Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 1721 - Greatest Shame Ever Endured

Chapter 1721 - Greatest Shame Ever Endured

Qing Ling was a tree; the biggest tree in the world!

Nobody knew where this tree came from. Qing Ling was already around thousands of years ago when the humans first fought the Netherworld Race.

She did not take part in the battle. Instead, she helped the human race heal their casualties. It was because of her that the human race was not wiped out. Instead, she healed every single one of them immediately. The human race had been losing that battle, but because of her, the tables turned. They turned their almost-defeat into victory!

From the battle on, Qing Ling was widely known across the Heaven Domain. She became a hero in the Heaven Domain, a distinguished guest of all the Supreme Thearchs. The various powers always tried to get on her good side. Despite this, Qing Ling chose not to join any army. Nevertheless, each time the human race fought the Netherworld Race, she would step up and help the former.

With her around, the human race became extremely powerful. They won every battle. Her healing abilities were absolutely heaven-defying. She did not heal individually but healed in batches of tens of thousands. Thanks to her, the death tolls from battles were greatly reduced. The unstoppable force of the human race helped them to recover huge areas of lost land.

For a time, the human race thought that Qing Ling could help them to turn their defeat into victory all the time, that they would be able to defeat the Netherworld Race. Subsequently, two important things happened to cause Qing Ling to disappear, never to be seen again.

The first thing was that the Netherworld Thearch personally attacked. He chased Qing Ling down for ten days and ten nights. Although Qing Ling managed to escape unscathed, she seemed to be scared stiff by the Netherworld Thearch. Later on, she declined to interfere in battle.

The second thing was this: it was said that Qing Ling had fallen for the Demon-Killing Supreme Thearch. However, the Demon-Killing Supreme Thearch despised demons like her and did not accept her love. This gravely upset Qing Ling and caused her to run away and disappear from the Heaven Domain.

Nobody expected that Qing Ling would show herself again after thousands of years. What's more, she only appeared to rescue Jiang Yi just before the Azure Supreme Thearch appeared?

The soldiers and civilians in the city were all agitated. Each of them felt incredibly furious. Jiang Yi had just committed grave sins in this city, killing millions of people and ruining the Azure Supreme Thearch City. He even cursed and insulted the Azure Supreme Thearch himself. To many people, Jiang Yi deserved to be diced into pieces and given the death penalty. Whoever dared to rescue Jiang Yi would be the enemy of the Azure Supreme Thearch and the Dao Clan. The deaths of the tens of millions of people in the Azure Region would also be pinned on him or her.

Swish! Swish!

Countless people exploded in rage. The remaining King-Ranked martial artists jumped into the bottomless pit, wanting to chase after Jiang Yi and stop Qing Ling.

However, none of these King-Ranked martial artists were strong enough. On the other hand, Qing Ling was a Thearch-Ranked martial artist. Them aside, even Dao Nu would have difficulty chasing after her.

Qing Ling had only activated a single root. Nobody knew where her actual body was. Many people followed the root into the pit and became lost. Thirty kilometers underground, there were countless pits and underground passages, which formed a dense map of various tracks. They had no idea which one of the countless routes to take. Nobody knew which way Qing Ling's root had gone.

Nobody knew, but the Azure Supreme Thearch did!

The Azure Supreme Thearch had very strong senses, which could reach billions of miles. How else would he have been able to sense the situation in Azure Supreme Thearch City from the Lost Stone Forest, two-thousand-five-hundred kilometers away? How could he have congealed two huge eyes and that huge handprint?

At that moment, his body was flashing in midair. Each time it appeared, he was five thousand kilometers closer. It was undeniable that the Azure Supreme Thearch's looks and posture were out of this world. He was dressed in green robes and wore no other accessories apart from that. Still, his face alone could cause even the most beautiful art pieces in the world to look dull.

Anyone's heart would jump if they laid eyes on him. They would all feel the need to bow down and worship him. His face did not tell of his age at all, and he looked exceptionally handsome and strong. His manliness would probably charm countless young mistresses from the various great family clans if he just walked one round around the Azure Supreme Thearch City.

