Flower Master in the City

Chapter 2. Flat tire

Chapter 2. Flat tire

“Third Brother, I now know that he’s crazy!” Su Beibei pouted. That’s right, she really did believe that there was a problem with Summer brain. If one were to say that Qiao Xiao Qiao was his wife, then there was still a one in a million chance of that being true. But to now say that Qiao Xiao Qiao was just his concubine such a thing, certainly can only happen in a crazy man’s fantasy.

“Driver brother, I know you’re jealous of me.” Summer lazily said.

“Jealous of you? I Su Jun Feng worthwhile to be jealous of you?” The man felt angry at how ridiculous this was.

“That’s right, my third brother is a genius! From the young age of 22, he received a doctorate from Columbia University in the United States. After returning home, he started a company from scratch and now after 3 years its assets are already over a million. Do you think you’re worthwhile of him being envious of you? A bumpkin that can’t even afford to ride a taxi! “Su Beibei snorted. “My third brother is richer than you, he’s better looking than you and if one should say who’s jealous then it should be you who’s jealous of him!”

“It’s only Millions of assets. Watch and see when I reach twenty-five, I will certainly have more than such little money.” Summer said lightly.

“So little money?” Su Beibei was getting red with rage “You can’t even afford a taxi, but dare to say that’s little money!?”

“My wife said that once she closes her eyes, tens of millions would be lost but when she reopened her eyes, over a hundred million would arrive in her hand.” Summer indifferently said.

This sentence stunned Su Beibei. Even Su Jun Feng couldn’t help but take another look at the Summer. Could it be that this fellow really knew Qiao Xiao Qiao? This was because they knew that Qiao Xiao Qiao does have this ability the funds flowing into her hands were worth billions. In the blink of an eye, she had lost tens of millions or earned hundreds of millions.

“Bumpkin, even if Qiao Xiao Qiao really is your wife, it’s still her money, not yours!” Su Beibei lightly snorted and said with a tone of ridicule. “Could it be that you want to eat soft food?”

“Well, in fact, my wife is mine, so of course her money is mine too. However, my third master told me that a man cannot eat soft food, so I decided to make money.” Summer confidently said. “When I get to Jianghai I will soon be able to make money.”

“Hmph, people like you usually never graduate college, at most can only become a migrant worker, earning two or three thousand a month at best.” Su Beibei looked at Summer with contempt.

“Actually, I’ve never gone to school before.” Summer turned to look at Su Beibei seriously. “When I was three years old, on my first day of kindergarten, I encountered fairy sister on the road, we both fell in love at first sight, and elope together.”

“Poof ……” The big beauty on the side was drinking her mineral water when she heard this, causing her recent sip of water to spray right out as she violently begins to cough. “Cough…cough..”

“Cousin, are you okay?” Su Beibei quickly patted the beauty’s back and asked with concern.

“Nothing, just choke a bit.” She shook her head, but she couldn’t help but look at Summer strangely, what type of craziness is this! At the age of 3, he falls in love with someone at first sight and as if this wasn’t bad enough, he also claims to elope with them?

At this moment, the car suddenly shook a few times, and there were two muffled sounds. Su Jun Feng who was driving expression changed slightly as he quickly slowed the car down. A moment later, he stopped the car by the side of the road.

“Jun Feng, what’s wrong?” The beauty quickly asked.

“Maybe a flat tire, I’ll go check it out.” As Su Jun Feng spoke he got out of the car.

Soon they begin to hear Su Jun Feng cursing: “What the f*ck! who knows which son of a bitch actually sprinkled nails on the road? Both the left front wheel and right rear wheel have been punctured!”

“Ah, so serious? Would it be impossible to drive?” Su Beibei cried.

Two of the four wheels were broken and there was no spare tire in the car, so naturally, it was impossible to drive. Su Jun Feng looked around but didn’t see any other car in sight, perhaps it’s too hot so no one wishes to go out at such time.

A few hundred meters ahead, there was a two-story flat building. On the wall of the building facing them were two large words written in red ink saying: Tire repair shop!

“There’s a tire repair shop ahead, let’s go check it out.” Su Jun Feng got back into the vehicle, taking advantage of the air in the tire that hasn’t leaked yet, should be enough to ride it a few hundred meters straight ahead.

“The road was sprinkled with nails and now there just so happens to be a tire repair shop nearby. Isn’t this too much of a coincidence?” Su Beibei angrily said, “I think they must have done it on purpose.”

Su Beibei suspicion is quite normal. Similar incidents happen in many places, but it’s difficult to find evidence for this kind of thing, and everyone can only admit that they were unlucky.

During the talk, Su Jun Feng had already driven the car to the front door of the shop and pressed the horn.

A bald youth quickly ran out and said with a face full of smiles. “Boss, the car broke down right?”

“The tire was punctured by a nail can it get patch?” Asked Su Jun Feng.

“Can, of course, it can!” The Baldy turned around and shouted. “Big Liu, Little Du, time to work!”

Two young men with flat-cut hair ran out with tools. They first circled around the car, then acted. They quickly took off the two punctured tires, and each of them carried one of them and ran into the store.

“Boss, let’s go in and have a rest. There’s an air conditioner and cold water inside provided free of charge.” Baldy took the initiative to open the door for Su Jun Feng.

