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Chapter 730 - He Didn’t Believe

Chapter 730: He Didn’t Believe

Xia Ning looked at Jin Yan and Li Man in surprise. She did not expect them to be in a relationship.

Jin Yan looked at her and smiled slightly. “You noticed so soon. No one is that smart!”

“You were the one who was making it obvious.” Xia Ning glared at Jin Yan.

He probably did not know that he would only be relaxed around those that he was close to. The tone he was using with Li Man just now was obviously very close.

Based on her relationship with Jin Yan, the fact that she was asked to meet Li Man’s request meant that this woman was more important than her. Since Jin Yan did not have a lot of friends, it meant that this woman was Jin Yan’s most important person.

“Hello, Li Man. I didn’t expect you to be in a relationship with Jin Yan. Apologies for before. Don’t believe the gossips online.” Xia Ning said to Li Man with a smile. Since she is Jin Yan’s girlfriend, she had to act nicer.

“I know. Jin Yan only sees you as his sister.” Li Man nodded.

Jin Yan looked at the two and smiled. “Well, you two beautiful ladies, it’s time for us to eat. Let’s talk while we eat.”

When they got to the restaurant, Qiao Yu called.

Xia Ning picked it up at once. “Hello.”

“Is it over? Have you eaten?” Qiao Yu’s deep voice came from the other side of the phone.

“It’s over. I’m eating out now,” Xia Ning answered.

“With who?”

“Jin Yan!” answered Xia Ning. She looked at the two sitting across them and ordering food. She said with a smile, “And Jin Yan’s girlfriend.”

“Ok. Do you want me to pick you up?”

“No need. I drove today. I’ll go back after dinner. You can do your work.” Xia Ning hung up after that.

Li Man looked over and said to Xia Ning with a smile, “Is your boyfriend checking up on you?”

Xia Ning smiled and did not speak.

“Let’s order this.” Jin Yan looked at Xia Ning. “Remember you like this the most.”

Xia Ning took a look and nodded. “Sure.”

“You even remember what Xia Ning likes to eat.” Li Man looked at Jin Yan and raised her eyebrows. “So do you remember what I like?”

“Of course.” Jin Yan smiled and said to the waitress. “Hello, order!”

Xia Ning saw Jin Yan being close to Li Man and felt a bit happy. But she felt somewhat disappointed. It was not that she was jealous of Li Man, but her own brother had another woman. But she was really happy for Jin Yan.

In the CEO’s office at Shengshi Group, Qiao Yu stared at his phone with a frown. Girlfriend?! He did not believe it!

It was not that he did not believe Xia Ning, but Jin Yan!

As he was thinking, he made a call at once. “Check who Jin Yan is having lunch with today!”

After lunch, Xia Ning drove back to the Qiao house by herself.

The second Xia Ning walked in, she saw Gao Lihua sitting inside.

“Sister, you can’t just watch us die!” Gao Lihua was talking to Gao Wanhua. She looked up and saw Xia Ning. She stood up at once. “How shameless of you to stay here!”

Gao Wanhua heard this and frowned. “Lihua!”

“Sister, this kind of woman is shameless. She wants to use the Qiao family to take care of the Shen family and you’ve not noticed yet!” Gao Lihua said with anger.

Gao Wanhua looked at her sister unpleasantly and wanted to talk but Xia Ning interrupted her.

“Mum, don’t be mad at Aunt. She just hates me. It’s okay.” Xia Ning walked in.

“Who’s your aunt?” Gao Lihua sneered. Suddenly realizing something, she looked at Gao Wanhua in disbelief. “You asked her to call you Mum? Sister, are you crazy?”

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