Flower Master in the City

Chapter 1553. I don't lack a wife right now

Chapter 1553. I don't lack a wife right now

All these years, even though Ah Jiu had called himself a maidservant in front of Yi Xiaoyin and called her Miss in front of outsiders, every time she introduced Ah Jiu to others, she would say that Ah Jiu was a good sister that she had met since she was young, a good close friend of hers. Thus, in reality, in the eyes of outsiders, she basically treated Ah Jiu as Yi Xiao Yin's best friend.

Of course, if there was anyone who wasn't on good terms with Ah Jiu, such as the Lan Yi from before, they might call her a maid.

However, Zhang Jia naturally did not think of A'Jiu as a maid. Moreover, even if he was, he was still a servant of the grand Fairy Doctor. In terms of status, he was still above her, an ordinary police officer.

"Nona, where's that sick guy?" However, he opened his mouth at this time of the summer. Obviously, he was in no mood to pay attention to Zhang Jia. All he wanted was to finish what he had to do quickly and then head back to Jianghai City.

As for the maidservant Ah Jiu, although he looked pretty good-looking and had a good figure, the disobedient maidservants were not good maidservants. They could not compare to his wife, Yi, much less his missing Frost Girl, so he decided not to play with her.

"Follow me." A'Jiu got up and walked outside.

After summer had gone out, Tian Cheng and Zhang Jia naturally followed closely behind. On one hand, this was their case. On the other hand, they also wanted to personally see the medical skills of the so-called number one genius doctor in the world.

A'Jiu quickly entered a sickroom. Summer followed suit. It was a single room. A man lay on the sickbed. His face was sallow and he was in a coma.

Sitting next to the bed was a young woman in her thirties. She looked ordinary and worried.

"Miss A'Jiu." When the young woman saw A'Jiu, she hurriedly got up and greeted him, "Officer Tian, Officer Zhang, you've come as well."

"Little girl Jiu, this guy is about to die." Xia Xia looked at the man on the bed and casually said.

"Why else would you be here?" A'Jiu said snappily.

"True." Xia Xia nodded, then looked at the young woman. "You're this guy's wife? Hmm, no, it shouldn't be. Hmm, you two look a little similar, so they should be siblings... "Eh, that's still not right. This guy looks a bit old, so you should be his sister. Oh yeah, let me ask you a question, was your brother very rich before?"

"You, how did you know all this?" Zhang Jia, who was standing at the side, was dumbfounded. This guy had only looked at her for a couple of seconds and had already deduced all these things. Furthermore, he was quite right.

"Yes, yes. My brother used to have a company. I don't really understand. I think he was a gamer. That game was really popular back then, so my brother was very rich then." The young woman nodded, "Afterwards, he found a wife. Somehow, in a few years, his family property was completely ruined. That woman also ran away, now …"

"So you don't know about the doctor who used to treat your brother?" Summer asked, looking at the young woman.

"Treat? My, my brother shouldn't have been sick before. " The young woman was in a daze. Obviously, she really didn't know what was going on.

"It seems like you really don't know anything. I think I'll wake this guy up first." Xia reached out his hand towards Ah Jiu, "Nona, give me a silver needle."

"You don't have it on you?" She did not believe that this fellow did not have any silver needles on his body.

"Yes." Xia Chen casually said, "But I like having a pretty girl obediently place a silver needle in my hand right now. Otherwise, I won't be treating my illness."

"You!" A'Jiu was furious, but there was nothing he could do about it. He could only take out the silver needles and throw one towards the summer. "Here you go!"

The needle fell to the ground when summer failed to catch it.

"Nona, you're a bit stupid. Don't you understand what it means to obediently place a silver needle in my hand?" Xia asked with surprise as he looked at A'Jiu.

"Bastard, are you done yet?" Ah Jiu gritted his teeth. This bastard was simply ridiculous.

"Oh, I'm finished. I'm leaving. Goodbye, Nona." Summer turned and headed for the door.

"Hey, stop right there!" Ah Jiu panicked and shouted.

However, Summer did not stop and continued to walk out of the ward.

A'Jiu dodged and blocked himself at the door of the ward. However, summer directly hit him. A'Jiu had no time to dodge and was hit by summer directly.

In the next second, A'Jiu found himself being hugged by the summer.

"Hey, little girl Jiu, are you here to apologize to me?" Xia Xia Keke giggled, "Hmm, I prefer this kind of apology. Seeing as you are so obedient, I don't need you to give me the silver needles. I'll take it from you myself."

Summer quickly fished out a silver needle from Ah Jiu's body, then hugged him tightly. After that, he released her, went to the bedside and began to give the needle to the patient.

