Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 1198 - Victory

Chapter 1198 - Victory

"EX Purities Slash."

"No!" The Supreme Beast widened his eyes because all he could see was Alex's splitting the concentrated energy bomb in an instant as he struck his body with all the energy on his sword.

"This is the end… The grudge of five thousand years ends here." Alex shouted and cut the body into two as the residual energy traveled past the Supreme Beast.

That power was so strong that everything was cut into two, including an Upper World that stood in its way before stopping due to a Divine World. Even so, it managed to cut a third of a Divine World.

In other words, Alex just set another record in this world as he was the first person who managed to cut one Upper World and a third Divine World right after that. If they compared the size alone, Alex would have cut two Upper Worlds or a hundred Lower Worlds in that one strike. It just showed how powerful the residual power was.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Beast still couldn't believe that he was the one losing. He glared at Alex, unwilling to die.

However, Alex only gazed at him coldly before using his fire to burn him.

"You're strong… Orthus." Alex called his name for the first time instead of using "Beast" like how he used it during the entire fight.

It was at this time, the Supreme Beast gradually closed his eyes. There was a trace of remorse, unwillingness, and many things, but the Supreme Beast still left one piece of advice to him. "There are many universes out there and there is a chance they will come here."

Alex shook his head. "Let them come. I am the one who is going to repel them. But this time… I won't remember their name."

The Supreme Beast smiled. At the very least, there was one person who would still remember his name after he died. "This was a good fight. I don't regr—"

Before he finished, the Supreme Beast's body had vanished after being burned by Alex's Sun God Fire.

Seeing everything had finished, all the adrenaline that kept him going this whole time finally disappeared as he lost his grip and wanted to pass out.

But Eve quickly used the energy from the sword to move to Alex's back, supporting him.

"Thanks, Eve. Elle and Elliot too. Without your help, I won't be able to beat the beast." Alex smiled.

"It's our pleasure, Master." The three Weapon Spirits replied at the same time.

[Master! Don't die.]

Rose suddenly gave him a message as if he was too exhausted to the point he would die.

"Why do you want your Master to die?" Alex sighed with a smile.

[No, no. You need to give a bit of your inheritance to me first.]

"You little girl, it seems you want a spanking? No, I will think of a better way to punish you… From Jeanne of course."

[Ehm, Master. Someone just hacked the system and said everything.]

"You're not getting away. I will do it after I return. Prepare yourself."


"No use to run away. You won't be able to escape from me. I can also mobilize the N Squad." Alex chuckled since Rose's joke calmed his heart down.

[This… I have told Big Sister about your victory… Can you just forgive me for this?]

"I will consider it."

[No, no. Don't play word with your disciple here. Don't say you will consider it… You need to answer with yes or no.]

Alex only laughed it off before sensing their presence. He turned around and found Lin Xingzhi and all the God Kings came to him. Most of them had recovered from all the physical injuries, but they still looked worse.

They carefully entered the battlefield and saw how terrible it was. They could somehow imagine what kind of battle this place needed to endure.

So many worlds were destroyed. But the most important thing was the Upper World that was cut cleanly in one slash. All the God Kings immediately concluded that the only one who could create such a mark was none other than Alex. That was why they were even more shocked by Alex's strength.

Alex, on the other hand, sealed his strength to avoid the Universe Detection and looked at them with a serious expression.

He suddenly laughed evilly and shouted, "You all have finally come! This body is indeed very powerful. To think there is a human in this universe that can cultivate a body to this extent within one hundred years… I'm impressed."

Lin Xingzhi and the others were stunned and raised their weapons, thinking the Beast managed to get Alex's body. However, Alex couldn't hold his laughter anymore. "Hahaha. I always wanted to do that… Forgive me."

Lin Xingzhi and Anna suddenly appeared when Rose clarified that Alex was fine since nothing was hidden from the system. They both just hugged him tightly in tears, feeling relieved and angry at the same time.


"That joke is not funny."

"Ahaha, it's better than Rose's inheritance joke." Alex laughed.

Lin Xingzhi stopped and checked his internal energy to see if he was alright or not. Anna, on the other hand, signaled the Holy God to check his body since he had healing power.

"Are you alright?" Lin Xingzhi asked and had him swallow a healing pill that would recover all physical injuries.

"I'm fine… Just a bit exhausted. There are some internal injuries, but nothing will last forever. I will be fine after some rest." Alex nodded, assuring that he was fine.

"Still, we should ask Silvia about your condition just to be sure." Lin Xingzhi sighed.

"Yeah." Alex smiled. His heart felt tranquil since he knew all the God Kings managed to survive this ordeal.

"Ah, by the way, Marcus seems to want to search for the Goddess of Destiny after falling in love with her in this battle. And he is only going to do it a thousand years from now on." Lin Xingzhi added with a playful tone.

