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Chapter 512 - Something Intense Is Coming

Chapter 512: Something Intense Is Coming

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Qiao Yu looked at Mu Zichen with tranquility in his dark eyes, “Isn’t your position awkward?”

Mu Zichen froze, apparently not sure what Qiao Yu meant.

Nevertheless, Gao Yang understood. He patted Mu Zichen’s arm, “Isn’t your latest girlfriend a good friend of Xia Ning’s? I suppose that Xia Ning will despise a man like you. And she will probably encourage her good friend to break up with you.”

When it came to Wen Yue, Mu Zichen’s face turned strange. He touched his nose and unusually said nothing.

Seeing this, Gao Yang put his hand on Mu Zichen’s shoulder and ridiculed him, “Looks like Mr. Mu has given his heart to her. I heard that during this period of time, you’ve stuck to her like glue. It’s very unusual for you! Before, other women used to stick to you.”

Mu Zichen knocked off Gao Yang’s hand and said disdainfully, “Nonsense. I’ve gone across hundreds of flowers and never touched a leaf!”

“Even if it’s just a slip of the foot, it’s a lasting regret!” Suddenly a voice came.

Mu Zichen’s lips shuddered. He glared at Qiao Yu, “What you said seemed to be describing yourself.”

Qiao Yu ignored him and suddenly picked up his cell phone to look at it.

Seeing this, Gao Yang could not help but say, “Brother, people online say that Xia Ning’s mother is an illegitimate daughter of the Shen family. And Xia Ning wants to go back to the Shen family for their property. This matter…”

“You’ve got water in your brain!” Mu Zichen suddenly interrupted Gao Yang.

Gao Yang frowned at Mu Zichen, “What do you mean?”

Qiao Yu looked up at Mu Zichen, darkened his eyes, and looked back at his cell phone.

Mu Zichen sneered, “Aren’t you stupid? Regardless of Xia Ning’s current net worth, just look at her relationship with your brother. If she really cares about money, what can be easier than falling into your brother’s arms? Do you regard your brother’s tens of billions of net worth as tens of cents? Believe it or not, as long as she is willing to be with your brother, he will give her all his property.”

Gao Yang didn’t look good but he couldn’t refute it. Indeed, if she wanted money, nothing would be easier than marrying his brother. Why did she have to covet the Shen family’s relatively smaller possessions?

He still remembered the first time when he went to J City to look for Xia Ning. At that time, he wanted to send her away with 10 million. Now, it seemed ironic. She didn’t even care about his brother’s net worth, let alone the mere 10 million.

“Brother, don’t you want to look for a way to help Xia Ning clarify?” Gao Yang looked at Qiao Yu and said.

Qiao Yu didn’t answer Gao Yang, still gazing at his cell phone.

Beside Gao Yang, Mu Zichen said, “You are really stupid. If your brother wants to stop it, how can the scandal about Xia Ning be so rampant on the Internet? Unlike other places, this is S City, who can afford to turn down your brother?” Then he paused, looked at Qiao Yu and smiled, “So in other words, if our Mr. Chairman doesn’t want to stop the scandal, it will naturally spread more widely.”

Gao Yang gazed at Qiao Yu in a daze, “Brother, why?” Why didn’t he care about Xia Ning’s scandal?!

Qiao Yu turned off his cell phone and looked at Gao Yang, “Do you know what it means to suppress something first before you want to express it?”

“What do you mean?” Gao Yang became more puzzled.

Mu Zichen instantly understood. He looked at Qiao Yu in excitement, “It seems something intense is coming!”

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