Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 1258 - Path of Death!

Chapter 1258: Path of Death!

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The faster something traveled, the greater its impact. Even a stone the size of a thumb would be able to pierce right through a peak-stage Heaven Monarch’s divine shield and through his body if it traveled at the speed of a nine-star formidable martial artist.

This was the situation inside the meteorite killing formation. The stones were not that hard; Jiang Yi knew he could use his fist to crush them without difficulty. However, they were traveling so fast; and there were so many of them. Even if he had ten fists, he would not have been able to handle it.


The Thousand Thearch Shield and his Mystic Divine Armor kept flickering. At every moment, at least one stone crashed into each of them. Despite the Mystic Divine Armor’s defensive power, Jiang Yi’s body still felt shaken each time a stone hit. Of course, his body was much stronger than it was before already. That little impact could not do him much harm.


A huge rock that spanned about ten meters wide landed harshly on his shoulder and then broke into pieces. Jiang Yi kept flying forward in spite of it. Yet, the impact was huge; it felt like he was punched by a seven- or eight-star martial artist.

“That’s terrifying indeed!”

Jiang Yi cursed under his breath. If he had not trained his body to become this strong, that impact would definitely have seriously injured him. He kept moving downward, not knowing how long this Void Ancient Path was exactly. His divine senses were limited here. All he could do was follow the path.

Swish! Swish!

The third wave of meteorites was falling toward him. Of course, there were many more rocks this time, and they were much bigger at that. As they kept falling, they fell so fast that Jiang Yi could not even catch sight of them clearly. Thus, he was too slow to react. He could only depend on the Mystic Divine Armor and Thousand Thearch Shield to cushion the impact.


Each second, Jiang Yi felt a huge impact on some parts of his body. Each time a rock pushed him to one side, another one would push him right back. He felt like he was on a small boat on a raging sea; he had no control at all. There was nothing he could do but be pushed around.

The Mystic Divine Armor and Thousand Thearch Shield were both formidable, but the Thousand Thearch Shield could only block off rocks from one direction. Although the Mystic Divine Armor would not break—if the impact became too huge, Jiang Yi’s body would be injured as well. Previously, in the Endless Deep Sea, Jiang Yi endured the Battle Thearch’s nine-star dao pattern, the Overlord-Destroying Spear. The Mystic Divine Armor came out of that battle perfectly fine, but his bones were broken. His internal organs were also severely injured. From that, Jiang Yi learned that the Mystic Divine Armor was not perfect. Even if it remained intact, Jiang Yi could still be hurt.

“If not for those ten saint beasts’ blood essence, would I still be alive now? The Mystic Thearch’s meteorite killing formation is too frightening.”

After enduring ten waves of meteorite attacks, Jiang Yi felt his entire body aching. His blood was clotting at different parts of his body. He had no idea how many times he had been hit already. At that moment, he found out that although he was wearing the Mystic Divine Armor, the meteorite killing formation was still extremely harsh on him, attacking him incessantly. If the Buddha Emperor and company had been going through this path, they would have collapsed much earlier on. Even the Yin Thearch and the Night Empress would at least be seriously injured by now.

“Astral winds!”

Jiang Yi had no idea how much longer he still had to go so he did not dare to be too complacent. He released his astral winds and congealed an Astral Winds Divine Shield. At the same time, he retrieved another divine shield to improve his defense.


It was a pity that the Astral Winds Divine Shield and his other divine shield were too weak. When the next wave of meteorites came, the Astral Winds Divine Shield broke apart after being hit by just three huge rocks. His own divine shield did worse. It broke after just fending off one.


Jiang Yi’s Fire Dragon Sword appeared in his hands, and he struck it down. Tens of thousands of little fire dragons emerged from the sword. He had to fight back; if he was too seriously injured, he might not be able to fend himself against what was to come. The fire dragons spread out in all directions, filling the air. Although they could not break the huge meteorites, they could at least destroy the smaller ones.

In this way, Jiang Yi kept congealing his astral winds and his own divine shield and releasing little fire dragons to fight back at the same time. After fifteen minutes, he made it through twenty more waves of meteorites. What frustrated him most was he still could not see the end of the Void Ancient Path.

“It’s no wonder that although tens of people went out of the Undying Continent, not one of them returned. Even the Saint Emperor would not be able to endure such a ruthless meteorite killing formation, would he?”

