Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 1723 - Earth Domain Number-One

Chapter 1723 - Earth Domain Number-One

Qing Ling's aura was too strong; Azure Supreme Thearch could sense it instantly while Jiang Yi was being brought away by her mystical ability. He was so far away now that Azure Supreme Thearch couldn't detect him. He instinctively thought that Jiang Yi was together with Qing Ling as he chased to the west.

Swish! Swish!

The tree branch had already flown tens of millions of kilometers; it was still continuing to fly at a maddening pace. Spatial zone turbulence appeared in the sky far away as that tree branch actually automatically changed course, spun around in an arc, and continued on its course.

Jiang Yi could not even open his eyes due to the speed the tree branch was going; he could only cling on with his dear life and not care about anything else. Even if the tree branch brought him along and slammed into a domain, he wouldn't care less.

Five minutes, ten minutes, one hour… two hours!

Jiang Yi wasn't even sure how long they had traveled when the tree branch finally slowed, and the glow on it dimmed. The tree branch finally cracked violently as Jiang Yi was flung furiously into the sky.


Seeing the dark spatial zone around him and feeling a sense of peace and quiet all about him, Jiang Yi breathed out heavily.

He had flown from the Flying Feather Command to the Nine Yang Valley and then to the spatial zone, only to use a Divine Escape Talisman to head to Azure Supreme Thearch Peak. He had slaughtered his way up Azure Supreme Thearch Peak and had then been taken away by Qing Ling. Now, he was finally back to the spatial zone.

He was a little adrift as he couldn't distinguish between a dream and reality at the moment. He was also apprehensive; had he really managed to escape?

However, thinking that to save him, Qing Ling was now being hunted by Azure Supreme Thearch; Jiang Yi shook his head as he pulled himself together. He released his mummy as he injected the Power of Heaven and Earth into it and ordered the mummy to keep flying north in a straight line.

The mummy was a puppet, the most powerful puppet in this world. As long as Jiang Yi gave him a command once, it would obey and carry it out without question. Jiang Yi did not need to bother with it further as he sat cross-legged on its shoulder and rested.

Flying within the spatial zone was very boring and agonizing. The spatial zone was very dark, and it was so quiet that made one feel lonely. The pressurizing feeling from the surroundings could make one go crazy as well. Furthermore, as Jiang Yi was now mentally very dejected and down, he was on the verge of a meltdown.

After a full hour, Jiang Yi finally came to it. Fortunately, he was sitting on the mummy's shoulder and didn't need to fly on his own. He managed to have the time to rest and recover.

He dispelled all stray and wild thoughts in his mind as he entered the State of the Union of Heaven and Man and started to cultivate the mystical ability that Qing Ling had imparted to him.

Qing Ling had given him a way out; he only had this option left now. If he didn't enter the Heaven Demon Domain—even if he escaped to the ends of the world, Azure Supreme Thearch would still be able to find him and kill him!

According to Qing Ling, Heaven Demon Domain was the demon race's homeworld; it was a very special place. Not a single human knew about the existence of this domain. If Jiang Yi entered the Heaven Demon Domain, Azure Supreme Thearch would definitely not be able to find him.

Since it was the demon race's home—as a human, Jiang Yi would immediately be captured, accused of being a spy, and killed on the spot. Hence, Jiang Yi had to cultivate this mystical ability before he reached Poison Devil Wasteland.

As for…

"Soul Mirage Art!"

As he held onto the Divine Tree leaf, Jiang Yi's brain worked furiously. He soon managed to run through the mystical ability many times in his brain. He confirmed that this mystical ability was an illusion art that could change his appearance and aura.

He was a little stunned. Jiang Yi actually had a similar mystical ability that had saved his life many times long ago. However, as his enemies steadily grew stronger, that mystical ability had lost its usefulness. That mystical ability was called the Mirage Divine Ability and also could change his aura and appearance.

Jiang Yi was unsure: was this just an illusion art? How could he cultivate a demonic aura from it? If it was just an illusion art and he encountered powerful demon race beings in the Heaven Demon Domain, wouldn't he be exposed easily?

"I can't care about so much; I'll cultivate first and see. I only have half a day; also, who knew if something might go wrong along the way?"

Jiang Yi dispelled the stray thoughts in his mind. The Divine Tree wouldn't harm him; it certainly wouldn't lie to him. Cultivating this mystical ability would definitely be beneficial to him.

He was rather lucky. With the Divine Tree leaf, his realization speed was very fast. Furthermore, this Soul Mirage Art was a little similar to the Mirage Divine Ability. Of course, this Soul Mirage Art was much stronger than the Mirage Divine Ability; it was also a thousand—ten thousand folds more complicated.

As Jiang Yi had a deep understanding of the Mirage Divine Ability, he easily broke through the Entry Stage of the Soul Mirage Art. He was confident to reach the Phenomenal Stage of this mystical ability in half a day.

Qing Ling had not been exaggerating. After chasing for many hours, Azure Supreme Thearch still had not caught up with her. Every time Azure Supreme Thearch was getting close, Qing Ling would release the mystical ability that had allowed her to send Jiang Yi away. A tree branch would appear, and she would be sped away, easily leaving the Azure Supreme Thearch far behind.

"Wood-elemental origins?"

Azure Supreme Thearch wasn't surprised, actually. He was very familiar with this mystical ability of Qing Ling's. This was but limited wood-elemental origins that Qing Ling had cultivated for a long time. After using it, her strength and speed would soar.

However, Azure Supreme Thearch was very clear that Qing Ling only had a very small amount of these wood-elemental origins; even if Qing Ling had cultivated for a few thousand years, she couldn't have acc.u.mulated much of it. Once she exhausted all of them, where could she flee to?

Jiang Yi wasn't with Qing Ling. Azure Supreme Thearch had a sliver of suspicion: could Qing Ling have hid Jiang Yi? Or placed him in a spatial divine item? However, after chasing for so long, how could Azure Supreme Thearch give up? He could only continue to instant-shift and pursue Qing Ling.

In the Poison Devil Wasteland, Heavenly King Wei and Heavenly King Yun were still stalling Dao Nù and Dao Leng while Dao Nu had actually left the ancient site he had gone to. As enough time had gone by and thinking that Dao Nù must have succeeded, Dao Nu was anxious to find out what had happened.


After leaving the ancient site, Dao Nu's jade talisman kept on shining. He glanced at it as his face turned extremely pale. In his fury, he cleaved a mountain peak in front of him into two.

Since Qing Ling had helped Jiang Yi escape from Azure Supreme Thearch City, a full ten to twelve hours had gone by. What had happened in Azure Supreme Thearch City had spread like wildfire in the entire Heaven Primordial Domain.

That such a huge thing had happened; after things had settled down, those spies naturally and immediately used all ways and means to report back to their clans. This news soon spread like snowflakes throughout the Heaven Primordial Domain.

The entire domain was shocked to its core!

The Teleportation Formation from Nine Yang City to Earth Domain had been activated; this news spread to the Chaos Sea and then to the Earth Domain; the Earth Domain was shaken as well!

Even Green Eagle King had been alerted. After he had gone out of seclusion, he had taken a look at the reports. After confirming the information over and over again, he looked up into the skies, sighed, and said, "This lad from that time; he had actually cleansed the Azure Supreme Thearch City with blood? Have times really changed? That I, as the number-one person in the Earth Domain, don't even dare to head to the Heaven Domain?

"It seems like this title needs to be passed on to this lad. Regardless of his battle strength, all the things that he had done make him worthy of the title. Jiang Yi, if you can survive this, I will betroth my daughter to you!"

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