"Bastard, hooligan, pervert …" Ah Jiu cursed angrily in his heart. This bastard had forcefully hugged him and not only that, he even took advantage of her by taking the silver needles from her!

Tian Cheng and Zhang Jia, who was standing at the side, were completely dumbfounded. They had personally witnessed Xia Jiu hugging A'Jiu and then stroking her, while A'Jiu did not say anything. Even if he was a fool, they could be sure that Xia Jiu had an extraordinary relationship with him.

This was somewhat hard for them to believe, especially Zhang Jia. She felt this was incomprehensible. First it was Lan Yi, now it was A'Jiu. These women were all different from the others. How could they be mixed up with a man like him in the summer?

Even if this summer guy had some background, he really didn't look that great.

Most importantly, how could this Ah Jiu not know about the matters with the Lan Yi during the summer?

"Okay, little girl Jiu, wait a moment and ask this guy who was the one who kept giving acupuncture to him. That person is the person you were looking for." Xia put away the silver needles and then reached for A'Jiu.

"What are you doing?" A'Jiu hastily dodged.

"Nona, of course I'm going to return the silver needles to you." Xia Zhi withdrew his hand, but the silver needle had already disappeared. "This is none of my business. I'm going back to the river."

Summer left just like that, and in the next second she disappeared from the sickroom. A-Jiu was a little angry, but at the same time he was relieved. It was good that this bastard left, otherwise who knows what else he would do to her from time to time.

"Chief Tian, can I talk to the patient first?" Ah Jiu looked at Tian Cheng and said.

"Miss A'Jiu, you are a doctor, of course you can talk to the patient." Tian Cheng smiled faintly. "Let's go out for a while."

On one side, Tian Cheng led Zhang Jia out of the ward, while on the other side, Xia had already left the hospital.

Without any hesitation, he ran in the direction of Jianghai City. To him, whether it was Lan Yi in Jianghai City or Su Bei Bei, both of them were attractive.

However, at this moment, his phone rang.

Summer stopped, took out her cell phone, and answered.

"Hey, where were you in the summer?" When the call connected, a panicked voice sounded. This voice wasn't unfamiliar to Xia Chen Xi, but it wasn't his wife, Su Bei Bei, but Ning Rui.

"Little long-legged girl, do you care where I am?" Xia Zhi was a little puzzled. "You're not my wife, so why do you care so much?"

"You …" "I have something to talk to you about. Where are you?" Come over to my place quickly. There's something very important to do! "

"Something very important?" Summer was a little surprised. "Don't tell me you want to be my wife? Little long-legged girl, although your legs are very long, I don't lack a wife right now. "

"Damn hooligan, who wants to be your wife? It's something else! " "Anyway, come over here. It's not convenient to talk about this over the phone!"

"Even if you want to be my wife, it doesn't matter. It's even less important." Xia Chen lazily said, "I'm not going. I'm heading back to the sea."

After saying this in the summer, he hung up and continued running.

In less than three seconds, however, the phone rang again. Looking at the caller, it was naturally Nilis again.

"Little long-legged girl, unless you want to be my wife …" The phone rang in the summer.

"Hu Jiawei is still alive!" On the other end of the line, Rui-Rui almost shouted out!

"Hu Jiawei?" Summer was a little surprised, but she finally stopped again. "You mean, the pervert that tried to molest you on top of the snowy mountain? Is he still alive? "

"That's right, that's him! He's still alive!" "Don't you think it's important?"

"This is really strange." Summer said to herself, "Oh, well, wait a minute, I'll see you right away."

After hanging up the phone, Summer turned around and ran back to the Ning household.

A few minutes later, in the summer, she rushed into the Ning ancestral home and found Rui Rui in the yard.

"Who is it?"

"Don't move!"

Almost at the same time, two shouts rang out and two guns were aimed at Xia Xia.

"Hey, do you believe that I will drive you out as well?" Summer was annoyed. The owners of the two pistols were two young girls.

"You …"

"You are …"

The two young girls stared blankly for a moment when they saw Xia Xia's appearance. Then, they subconsciously put away their pistols and prepared to salute.

"Alright, you two stay away. I need to talk to my long-legged girl about something." Summer waved.

The two girls hurriedly retreated from the courtyard. They were obviously members of the Dark Group who had been sent here to protect Rui-Rui.

"Hey, are they really your subordinates?" Rui Rui was also surprised. She didn't believe it before, but now, she had to believe it.

"Little long-legged girl, didn't you say that Hu Jiawei is still alive? "Where is he?" Summer was too lazy to answer her question, because that was all he cared about.

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