Jiang Yi realized this slowly. In his heart, he wondered what exactly the Mystic Thearch had been thinking. Did he want the people who entered this mystic realm not to be able to get out? Why else would he set up such strong restrictions? Ordinary people would definitely not be able to endure through it.


Jiang Yi endured three more waves of attacks. At last, he coughed up blood. For these last few waves, it was not rocks that he faced… but a kind of black, cold metal. Jiang Yi’s little fire dragons had nothing against the metal. All Jiang Yi could do was grit his teeth as he got hit. His internal organs were already damaged, and his blood pressure kept rising to the point that he had to cough up blood.

“Three waves! If we don’t reach the end of this path before three more waves hit us, I think even I will die in this Void Ancient Path.”

Jiang Yi’s eyes twinkled as his Fire Dragon Sword danced around. He was ready to activate the Divinity Slayer. If he did not use it now, he would not be able to endure much more.

Swish, swish, swish, swish!

The meteorite killing formation attacked one again. Black shadows covered the air, and what looked like billions of metal swords flew toward him. Jiang Yi’s Fire Dragon Sword struck down toward them, summoning three Fire Dragons. Immediately, he steered the Fire Dragons so that they revolved around his body constantly, blocking him from the three-front attack. The last front was blocked by the Thousand Thearch Shield.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When the countless cold metals met the three Fire Dragons, they were reduced to dust. More than half of the cold metal was destroyed. Jiang Yi let out a small sigh of relief. His Divinity Slayer was stronger now. It must be because his essence force had increased.

Ring, ring, ring, ring…

The remaining cold metal hit Jiang Yi’s Astral Winds Divine Shield and divine shield, as well as his Mystic Divine Armor. Jiang Yi flew in all directions from the impact. He felt like his entire body was severely injured. Blood kept flowing out from the corner of his mouth. His internal organs and body were all wounded.

“Light! The exit is just in front…”

Suddenly, Jiang Yi saw a weak beam of light. In this pitch-black ancient tunnel, any flicker of light would grab one’s attention immediately. It was like a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel for Jiang Yi. However, by the time Jiang Yi traveled thirty kilometers downward, the joy in his eyes turned into horror.


There was no exit in front of him; neither were there meteorites or old metal. Instead, there was… lightning. Hundreds of bolts of lightning that resembled dragons seemed to be traveling toward him. The pitch-black Void Ancient Path was being broken apart. At that moment, Jiang Yi could almost smell death.

“Mystic Divine Palace!”

Jiang Yi cried out. A small palace appeared in his hand, expanding at a rapid speed. He rushed into the palace at once. He could fend himself against the cold metal, but the lightning would be able to attack right through his Mystic Divine Palace and to his body. If he dared to fight it, he would surely turn into charcoal.

The Mystic Divine Palace had already recovered a good percentage of its energy, especially because it had been absorbing the heaven and earth essence force in Saint Emperor City for two months. From the looks of it, Jiang Yi guessed that it would be able to endure lightning attacks once again without much problem.


Hundreds of lightning bolts shot at him, immediately surrounding the Mystic Divine Palace. The Mystic Divine Palace’s black light brightened tens of thousands of times and then slowly dimmed as it got attacked more and more. However, it did not explode.


The main gate of the Mystic Divine Palace opened. Jiang Yi emerged, feeling lingering fear from earlier. Slowly, he kept the Mystic Divine Palace once again. The attack just now had almost drained the Mystic Divine Palace of all its energy once again.

At that moment, Jiang Yi was sure that unless one was as strong as the Mystic Thearch, he would not be able to escape the Void Ancient Path alive. The tens of formidable martial artists from Death God Mystic Realm must have died in the Void Ancient Path. This was a path of death. Without the Mystic Divine Palace, he would die for sure!


Jiang Yi spotted another bright light in front. This time, it was not lightning, but the exit. Jiang Yi let his guard down completely and rushed toward the exit. At last, they landed on the peak of a mountain.

“Eh? This is the Mystic Divine Mountain?”

Jiang Yi looked around and discovered that they had arrived at the Mystic Divine Mountain. He looked far out into the sky, at the fast-disappearing Void Ancient Path. There were so many questions in his mind. Why did the Mystic Divine Mountain create this path of death? What was the deeper meaning behind it?

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