Marcus, the God of Wrath, shuddered and looked at Lin Xingzhi dumbfoundedly, never expecting her to open the matter up with Alex.

Alex smiled and nodded. "You should go right away, Marcus. You can find her first before anything else since it's the most important thing. Whether you want to bring her with you or not, it will be up to you. But no matter what, I believe it's good to find her first. That's my only advice since I'm also a reincarnated person."

"This…" Marcus looked down, feeling embarrassed. He suddenly bowed to Alex and clasped his hand politely. "Thank you, Master."

Alex then looked at the others and asked, "How are all of you?"

The first one who answered his question was Rubia. She quickly tried to get closer to him while saying, "Ahem, since we've won the battle, it's time for you to fulfill your side of the agreement."

"Agreement?" Lin Xingzhi tilted her head.

"My place is going to be his vassal state and I'm going to be his tenth wife." The Magic Goddess smirked, puffing her chest as if she was proud of this claim.

"Except the second one… I've never heard of it until now." Alex corrected her.

"Wait, wait! The second one is more important!" Rubia protested, but Alex only gave her a shrug. "Then, let's cancel it immediately since I've never agreed to it. What I said back then was, "I will consider it after the war," so I'm not obligated to accept you."

"Wait, wait! I'm going to correct myself here. The second one is not important!" Rubia tried to explain to Alex. "I will just become a maid in your place."

"And your real intention?" Alex rolled his eyes.

"Everything can start by using a naked apron! Magical Maid with a naked apron… A perfect combination." Rubia nodded repeatedly.

"Okay, goodbye. See you in another few thousand years!" Alex sent her somewhere with his Teleportation Array.

"Wai—" And she was gone.

The others laughed. The next one who answered him was Alaya. "I'm good with my retirement. Just going to live my life to the fullest on your planet."

"That's fine by me. It's not like you're going to cause a problem anyway." Alex agreed without hesitation.

Jeanne sighed while looking at the aftermath. "Haiz… If only I can torture one God King, I would be settled for the rest of my life…"

"By the way, I want to ask you to punish Rose for me. Of course, my style, not your style." Alex smirked.

"Really?" Jeanne's eyes brightened.


There was a huge rejection from Rose, but both of them ignored it.

Leoz only nodded his head since his life was Alex's, so he didn't need to say anything.

Meanwhile, Alex used this chance to tease the God of Destruction. "I haven't managed to fulfill our agreement. How about we have a spar now?"

"Are you planning to bully me?" Raiju's expression was twisted as he wanted to beat Alex, but knew it was impossible. He only sighed, "Anyway, I just want to thank you for letting me know there is a sky beyond the sky. I think I have found my new destination… I want to reach the next level with my own power and go to another universe."

"Well, I may do that in the future, so we may be able to meet again." Alex nodded. "But I'm just going to live with my family for as long as I want for the time being…"

"Then, then, I can be another family member!" Rinrin, the Song Goddess, suddenly interjected, pointing her finger at herself. "You have seen me naked so many times and we have even taken a bath together."

"That's when you were in the orphanage. And I wasn't the same Spirit God." Alex shrugged.

"Wait, why are you all talking about his wives? It's obviously going to be my daughter… I'm demanding a marriage!" The Palm God pouted.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm planning to do that. Although it won't be as big as you expect…" Alex shrugged and added, "By the way, it will depend on Silvia whether to invite you or not."

"What?!" The Palm God widened his eyes in shock as if he didn't expect him to not invite him to the wedding.

Alex rolled his eyes and looked at the Holy God.

"I'm just going to go around this universe… The alliance happened because of me, so I would like to repent my sin by helping many people. Please don't stop me… I've decided…" The Holy God sighed with a small smile on his face.

"I'm not going to say anything. I will respect your decision. If you need help, just tell me." Alex nodded.

"Yeah." The Holy God nodded.

The God of Strength looked at Alex and asked, "How do you become this strong?"

"The secret?" Alex smirked, "Well, I will see whether I can disclose the way to reach this stage or not. I will inform you about it as thanks for your help."

"Well, I will be satisfied to know since I don't feel like I want to go to another universe to start all over again." The God of Strength sighed in defeat.

Meanwhile, the God of Greed looked at Alex and took out so many papers. "By the way, I have business proposals here. There are so many—"

Alex chuckled since he had heard about the God of Greed, who was a business maniac. He only said, "You can visit Eulja to talk with my Eulja's business manager. But I'm not planning to actively spread my influence, so you don't need to worry about me invading people. I can reach this stage because I have a constant challenge and I don't plan to rule this universe since the so-called challenges will disappear and the universe will only start declining from that point on."

"Still… This war has finally ended…" He then looked up and closed his eyes, wanting to settle everything in his mind. After five minutes, he smiled and opened his mouth. "Let's go home."

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