Su Jun Feng turned his head to the beauty behind, apparently asking for her opinion first.

“Go in.” The beauty opened the door and got out of the car.

Su Jun Feng and Su Beibei naturally followed her out of the car. Follow with Summer, the four of them followed the Baldy into a small room. It was just as the Baldy had said, the room was really cool and there was a refrigerator in the corner.

“Boss, Missy, first sit down!” The Baldy enthusiastically greeted the four of them. He even brought a bottle of frozen mineral water for each of them from the refrigerator, causing Su Jun Feng to sigh to himself. The service here was quite good.

“How long will it take to get patch?” The beauty asked.

“The fastest half an hour.” Baldy replied, “But ……”

“But what?” The beauty frown as she asks.

“Miss, the money for repairing the tire, can you pay it first.” The Baldy said while keeping a pleasant smile.

Su Beibei immediately shouted in dissatisfaction. “What the hell?! only after the labor is payment call for!”

“Missy, you may not know, originally, I also want to wait for the car to be repaired then ask for the money, but my men are really disobedient, if they do not receive the money first they won’t feel like working, they can usually finish patching the tire in half-hour, but without advance payment they may even drag it out for a longer time. “The Baldy happily explained. “I’m sure you guys don’t want to wait that long. For your sake, I’ll have to collect the money first.”

“What type of logic is that?” Su Beibei a little annoyed, “Aren’t you just threatening us?”

“How much is it?” The beauty Asked lightly.

The Baldy stretched out a finger.

“One hundred yuan?” Su Beibei shouted in dissatisfaction. “Are you kidding me? I heard that patching is up to twenty or thirty yuan.”

“Miss, you misunderstood, it’s not one hundred yuan.” Baldy shook his head he felt wrong for being accused falsely.

“Ten yuan? That’s more like it.” Su Beibei was finally satisfied. “That’s pretty cheap.”

“Miss no, it’s one thousand yuan.” Baldy was secretly cursing in his heart. Where did this stupid girl come from? Ten yuan wasn’t even enough to buy the few mineral bottles they got!

“What? A thousand yuan?” Su Beibei jumped up and angrily stared at the Baldy, “What! Why aren’t you just robbing?”

“Miss, robbery is against the law, we don’t want to do anything illegal.” The Baldy’s face was calm. He didn’t feel the slightest bit of surprised by Su Beibei reaction. This wasn’t the first time he encountered this sort of situation and it surely won’t be the last.

“Babe, stop running on.” The beauty opened her bag, and took out a stack of money, and handed ten pieces to the bald man, “This is one thousand yuan, please hurry up, I’m in a hurry.”

The Bald took the money, but did not leave: “Miss, there is still one thousand left.”

“You do not push your luck!” Su Jun Feng also couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Boss, one tire each is one thousand yuan, you have two tires naturally the price is two thousand yuan, I may have not gone far in school, but such a simple math problem, I at least have the ability to do.” Baldy leisurely said.

“Take it!” The beauty took another ten stacks and put them in Baldy’s hand. “If you can finish within fifteen minutes, I’ll give you another two thousand.”

“Thanks, Miss.” Baldy was stunned for a moment. This beauty’s generosity was beyond his expectations. However, he quickly responded, “Miss, please rest assured that we will help you fix the tire as soon as possible!”

The Baldy quickly left, but Su Beibei was there left with infinity complaints: “Cousin, obvious this group of people is a bunch of robbers in sheepskin. So why are you giving them so much money?”

“I just want to return to Jianghai as quickly as possible, paying several thousand yuan is just a small matter.” The beauty said lightly.

“I wonder how we came across so many things today. In the past, our return to Jianghai was always smooth.” Su Beibei pouted, then sent her dissatisfaction towards Summer, “I think you’re a disaster star, the min you came into the car only after a while, the car broke down!”

“Fairy sister said I’m the biggest lucky star and my wife also said that meeting me is the greatest fortune in her life.” Summer obviously does not agree with Su Beibei’s statement.

“You’re crazy, mad fantasies disease, has no cure!” Su Beibei curled her lip.

“As long as it’s an illness, it can be cured, Nephropathy is just a small problem and can be cured.” Summer shook his head and said.

“Spoken like you’re a true doctor, which you’re not!” Su Beibei looked at summer with contempt.

“That’s right, I am a doctor.” Summer, however, nodded his head as if it’s only natural.

“Will you die if you don’t brag?” Su Beibei snappily ask.

Summer innocently look at her. “No wonder First master told me, even if you tell the truth these days no one will believe you.”

Su Beibei glanced fiercely at Summer and finally stopped talking.

About ten minutes, Baldy reappeared in front of everyone.

“Patched up yet?” The beauty first stood up and inquire.

“All right, but, miss, what you just said…” But before Baldy could finish speaking, the beauty threw a stack of bills into his hands. “Take it!”

“Thank you, Miss.” Baldy’s face was filled with joy.

The beautiful lady ignored the bald man and walked towards the door. Summer and the others also followed, but they quickly noticed that something was wrong, because the door was locked.

“Miss, all of you can’t leave yet.” The Baldy’s voice came from behind.

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