Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 1560 - Turbulent Winds Precede Mountain Storms

Chapter 1560: Turbulent Winds Precede Mountain Storms


The Teleportation Formation on the huge city plaza in Demon-Buster Valley suddenly broke apart, shocking countless people in the valley. The soldiers guarding the Teleportation Formation and their commander’s facial expressions changed at once.

“Purgatory Mystic Realm?”

A commander’s eyes widened in shock. The Heaven-Splitting Army had just entered the Purgatory Mystic Realm not long ago. There were countless young masters inside there. Little Eagle King, Qiu Ren, Bai Ditian, and the others were inside. If anything happened to them, the entire Earth Domain would descend into chaos.

Swish! Swish!

Formidable martial artists from countless castles flew out one by one. Heavenly King Wu, Heavenly King Long, and Heavenly King You emerged from their castles as well. After all, if the Teleportation Formation here was broken, that meant the Teleportation Formation in Purgatory Mystic Realm was broken as well. There was a King-Ranked martial artist watching over the Teleportation Formation there, and yet something like that could still happen. Something huge must have occured.

“What’s going on?”

Heavenly King Wu shouted, his gaze turning cool as he scanned the group of commanders in the city plaza. In a low voice, he shouted, “Who can tell me what exactly happened?”

The Teleportation Formation in the Purgatory Mystic Realm had been broken; who in Demon-Buster Valley would have known how? Di Qianjun was in charge of the mission this time so he pondered for a while, cupped his fists, and said, “Reporting to Commander Wu, a few hours ago, the Heaven-Splitting Army accepted a mission to clear out Lunar Beasts. They must have been carrying out the mission near the Teleportation Formation. Could it be… that the Lunar Beasts destroyed the Teleportation Formation?”


Heavenly King Wu spat in anger. He waved his hand and said, “The restrictions around the Teleportation Trap there are very powerful. Lunar Beasts could not have broken those restrictions and attacked the Teleportation Formation. What’s more… He Buyu is there guarding the Teleportation Formation. If something had occurred, he would have sent someone to inform us and request for back-up a long time ago.”

“Heaven-Splitting Army?”

Heavenly King Long’s expression flickered slightly. He would not have minded too much if other armies had gone on that mission, but there were more young masters than usual in Heaven-Splitting Army. Little Eagle King was in that army, too. If anything untoward happened to them, many old men would turn Demon-Buster Valley upside down.

Heavenly King You’s eyes glinted. He became shocked and curious as well. The Heaven-Splitting Army had gone on a mission on the surface, but he had given Ren Tianfan another mission secretly. To him, this did not seem like a big deal. However, something huge had happened now. He began to feel uneasy.

Heavenly King Wu and Heavenly King Long exchanged a meaningful glance. Heavenly King Wu turned to Di Qianjun and asked, “Which is the closest mystic realm to Purgatory Mystic Realm? Yi Zu, immediately teleport there and immediately cut across space. Use the Chaos Beast Boat to inspect the Purgatory Mystic Realm. Come back with news the moment you find out what’s happening.”

If they used the Chaos Beast Boat to cut across space and get to the Purgatory Mystic Realm from where they were, it would take too much time. It would take more than a year to travel to and fro. If something big had really happened inside—by the time the news came back to the Heavenly Kings, the corpses would be cold.

Thus, the only way around the problem was to teleport to the closest mystic realm to Purgatory Mystic Realm before cutting across space to enter it.

Yi Zu was a commander of the Demon-Buster Army’s Scout Hall. He was the one in charge of processing all the intelligence that they obtained. There was no need to say that he was of the Phantom Race; the Demon-Buster Army’s Scout Hall’s commanders had always been from the Phantom Race. The Phantom Race’s investigative and assassinating skills were the best in Earth Domain; no one could be better than them.

“The closest mystic realm to the Purgatory Mystic Realm? I think it’s Divine—”

Di Qianjun pondered for a moment and almost spat out a name. However, he immediately stopped himself. Few people in the Earth Domain knew about that place. If he revealed this lace, he would be diced alive by Heavenly King You.

He was in charge of the Internal Affairs Court and had access to the most classified information. Naturally, he knew about the existence of the Divine Yang Mystic Realm. This Divine Yang Mystic Realm was the closest mystic realm to the Purgatory Mystic Realm. Heavenly King Wu and Heavenly King Long must have known this as well. That was why nobody exposed Divine Yang Mystic Realm. Di Qianjun expertly changed his response and said, “The Divine Wind Mystic Realm. That’s right, the Divine Wind Mystic Realm!”

There was a Divine Wind Mystic Realm near the Divine Yang Mystic Realm, but the journey from there would be a lot further. Still, Di Qianjun would not have revealed his knowledge of the Divine Yang Mystic Realm for fear of his life.

