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Chapter 17: Incident at The Restauran

Chapter 17: Incident at The Restauran

17 Incident at The Restauran

After the waiter put their food on the table. They start eating. The food was good and with the current prices, he knows why many students eat in this restaurant.

"How is it?" Alicia asked about Alex's opinion.

"It's good, with the current pricing, I know why many students chose this place to eat."

"Right" Alicia smiled "Now we have finished eating, what should we do next?"

"Hmm... I think we already visited too many places these past weeks, should we went home and prepares for tomorrow?"

"How about we stroll a bit and go home after that, there's no need to visit any place, just walking on the street?"

He thought a bit and there's no problem with Alicia so he nodded.

"Exercise a bit after eating, so you don't get fat"

Suddenly, a dark aura appears from Alicia's body. She now looked like a demon.

"I'm not fat" She stated, refusing any other option

"I never said you are fa.." Alex tried to argued but Alicia just smiled at Alex. Many looking at Alicia smiled and mesmerized by her beautiful smile while Alex can only saw her smile was scary.

"I...I..." Alex scared. But suddenly there's a young man approached them

" isn't this princess Alicia." The young man said.

Alex just looked at the young man. The young man just looks like your typical noble and rather handsome.

"You are?" Alicia looked at the young man.

"I'm Nito Pondria. The second son of marquis Pondria. Please, nice to meet you, princess Alicia." Nito introduced himself.

"Good day to you Mr. Nito Pondria" Alicia returned the greeting.

Nito sent a glare at Alex.

"May I know who this gentleman is?" Nito said while looking down at Alex

"This gentleman is Alexander Sirius" Alicia introduced Alex to Nito

"Sirius? I never know any family or house with the name Sirius"

Before Alicia speak, Alex interrupted

"Because I'm a commoner"

"A commoner? Based on your status, you don't have the right to sit with princess Alicia. Break one of your arm and scram now" After hearing Alex was a commoner, he looked Alex with disdain. He then looked at Alicia

"Princess Alicia with your status, why are you sitting with this lowly commoner?. Rather than sitting with him, how about you stroll around with me?"

Nito was jealous, envy, and hate Alex. Not only Alex can sit with Alicia, but he also received her smile. After looking at Alicia's smile, Nito was mesmerized by her smile.

Alicia was stunned with the development.

"You..." Before Alicia has a chance, Nito continued

"Guards, break this lowly commoner limbs and throw him away." Nito ordered his guard with contempt.

Looking at the guards who approached Alex to start attacking Alex, Alicia shout

"You, who do you think you are. Who I want to meet with, I want to eat with. It's not your concern. And this guards what do you think you are doing"

Nito surprised by Alicia's response. He jealous Alex and glared at him angrily wanting to kill him.

"Do it, don't just break his limbs. Take his lowly life" he shouts.

The guards who stopped after Alicia shout, hearing their owner order, they started attacking Alex once again.

"You... Stop" Alicia shout again

The guards didn't pay any heed now, with Nito's order they want to grabbed Alex and kill him outside.

"rank 1..." looking at the guards' strength, Alex shaking his head

Looking at the guards approaching him. Alex just snorted. He effortlessly evades the guards. Alex punched the two guards in front of him. After receiving Alex's punch, the guard was sent flying a few meters. Luckily there is no spectacle like tables, Alex too doesn't want to break anything in this shop.

Normally, nobles guard was a rank 1 or rank 2. While the captain usually rank 3 or rank 4. So these two rank 1 guards want to kill Alex who was a rank 3 then it was their doom.

Alex then glared at Nito,

"You...." Nito shocked by Alex's strength.

Alex says nothing and slowly approached him.

"Don't you know who I am" Nito shocked

"Yes yes, some marquis second son" Alex replied nonchalantly

"You.. who do you think you are... I'm Nito Pondria. My father is a marquis. You dare to hit Pondria's house guard. You better prepared, you lowly commoner"

"...." Alex ignored him. Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

"You...don't come.."

After Alex got in front of him. Alex slapped him.

"You... dare to hit me. You finished. You will die."

Alex wanted to hit him once more, but suddenly Alicia grabbed Alex's hand. Alex looked at Alicia, she shook her head.

"Let's go home" Alex nodded.

Looking at the couple who want to leave, Nito shout.

"You.. you can't leave. I will kill you now, you commoner life are on the hand of nobles. So your life in my hand. Get here now, kowtow to me, and I will leave your body intact"

Hearing this, Alicia frowned, many others on the scene to frowned. Not only commoner looking at Nito angrily but also nobles.

