in danger, we should take our leave.” Han Tuo sighed before calling back his two followers.

Han Tuo understood that huge risks would be involved if they fought with the opponent not knowing their background. Even Xiong Tao, the Thousand Year King, had no confidence of winning. It was hard to say if the Lu Family had more hidden cards.

Han Tuo and the gang cautiously turned and left the scene.

Bei Feng looked at Buhui, and asked, “Buhui, who are these people?”

Lu Buhui was still in a daze as she had not expected her family to have become so strong. It was only when Bei Feng spoke that she regained focus, and answered, “Grandfather, this person was recently transferred to our school. However, I’m not too sure of his background.”

“Let me answer that for you. This person is the young master of the Han Family from Xi Bei City. He has good talent, but the Han Family has a bad reputation of using women’s yin Qi to cultivate.” Having scrutinized their every action, Tang Li could not help but wonder how the Lu Family managed to become so powerful. They even had two Thousand Year Kings!

Though unsure of the exact reason behind it, Tang Li knew it had something to do with the man standing in front of her. The Lu Family became more powerful ever since the man had returned!

“Hmph, the guy from the Han Family must have set his eyes on Buhui,” Bei Feng said in an annoyed tone. Blaming himself for not being strong enough to destroy the Han Family, Bei Feng vowed to settle this feud in the future.

“Buhui, don’t worry about not having enough resources and just focus on your preparation,” Bei Feng instructed as he turned to look in the Zeng Manor’s direction. “Lu Bu!”

“Your subordinate is here!”

Bei Feng called for Lu Bu, and Lu Bu stepped forward, ready to go to war.

“Eliminate all the Hundred Year realm cultivators in the Zeng Family. Spare the family head as long as he does not interfere. If he does, kill him as well!”

Bei Feng’s voice showed no deliberation. He came to that decision as he wanted to ensure that the Zeng Family would never have the chance to seek revenge in the future.

“Yes.” Lu Bu nodded, and proceeded to gather his team of guards and the two demonic beasts, Han Kui and the armadillo.

“The sky is changing.” One spectator sighed before quickly leaving the scene.

Nobody could have guessed that the Lu Family would be that strong. After hearing news of the incident, those who had taken over the Lu Family’s businesses started to fear for repercussions.

“What a trap. If you of the Lu Family are so strong, why didn’t you tell us? We would not have the guts if we’d known.”

“Why didn’t you guys tell us earlier? Why!?”

Many families’ heads lamented as they worried about being punished by the Lu Family.

Those who had no beef with the Lu Family quickly arranged for some gifts to be delivered to the Lu Family as a form of greeting.

Meanwhile, those who were not sure if they had offended the Lu Family could only feel their hearts ache as they feared for their safety.

There were even some who fled the city in a hurry as they foresaw the Lu Family seeking vengeance on them.

Within a day, the city had changed so much. Giant ripples were forming on the previously stagnant water as if a crocodile just entered the pond!

Half an hour passed, and Lu Bu and the gang arrived at the gate of the Zeng Manor. The gate which had been broken by Lu Bu had already been repaired.

“Listen up, members of the Zeng Family, all of you Hundred Year realm cultivators shall wipe clear your cultivation or die!” Lu Bu declared loudly like a ferocious tiger as sound waves surrounded the Zeng Manor.



Vases and decoration items on display shattered and fell to the ground as the sound waves reached the manor.

“Audacious hooligans!”

The initially quiet Zeng Manor became instantly filled with hundreds of cultivators’ enraged cries, rising up to the sky in the form of Qi, changing the color of the sky.

Zeng San Qing was the first to levitate, followed by the family’s elders, officials, and cultivators!

Face turning as dark as night, Zeng San Qing wondered to himself if his family was deemed pushovers by everyone. The Lu Family had just acted against them, and someone else was there to challenge them again now!

“Capture the person and show no mercy!” After hearing Lu Bu’s taunts, Zeng San Qing was filled with anger, and ordered his cultivators to take Lu Bu down. Zeng San Qing was convinced that the reason why so many people dared to go against his family was because they had not struck down anyone for very long. So, he decided he should take that opportunity to remind the city of their prowess.


Looking like roosters injected with steroids, the cultivators were ready to fight! Having killed so many demonic beasts, it would be a nice switch to kill humans. Furthermore, if they performed well, they might get rewarded.

Like hungry wolves, tens of Hundred Year realm fourth layer cultivators charged at Lu Bu and the gang.

Those who were left behind stared at their comrades charging at Lu Bu while regretting not having reacted faster.

“You’re seeking death!” Lu Bu shouted as the Zeng Family’s cultivators charged towards him. Using one swipe of his hand, the Heavenly Halberd appeared and swung at the incoming cultivators.



Sounds that were familiar to the cultivators could be heard. Having fought countless battles, they knew that the sounds were those of a sharp weapon piercing through human flesh! After a ray of light dispersed, seven cultivators could be seen slashed into halves, lying on the ground lifelessly. A tower one hundred meters away was also sliced into two parts, the rubble crashing down onto the ground and kicking up a storm of dust!

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