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Chapter 723 - The Last to Laugh Wins

Chapter 723: The Last to Laugh Wins

Jin Yan left after dinner, saying he needed to rush back to watch Xia Ning’s TV show.

The premiere of ‘Shengshi Weiyang’ was tonight, and it was airing on Apple TV.

The entire Qiao family was watching the TV and Xia Ning was a bit embarrassed.

Especially when she showed up, Enoch screamed at once. “Daddy, look, that’s Mummy!”

Qiao Yu patted his son on the head and turned to Xia Ning. “I see her.”

Xia Ning’s face turned a bit red. This was the first time she was watching TV shows with others and felt all kinds of awkwardness.

Gao Wanhua who never watched TV shows with them was here as well. Xia Ning felt even more uncomfortable.

After two episodes, Gao Wanhua asked Xia Ning suddenly, “Is Weiyang still alive?”

Xia Ning nodded at Gao Wanhua. “Alive. Laughed till the end.”

“That’s good. Let’s continue tomorrow. It’s getting late. You should go to bed early.” Gao Wanhua then walked to her room.

Xia Ning: … She stared at Gao Wanhua’s back. Did she get praised just now? That was so indirect. And was she still going to watch tomorrow?!

“Well, let’s go to bed too,” Qiao Yu held Enoch and said to Xia Ning. “Turn off the lights.”

“Oh.” Xia Ning nodded.

When Xia Ning went upstairs and came out of the shower, Enoch was already asleep. She walked to the bed and laid down. Seeing Qiao Yu playing with his phone, she could not help but ask, “Why are you still up?”

“Are you shooting a movie with Jin Yan?” Qiao Yu asked suddenly.

Xia Ning nodded. “Yup, I promised him a long time ago.”

“What if I don’t allow it?”

“Qiao Yu!” Xia Ning frowned slightly. “I already explained to you…

“I was just joking.” Qiao Yu darted a look at Xia Ning and turned off the phone suddenly.

Xia Ning looked to Qiao Yu’s direction and knew he was lying down. She tucked Enoch in and closed her eyes to rest.

The two premieres of “Shengshi Weiyang” had already attracted a lot of crazy discussions online.

“Just by looking at the first two episodes, I want to keep chasing. Who the heck said that Xia Ning’s acting skills are not good? Stand out and see how I slap your face!”

“This show really has a good conscience. The costumes and the hairstyle are all very nice and the casts are also picked well. Xia Ning’s costume is very beautiful too.”

“I suddenly realized that the scandals between Xia Ning and Jin Yan were just publicity stunts. Both of them have new work lately, so the ones who are supporting them should go to bed.”

“Didn’t Cheng Feixuan say Xia Ning did not have any acting skills? Let’s wait for her to be slapped in the face!”

The topic of Shengshi Weiyang’s premiere got to a few billion overnight. At the same time, many came to Cheng Feixuan’s Weibo and started to mock her.

“Didn’t you look down on newcomers because you are the Movie Queen? Look at Xia Ning’s acting skills in the show. That’s her acting skills!”

“Some people don’t like to do TV shows. I don’t know what they are thinking now. This time, Xia Ning is using her work to make a name for herself. Someone’s publicity stunts cannot even be remembered.”

“If you are so good, why don’t you come back with another Movie Queen award? If you have nothing better to do, don’t lie there. I heard no one is willing to sign with a famous Movie Queen like you. I will send you six words. ‘You reap what you have sown’!”

The fire hit her all of a sudden. Cheng Feixuan almost went crazy when she saw the comments on Weibo.

What surprised her the most was that even though she had asked someone to post the gossip between Xia Ning and Jin Yan, there was not much drama at all. The only explanation was that someone was behind the scenes. A figure appeared in her mind at once.

Seeing the comments online, she got even more upset. She posted a Weibo directly.

ChengFeixuanV: Anybody can laugh. But the last to laugh wins!

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