Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 832 - Master Xiao, You’re Acting Really Strange Tonight

Chapter 832: Master Xiao, You’re Acting Really Strange Tonight

“Besides, there’s no need to bring Dad and Second Uncle out to deal with the Feng family. Xiao Xiao and I will be enough…” Mu Qiqi hung up after she finished speaking.

After that, Feng Shanshan returned Mama Feng’s call and agreed to have dinner.

This was because she really didn’t want to see Papa Feng appear at her door again.

“Then I’ll make some reservations and send you the details later.”

Feng Shanshan agreed indifferently. A moment later, she waited for a new policewoman from the police station. “Hello, Sister-in-law. My surname is Xing. You can call me Xiao Xing. Boss can’t leave, so he asked me to accompany you for your prenatal checkup.”

“Actually… I can go alone.” Feng Shanshan was a little embarrassed. After all, she felt bad for Tang Yan always going through so much trouble.

Xiao Xing shook her head like a rattle. “Boss said that I have to follow you even when you go to the bathroom to ensure your safety. If I can’t even complete this small task, then I’m no good.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble you.” Feng Shanshan thanked her and went back to her room to get her bag. Then, she went to the hospital with Xiao Xing.

Song Qiaozhi saw that Feng Shanshan was always accompanied by people, so she smiled and said, “We’ve got a little miss today.”

“Doctor Song, how embarrassing. My husband is worried about my safety, so he’s troubling Xiao Xing.”

“He’s treating you well. Look at how many pregnant women come to the hospital for a prenatal checkup alone. He’s a good man.” Song Qiaozhi looked at the checkup report while touching Feng Shanshan’s slightly protruding lower abdomen. “I’ll say it again. Pay attention to your mood. You can’t be depressed.”

“I’ll pay more attention.”

“In a few days, I’ll be giving a lecture at the medical university. If you have time, come and listen. It’ll be good for pregnant women. Of course, it’ll be even better if the child’s father can attend too.” Song Qiaozhi handed Feng Shanshan the promotional leaflet for the event.

“Thank you, Dr. Song. I’ll definitely go if I have time.”

“You’re welcome.” Song Qiaozhi did not show any unusual behavior, but she had already kickstarted her plan by inviting Feng Shanshan out. This meant that Feng Shanshan… might be schemed against at any future event.


That evening, Mu Qiqi received the venue and meal time from Feng Shanshan.

After she put away her phone, Mu Qiqi’s eyes lit up with excitement.

“Xiao Xiao, let’s go to Jinrong Manor for dinner tomorrow night. I heard that they’re vegetarian and they’re very popular recently. I haven’t been there yet.”

Sheng Xiao snorted. He did not say anything. Was his objection useful?

This girl had never been a vegetarian. She only liked to eat meat.

“It’s fine this time. Don’t tell me you can protect her for the rest of her life?”

“I can only protect her.” Mu Qiqi sat on Sheng Xiao’s lap and shook his shoulder as she answered, “I only have two friends. I have you by my side. I don’t lack anything and I won’t be in any danger. So, I can only do more for my friends.”

“She’s pregnant. You can’t just let me sit by and do nothing, can you?”

Sheng Xiao reached out and hugged Mu Qiqi. This was something that was always above feelings.

No matter what kind of feelings it was.

“I’ll get Xu Che to make a reservation.”

“Thank you, Master Xiao.”

Sheng Xiao frowned. He was thirty years old, yet he was already at the stage where he had to be addressed as ‘master’? He then dragged Mu Qiqi over.

“You want to leave after taking advantage of me?”

Mu Qiqi shook her head and quickly said, “I’ve been feeling bloated these past few days. I’m not feeling very well.”

Sheng Xiao thought about it carefully. These past few days should be her period. She had always been regular, but it had not started yet.

“Let’s go to the hospital tomorrow.” Sheng Xiao reached out and stroked Mu Qiqi’s abdomen.

Mu Qiqi felt the warmth in Sheng Xiao’s palm and felt much better. “There’s no need. Isn’t it my period soon? Some weirdness before is nothing unusual. Besides, tomorrow’s classes are very important, so I can’t be late.”

Sheng Xiao let her off his lap and suddenly remembered that they did not use contraception that night he had taken Mu Qiqi to Mount Yueying.

Sheng Xiao’s feelings became more complicated at the thought of this.

Mu Qiqi did not notice it.

When they returned to their room, Mu Qiqi had already showered and was lying on the bed. Sheng Xiao saw her shaking her legs and stepped forward to cover her.

“What’s wrong? It’s almost June. I’m not cold.” Mu Qiqi was a little puzzled by Sheng Xiao’s actions.

If it were any other day, she would have been pressed to the bed and fixed in this position. Today, it seemed that Xiao Xiao had no such thoughts at all.

“After you shower, remember to wipe the water off your body.”

“Master Xiao, you’re acting really strange tonight.” Mu Qiqi was getting more and more puzzled.

Sheng Xiao did not explain and just went into the bathroom. When he came out, Mu Qiqi was already asleep on the bed. It was obvious that she was very tired from her lessons recently.

Sheng Xiao sat by the edge of the bed, lifted the blanket, and put Mu Qiqi under it. When he saw that she showed no signs of waking up, he stared at her lower abdomen.

He hoped that he was overthinking things.


The next day, Tang Yan was about to leave with his keys when Feng Shanshan saw him open the car door. She called out to him, “Jinrong Manor. Dinner at 6:30 pm. Don’t forget.”

Tang Yan closed the car door and returned to Feng Shanshan’s side. He kissed her forehead and said, “I’ll pick you up at home at 5 pm.”

“Aren’t you busy at the station?”

“No matter how busy I am, I’ll find time to accompany you.” If he did not protect his woman, was she supposed to pin her hopes on someone else every time?

Feng Shanshan did not say anything and watched as Tang Yan drove away.

She did not have any power or influence, and no one in the Feng family was on her side. Therefore, when she went to meet the Feng family this time, other than causing trouble, it seemed that the only thing she brought to Tang Yan was embarrassment.

At six o’clock in the evening, Jinrong Manor.

The Feng family had already arrived at the private room of the hotel. However, Feng Wen had been silent ever since she entered the hotel.

“When Shanshan comes later, you should apologize to your sister,” Papa Feng said to Feng Wen. His words were commanding and there was no room for negotiation.

Feng Wen did not say anything, but she vented all her anger on the tea set.

“And you, if Shanshan comes home, promise me that you’ll take good care of her. I owe her too much.” Papa Feng turned his head and said to his wife, “Where’s Xiao Wei?”

“On the way. Will be here soon.” Mama Feng replied with a smile, trying her best to look graceful and elegant.

“In a while, I’ll also try to persuade Shanshan. There’s no need to be entangled with the poor police.”

Papa Feng looked down on Tang Yan. He only felt that his daughter could find a better home. What was the point of spending all her time with this man who ran to the scene of a murder?

At 6:30 pm, Feng Shanshan and Tang Yan arrived at the private room.

Papa Feng did not want to have a bad relationship with his daughter from the start, so he directly ignored Tang Yan.

Feng Shanshan knew what the Feng family was thinking, so she took the opportunity to pinch Tang Yan’s palm. She knew very well that her purpose of coming here today was not to reminisce and bond with the Feng family.

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