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Chapter 1429 - Descendant of the Xie Family (1)

Chapter 1429: Descendant of the Xie Family (1)

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Mr. Hall smiled lightly before he turned to ask Zhai Yunsheng: “Mr. Zhai, what do you plan to do now?”

“I will contact the police to deal with these uninvited guests who broke into the house,” Zhai Yunsheng replied.

Even though he hadn’t flexed his arms and muscles in a while, Zhai Yunsheng did not intend to fight anyone in front of Jian Yiling and Erdan.

Before leaving, his annoying grandpa nagged him several times about this. He told him that if Zhai Yuze saw too many violent scenes when he was a baby, he would grow up and become violent and aggressive.

Although Zhai Yunsheng did not believe in those words, in order to stop Master Zhai from annoying him incessantly, he decided to listen for once.


“Contact the police?” Situ Zhong laughed in disbelief. “Zhai Yunsheng and Jian Yiling, who do you think you are? Do you think the police here will believe your words? Do you think your claims will be accepted? Are you going to accuse us of trespassing? Or are you going to accuse us of inheriting this manor when you wanted to?”

After hearing Zhai Yunsheng’s words, Situ Zhong was now confident that Zhai Yunsheng was also after the information on the hidden treasure.

Situ Zhong did not know where they got the news from.

However, if they wanted to compete against them for the treasure, they were not qualified for that yet.

Zhai Yunsheng replied indifferently: “I’m afraid you’re the one that’s not qualified to say those things.”

“I’m not qualified? What a hilarious joke,” Situ Zhong exclaimed.

This brat didn’t know anything!

After being spoiled by the Zhai family for so many years, it seemed as though Zhai Yunsheng severely overestimated himself!

When they held the lifeline of the country, the Zhai family was merely merchants! Apart from doing business, what else could they do?

Although Zhang Xin was silent, he was secretly doing his own calculations and schemes.

Originally, he planned to take revenge against Jian Yiling himself.

However, now that Zhai Yunsheng and Jian Yiling were here already, he could easily take advantage of this opportunity.

They had barely any support in Country M. What better opportunity could he get?

Furthermore, Situ Zhong initiated this. If something bad ended up happening, Situ Zhong could take all the blame.

As Zhang Xin thought about this, he saw dust in the distance.

A number of SUVs appeared on the road. There were so many vehicles that Zhang Xin could not even see the end of the convoy.

What was happening?

Situ Zhong did not know where these vehicles came from.

However, his sixth sense told him that these people were definitely influential and powerful.

Zhang Xin whispered to Situ Zhong: “Are these our people?”

“No,” Situ Zhong replied. As he gave this reply, the expression on Situ Zhong’s face became extraordinarily ugly.

When he heard this reply, a frown also appeared on Zhang Xin’s face.

There were too many people arriving.

With such a huge lineup, who were these people?

Situ Zhong quickly reacted and called his men and subordinates to gather at the front of the manor.

Not long after, the large number of SUV vehicles stopped in front of the manor.

As there were too many vehicles, a large number of vehicles got parked by the lake.

Then, people left the cars, one after another.

These people were all Westerners.

When Situ Zhong saw them, the expression on his face became even uglier.

Even though the reclusive families didn’t really participate in events, they still knew who was influential and powerful in every country.

And thus, Situ Zhong recognized these people. They all held some degree of power and influence in Country M.

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