Forsaken Immortals

Chapter 287 - Realistic Waiter

Chapter 287 - Realistic Waiter

Yun Mingshen was perfectly well aware that their group was in the restaurant lobby. Although it was somewhat noisy, and conversation easily got lost in the buzz, everyone here was a cultivator.

If they paid even the slightest attention to their table, they would easily hear what was said, as long as none of them had put up a sound cancelling barrier.

The waiter was also aware of this, and he knew that his eavesdropping would not be punished. In fact, he had not been eavesdropping at all, he had been waiting to take the order that they wished to make, but the sudden surprise had caused Yun Mingshen to lose his focus, and the current situation had followed.

Yun Mingshen was someone who had come all the way from the Wushi Continent. To him, the people on this prison continent were not able to put up much of a fight, and he did not care for them knowing his background as someone from above.

Although he was surprised upon seeing Bai Rouyun easily holding his identity token, he would still be able to control his emotions and ask in private if needed. However to him, it did not matter if others knew of his identity, and if Bai Rouyun was his cousin, which he was completely convinced of, then he would want the world to know as well.

"We can trust the Yutu Restaurant. Xue Jingyu, their Young Master, is a good friend of mine. I am certain that he can guarantee that they would not cause any trouble, not to mention that with your identity it will be very hard for them to cheat you even if they were willing."

Yun Mingshen nodded his head. He had heard about her relationship with Xue Jingyu before, so he was not too surprised when she mentioned it.

The waiter, however, could not help but feel his heart tremble after hearing her words. He was very grateful that he had been polite to their entire group, and not only to Yun Mingshen when they arrived, as it seemed that all three of them had an outstanding identity.

Seeing that Yun Mingshen had agreed, the waiter bowed deeply, before he waved his hand and summoned another group of waiters.

"Please fetch the standard herbs used for the blood test. Make sure that all of them are of the best grade and that there is absolutely no falsehood involved."

The waiters that worked in the Yutu Restaurant were all handpicked, and they understood the current world well. Although their jobs were superior to many other waiter jobs throughout Xiumeng City, they also knew that they could not be arrogant.

While they had the Shitian Tower and Yutu Restaurant backing them up, the guests here were all of a certain status themselves. If they caused trouble without reason, they would be the ones to suffer.

The waiter that had been taking care of Bai Rouyun's group had a good reputation, and had worked at the restaurant for many years, so these younger staff members all respected him a lot.

Seeing him this polite and full of reverence made them understand that the group in front of them could not be underestimated, and that it was an important task that they had been given.

Both cupped their fists before bowing to the experts seated at the table, and went to prepare the items according to the orders given.

"The staff here is very good."

Yun Mingshen could not help but nod his head in approval as he noticed how respectful they all were. He also admired the ones who had set up the Yutu Restaurant as they were able to keep firm, but still know when to bend and stretch.

The rules at Yutu Restaurant were all reasonable and fair. Everyone was treated as equal, and one could not use their identity to bully others.

Even so, when it came to those that held absolute power, such as Li Moyun or visitors from the Wushi Continent, then they would bend these rules, and give them special treatment.

Also, these waiters would usually only take care of the customer service within the store, but when Yun Mingshen displayed his agitation, they instantly realized that it would benefit them to show extra concern and willingness to help.

Yun Mingshen and Bai Rouyun were perfectly well aware that their helpfulness was solely based on their identities, but this was how the world worked, and they did not look down on these waiters for their decision, but rather felt like praising them for their acumen.

"We will have to wait with the meal until we have the answer. I hope you can wait, and I promise to make it up for you later."

Yun Mingshen was very frantic in his heart. He understood very well that the identity token could not be mistaken, but he still needed to see this blood test taken with his own eyes. He needed to witness how his own blood would merge with Bai Rouyun's, as this would be the most visible proof of kinship.

Although he felt an extreme need for this proof, he still understood that they had come to this restaurant to eat, and he felt guilty to let Bai Rouyun wait, in case she wanted to taste the delicacies.

"Don't worry. Compared to having a good meal, I am much more eager to find my biological family. However, if it does prove to be the case, I will have to explain a few things to you in detail."

Bai Rouyun nodded her head and smiled. However, she was also aware that she needed to explain about her fragmented soul clearly.. She knew that if Yun Mingshen heard something from somewhere and misunderstood her as a ghost that had unrightfully possessed the body, she might end up dead.

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