In fact, when the Azure Supreme Thearch was younger, countless young mistresses were obsessed with him. Many of them even swore off marriage to wait for him. Even on their death beds, they waited for him to give them attention.

Unfortunately, the Azure Supreme Thearch dedicated his entire life to seeking Dao. He thought that the relationship of mortals would only become hindrances to his pursuit of Dao. Since he genuinely wanted to seek Dao, he had to free himself of all mortal relations and keep his d.e.s.i.r.es pure.

He remained expressionless, but there was a hint of fury in his eyes, which looked as deep as the ocean. The Azure Supreme Thearch had not gotten angry in many years. When Dao Nu and Dao Leng went to Nine Yang City earlier, he instructed them to catch Jiang Yi, too. However, even though Jiang Yi was later rescued by Wei Pingping, the Azure Supreme Thearch did not get angry.

This time, he was completely angered. The more important one was… the more they would care about their reputation, the more they would care about their status. The Azure Supreme Thearch wanted to avoid all concerns in the mortal world and keep his d.e.s.i.r.es pure, but he was not an immortal without any wishes or d.e.s.i.r.es. Naturally, he would get angry.

An ignorant child had caused a bloodbath in Azure Supreme Thearch City and even called him an 'old dog'?

This was no big deal. As long as he could kill Jiang Yi, he would be able to salvage his reputation; his shame would be washed away. Yet, Qing Ling had rescued Jiang Yi from under his very nose. If Jiang Yi really got away unscathed this time, where could he hide his face? Wouldn't the Yan Supreme Thearch, the Qilin Empress, and the Crazed Supreme Thearch all laugh their heads off?

At that thought, the Azure Supreme Thearch sped up a bit more. Qing Ling moved fast, but she was still slightly slower than him. He could sense the tree root that was still wrapped around Jiang Yi. He decided that even if he had to chase her to the ends of the earth or even to the Netherworld Realm, he had to kill Jiang Yi. This was the greatest shame he had ever endured.

Five thousand kilometers underground, Jiang Yi was still being dragged by a tree root. It was pitch-black all around him, and the pungent stench of soil filled his nostrils. Jiang Yi's mind was in a whirl. He was surprised, but also confused, panicked, and scared.

Nobody wanted to die. If he had a chance to survive this ordeal, of course, he would take it.

Yet, how was he going to escape? Even if Qing Ling rescued him out of Azure Supreme Thearch, would he really be able to get away? The Azure Supreme Thearch was the strongest man in the world. If Qing Ling's battle skills were more powerful than the Azure Supreme Thearch's, why did she coop herself up in the Purgatory Mystic Realm?

The Qilin Empress said before that Qing Ling had been scared off by the Netherworld Thearch. That was why she hid in the Purgatory Mystic Realm and refused to go back to the Heaven Domain. From the Qilin Empress' tone, it did not seem like the Qilin Empress revered Qing Ling. This showed that Qing Ling was not even stronger than the Qilin Empress, much less the Azure Supreme Thearch.


Where could they run to in this world? The most powerful person in the world was hot on their heels. Even if they flew into the sky or hid underground, the Azure Supreme Thearch would probably be able to find them. If the Azure Supreme Thearch went to the Lower Domain, how many people in the Earth Domain would perish in his hands? Would Jiang Yi run to Stellarsky Domain? That would make him even more of a joke.

The entire world belonged to the king.

The Azure Supreme Thearch had too much influence. With one instruction, the Qilin Empress, Crazed Supreme Thearch, and the Yan Supreme Thearch would probably submit to his command. Since that was the case, where would they be able to run to in this world?

He also felt fearful that Qing Ling would be killed by the Azure Supreme Thearch for saving him.

Ten full minutes passed before Jiang Yi finally could not hold it in any longer and said, "Lord Qing Ling, can we run away? Are you faster than the Azure Supreme Thearch?"

"The Azure Supreme Thearch is faster than I am!"

Qing Ling answered him very quickly, but via voice transmission: "Jiang Yi, I can only bring you out to the void. Then, I will help you lure the Azure Supreme Thearch away. As for whether you can escape or not, that will be up to your skills and your luck."

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