Heavenly King Wu nodded subtly and waved his hand. “Teleport to Divine Wind Mystic Realm. Yi Zu, move as quickly as you can. Don’t bother about anything else. I want firsthand information.”


A phantom floated out from behind, who nobody could see clearly. Yi Zu floated towards one of the Teleportation Formation. His entire body was covered in a black robe, and his face was hidden as well. Immediately, the Teleportation Formation was activated. Yi Zu disappeared into it.

Heavenly King Wu pondered for a moment and still felt uneasy. He turned to Heavenly King Long and said in a low voice, “Old Long, let’s inform the Old Eagle King about this situation via voice message. If something untoward happens, the Old Eagle King’s temper…”

“That’s right. Di Qianjun, send a message to the Green Eagle King.”

Heavenly King Long nodded. The Green Eagle King only had one precious son. Now, something strange seemed to be happening to him. If they did not inform the Green Eagle King at first instance and the Little Eagle King really dies like that, the Green Eagle King would turn the Demon-Buster Valley upside down for sure. Three of them alone would not be able to fend him off.

“What exactly happened?”

By the time Heavenly King Wu and the others returned to their own castles, the entire city plaza had burst into action. It had been a long time since a Teleportation Formation last fell apart. Although nobody knew exactly what happened in the Purgatory Mystic Realm, they felt like this was significant!

After all, turbulent winds precede mountain storms.

Something significant had indeed happened inside the Purgatory Mystic Realm. Although it was absolutely silent in the Purgatory Mystic Realm at that moment, many people felt an ominous feeling in their bellies like something bad was going to happen soon.

The battle that took place between the Little Eagle King and Ren Tianfan earlier had caught their attention. Now, the Little Eagle King was being carried to the foot of the mountain by three Ink Feather Race guards to recuperate. The surroundings were absolutely quiet. Many people recalled something else.

It was almost as if…

The hundred or more formidable martial artists who had chased after the Poison Spirit had been gone for a long time.

Not one of them had returned, and there was no news of them as well!

There was only one Poison Spirit, and an injured one at that! So what if he realized the Divine Spirit Thrust? How many people could he kill? About ten to twelve hours had already passed. Even if those people had failed to catch up to the Poison Spirit, they should have returned by now. At the very least, they should have sent a voice transmission back by now. However, Bai Ditian, Qiu Ren, and Ren Tianfan all had not received any news from them.

What went wrong?

Ren Tianfan exchanged a meaningful look with Bai Ditian and Qiu Ren. For some reason, they felt uneasy. This uneasiness soon turned to panic. Bai Ditian and Qiu Ren sent people to send a voice transmission, but it was like throwing sand into the sea: they received nothing in return.

Ren Tianfan shot a look at a person from the You Clan. The You Clan’s disciple quickly sent a message to their martial artists as well, but they did not receive any news either. All of their expressions changed. The Poison Spirit could not have killed so many people. Even if he could, those people were not idiots. They would have sent a message back requesting for back-up for sure.

There was only one possibility: these people were wiped out at the same time. They did not even have time to ask for back-up!


Ren Tianfan pondered for a moment and then felt more unsettled. He landed and used a single hand to slap Yi Chan and the others on the back of their heads. Once the five of them were unconscious, he sent them into his spatial divine item. Whether those people had been killed by the Poison Spirit or not, he would have a trump card as long as these people remained in his hands.


The Little Eagle King was being guarded by a few people from the Ink Feather Race, on the peak of another shorter mountain. At that moment, he was focusing on recuperating. When he sensed what Ren Tianfan had done, he laughed mirthlessly. “General Ren, you still dare to take them hostage now? Heavenly King Wu’s people are on the way. Once we get back to Demon-Buster Valley, your schemes will be exposed. Then, you will probably lose your status as the general…”


Ren Tianfan laughed nonchalantly. Calmly, he replied, “Hostage? I’ve captured these people according to the law. I’m going to send them to the military court once we get back. Schemes? What schemes? Little Eagle King, you are thinking too much into this. You’ve broken the Teleportation Formation. Even if your father comes here, you will be severely punished for sure!”

The Little Eagle King remained equally nonchalant. His eagle-like gaze scanned overhead. He wanted to say something, but at that moment, he discovered strange movements in the space in the south. He thought that the people who went after the Poison Spirit were coming back. Immediately, he sent his divine senses out to inspect the area.

The King-Ranked guardian, Ren Tianfan, Bai Ditian, Qiu Ren, and many other Titled Battle Gods all felt the strange movements in the south. Countless divine senses scanned the surroundings, like streams of water. In the end, everybody’s eyes widened; and their bodies stiffened. They looked like they had all seen the same ghost.

“How is this possible?”

The King-Ranked guardian blinked his blurry eyes as his wrinkled face began to tremble. In a daze, he mumbled to himself, “This brat… is still alive?”

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