Fortunately, I met you in this life

Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149: Chapter 1150 felt like killing him to silence him.


Nan Feng listened and immediately raised his head. His eyes sparkled as he asked, “are you worried about me? ”

“come in, ” an Nuan said.

Seeing that he was not moving, she rushed forward and grabbed his arm. She pulled him up and said, “get up and come in. ”

If the neighbors found out that a man was pestering her, wouldn’t she be very embarrassed Thinking of this, she became even more anxious.

“Ah. ” When she pulled him, Nan Feng Meng stood up and hugged her, unwilling to let go.

An NUAN was so angry that she pounded on his chest and said unhappily, “aren’t you afraid of getting sick? I’m afraid I’ll get sick if I get caught in the rain. Do you want to go in or not? ”

“Go in, ” he said.

He immediately followed behind her and went into the house.

When he saw an Nuan run into the bathroom, Nan Feng silently followed her. When he saw her sit in the bathtub, he also lifted his leg and walked in, sitting opposite her.

“…”an Nuan was dumbfounded.

She had just forgotten to tell him not to come in, but he actually came in openly?

“It’s very warm, ” Nan Feng said.

The two of them squeezed into the bathtub, making it seem much smaller.

An Nuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She kicked him and saw that his forehead was bleeding profusely. She immediately reached out to grab the medicine box and knelt down. “I’ll stop the bleeding for you. ”

“You’re so nice, ” Nan Feng said.

She fell silent as she listened and looked at his sincere expression.

“I’m nice to you? ” She thought about how she seemed to beat and scold him often, even yelling at him. However, Nan Feng seemed to be very innocent. If he thought she was nice, then everything was fine.

After stopping the bleeding, she asked, “are you still cold? ”

“No. ”

An Nuan also fell into the chair. Both of them did not take off their clothes, but they still felt a little awkward.

“Does it still hurt? ” She looked at his forehead and asked.

Nan Feng wanted to say that it did not hurt, but when he saw her worried expression, he immediately nodded and said, “it hurts. ”

She was furious. She poked him on the shoulder and said, “if you know how to feel pain, then why don’t you dodge? You were hurt on purpose, right? ”

“Yes, ” Nan Feng immediately admitted.

He grinned and looked at her angry expression. He immediately expressed what he was thinking and said, “If you’re hurt, then your heart will ache. ”

“WHO’s heart aches for you? ” An nuan said in a bad mood and even kicked him.

However, Nan Feng did not fight back. He was still enjoying himself.

An NUAN’s face turned red for some reason. She said in a low voice, “why didn’t you fight back when I hit you? ”

“I like it when you hit me, ” said Nan Feng. He rolled up his sleeves and said to her, “Look! I have muscles. ”

“PFFT. ” She laughed and cried. She felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.

In fact, she was just a Fujoshi and a dead Otaku.

When she had nothing to do, other than reading TV and novels, she would play games. She had always been immersed in novels. However, she did not know that Nan Feng’s appearance had diluted the domineering CEO’s pursuit in her heart.

“You smiled? ” Nan Feng immediately became happy.

He stared at her and praised, “you’re really beautiful. ”

An nuan soaked for a while, then got up and wrung out her clothes before returning to her room. She changed into a set of home clothes, and when she saw that Nan Feng’s clothes were wet, she threw a set of pajamas at him.

“Change, ” she said.

Nan Feng responded with an “Oh” and took off his clothes in front of her. An Nuan saw his figure and inexplicably blushed. She quickly turned her back to him.

“Can’t you change outside? ”Shee said.

He listened and walked to her side after changing his clothes. He asked, “Don’t you like my figure? ”

“Who knows? ” She asked.

Nan Feng said to her with a serious expression, “you’re drunk. You said you like big things and live well. ”

“Boom. ” An NUAN’s brain immediately exploded. She stared at Nan Feng and wanted to kill him to silence him.

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