From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 1182 - Jian Yiling Refuses to Compete

Chapter 1182 Jian Yiling Refuses to Compete

The next day, when Jian Yiling entered the office, her colleagues continued to cast strange glances at her.

However, this time, they were no longer just curious about how she disappeared for two years and ended up coming back.

Instead, they were also curious about who would win the competition.

They wanted to know who was the best surgeon in Lahaisen Hospital.

However, Jian Yiling did not know about their thoughts. As usual, she opened her computer and began to do work.

At this moment, Fei Qing walked in.

As Fei Qing was the chief physician of the surgical department, she had a separate office.

Furthermore, as Jian Yiling arrived yesterday, she was squeezed into an office with some of the interns.

After Fei Qing walked in, everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and turned to look at Fei Qing and Jian Yiling intently.

Jian Yiling raised her head to look at Fei Qing.

Fei Qing placed a case in front of Jian Yiling and said: “This is a patient’s case. Are you interested in it?”

Jian Yiling picked up the case and glanced through it. Quickly, she closed the folder and replied: “Nope.”

“Are you not interested or are you not confident?” Fei Qing asked.

“Not interested.”

Naturally, Fei Qing did not think that Jian Yiling was telling the truth.

She was just using that as an excuse for not being confident with such a difficult case.

“But what if I wanted you to do this surgery?” Fei Qing asked.


“I don’t have the follow the arrangements of the Beijing branch.”

As Fei Qing was the chief physician here, she could allocate work to doctors and nurses. However, as Jian Yiling was not technically part of the Beijing branch, she did not have to listen to Fei Qing’s work allocations.

A female colleague walked over and said to Jian Yiling: “Dr. Jian, are you scared of doing the surgery? If you’re really as talented as the rumors say, a surgeon that’s more talented than Dr. Fei, then you should not be afraid of this challenge.”

Jian Yiling raised her eyebrow and looked at the other person.

“I don’t believe that’s something to show off,” Jian Yiling responded.

“Reasonable competition is healthy for growth and development,” Fei Qing argued. “Furthermore, this is a good opportunity for the interns at Lahaisen Hospital to learn.”

The female colleague seconded this: “That’s right. This is a healthy competition. We’re encouraging people to learn from each other. It encourages development and learning from one another. Furthermore, we just wanted to see our top surgeons perform this surgery.”

Jian Yiling glanced at everyone in the office. She noticed that everyone was looking at her and they all seemed to be looking forward to this competition.

“If you guys want to learn from me, then if there’s a suitable surgery, I will do it. However, I refuse to participate in this competition,” Jian Yiling replied once again. Her answer did not change.

No matter what Fei Qing said, she refused to compete against her.

Upon hearing this answer, Fei Qing could not do anything else. She could not force Jian Yiling to compete against her. “Ahh, alright then. Let’s pretend I said nothing,” Fei Qing said as she walked away.

After she left, everyone had disappointed expressions on their faces.

They were looking forward to seeing this competition.

However, as Fei Qing walked out of the room, a smile unconsciously appeared on her face.

Jian Yiling’s attitude would make her colleagues think that she had a weak conscience.

And even if she didn’t compete against her, she would have already lost.

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