"You..., commoner life was on themself, not nobles. We nobles got the power to serve the kingdom and helping the commoner." Alicia shout angrily "And also Alexander was the guest of my father. Are Pondria house planning to challenge our Rizertia house"

"I...I... don't dare" but Nito once again pointed his hand at Alex "But he hit me, a lowly commoner hit me and what right this lowly commoner become the guest of your house!"

"once more you pointed your hand at him, I will take it as the challenge to my Rizertia house, and who do you think you are to questioning my father, the grand duke decision" then she looked at Alex "Alex, let's just go home"

After they left, many commoners look at Nito angrily. While noble looked at him with disdain.

The guards standing up and approach Nito to escape the scene.

"That lowly commoner... that lowly commoner, I will kill him" Nito roared.

While Alex and Alicia walking home. Their atmosphere was awkward.

"Alex... what he said wasn't the view of nobles of this kingdom. So..." Alicia tried to explain. Even when she explained to Alex, she still said the Acacia kingdom. This shows her pride and love for the Acacia kingdom. Other kingdoms can be seen bad, but her kingdom cannot.

"....." Alex only maintain his silent

"Alex..." She tugged his arm.

Alex just shakes his head "I don't really care about that princess. I'm only a commoner. Even if we see my nationality, then I am Zircodia kingdom commoner, not this kingdom."

Hearing what Alex said, her heart shattered. He first started to call her with 'princess' once again. And he said he is 'Zircodina's commoner'.

"Alex... Listen to me..." Alicia wanted to explain to Alex.

Alex shook his head. He recalled when he was summoned. The ministers and nobles present at the hall were admired him and the other as heroes, but when they looked at his weak strength and potential, they looked at him with disdain.

"I just remembered, without status and strength. The other will look at you with contempt."

Alicia and Alex recalled when the first time they meet. Alex shows his strength, saving them from the orcs. It's only a special Nobles like Rizertia that didn't mind about Alex as Commoner. But if others see Alex a commoner talk with Alicia who is a princess, they can only say 'Rude'

"Alex...Let me explain..."

Alicia still tried to explain to Alex, while Alex only maintaining his silent.

When they arrived home.

"Well, then Princess. I will excuse myself" Alex politely said to Alicia.

"Alex...." Looking at Alex's back becoming further and further away, she bites her lips. She went to report today incident to her father.



"Oh.. you are back my darling daughter. How is your date with Alex? Why are you like this" Seeing Alicia stressed grand duke asked.

She calms herself down and started to tell what happened at the restaurant and Alex start distancing himself

"This... what is marquis Pondria teaching his son! Damn!" The grand duke was angry.

Meanwhile at Alex's room,

Alex sat on the sofa in lotus pose, he then calms himself and starts focus. He started his qi training according to basic cultivation manual that he got from the system

After 4 hours of cultivation, there's a sound on the outside.

'knock knock'

"Sir Alexander, it's time for dinner" the maid outside said.

Alex stopped his cultivating a bit, he opened the door and saw the maids.

"Please tell the duke, I'm sorry, I still in the middle practicing. Please proceed without me"

Looking at Alex who apologized, the maids don't know what to do. But after Alex closed his door again, the maids have no choice but to report.

After Alex close the door, he sat on the sofa once again.

"System, you there?"

[Yes Host]

"If I'm going to the academy, then how can I get a ticket ?"

[Host can dismantle your items. There will be a chance for tickets will appear]

"... Why you never talk about this system?"

[System judged it wasn't the time yet Host. System wanted to inform Host about this after Host used more than 500 tickets]

"How many tickets I already used?"

[493 Tickets]

"...." he sigh

"I want to dismantle"

[Please choose your items to dismantle]

"Hmm.. what should I dismantle? I think I only need one manual each, so any manuals that more than 1, dismantle it."


[Ticket 12x]

"Then dismantle any tools that I have more than 5"


[Ticket 19x]

"Then dismantle water bottles. I don't think I will need that much"


[Ticket 1x]

"...., why only 1?! I dismantle 134 water bottles and only got one ticket?!" Alex snapped at system

[Water bottle was the lowest of the lowest items in the system, you can call it junk host. host already lucky to still get 1 ticket]


"But you are the one who give me that much!" Alex angry to system.

[Host, system is gacha system. it's your luck that matter, not system]


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