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Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Xiao Tangqiu lay inside the coffin; before him was the pitch-black coffin lid and under him was the cold, red wedding dress. Hearing the faint sound of footsteps outside the door, he was so nervous that he almost couldn’t breathe. His pounding heart felt as if it would jump out of his chest.

Even though he knew that someone had died in this coffin previously, that the red wedding dress had been worn by a dead person not too long ago, compared to the threat outside the door, this was nothing.

Would the person outside the door discover them? Would that person find him?

He had no doubt and even understood clearly, that his current actions were akin to burying his head in the sand, but at this life or death juncture, he could only take a risk.


The door was pushed open.

Xiao Tangqiu’s heart suddenly sank, but he still tried to hold his breath. He covered his mouth with his hand and didn’t dare to make a sound.

Because he was so afraid, he could even feel that his five senses were much more acute. He could hear Tang Mianmian’s chaotic breathing from the wardrobe not too far away. Although Tang Mianmian tried his best to restrain his breathing, he was still breathing rather heavily because of intense fear. It sounded especially loud in the empty and silent room.

…… They were finished!

Xiao Tangqiu’s mind blanked out; he could feel the footsteps walking towards the wardrobe. Those footsteps were neither fast nor slow, but each step was like a blade of death. There was no doubt that those footsteps were the footsteps of death.

Tang Mianmian, who was in the wardrobe, had obviously heard the footsteps as well. His breathing grew heavier and heavier, and there seemed to be the sound of rustling and trembling.

This idiot! Why the hell was he shaking at a time like this? Xiao Tangqiu was extremely anxious and found that he was trembling all over as well. His hands were cold and bloodless because of his nervousness. He instinctively groped around the coffin, looking for something to make use of.

However, there was nothing in this coffin except for the red wedding dress beneath him. He felt around the slightly stiff red wedding dress for a long time. Gradually, his hands seemed to be stained with some sort of warm liquid that smelled of rust.

It was the smell of fresh blood.

Xiao Tangqiu was frightened out of his wits, and quickly removed his hands. But he soon discovered that there was blood flowing out from the red wedding dress beneath him That warm viscous liquid gradually spread, filling up every inch of the coffin bit by bit, slowly submerging his calf, knee, half of the body……

Xiao Tangqiu was terrified; sooner or later, the blood would fill that entire coffin and drown him!

When the blood started to soak his face, he finally raised his hand to push the coffin lid, but something even more frightening occurred – the coffin lid wouldn’t budge move. He was trapped inside the coffin!

He felt deep despair as he imagined the scene of him being drowned alive in a bloody coffin. However, at that moment, something strange happened!

His eyes suddenly lit up. Someone had opened the coffin lid!

Before Xiao Tangqiu could even breathe a sigh of relief, he was immediately overwhelmed by pure terror. The person outside the coffin was Lu Dadong.

No, that wasn’t Lu Dadong anymore.

Although it was Lu Dadong’s body, Xiao Tangqiu could clearly see that it had the face of the Yun family’s Oldest Young Master, Yun Jizhou.

Yun Jizhou! Was he the ultimate BOSS?!

Xiao Tangqiu didn’t feel the joy he usually felt when he reached the grand finale of a horror game. His heart was filled only with sorrow and hopelessness. He was finished. He actually ran to the Big BOSS’ room&#k2026;&#k2026;. What was this? Getting a taste of his own medicine? Walking right into a trap?

Yun Jizhou stood beside the coffin, looking down at Xiao Tangqiu who laid inside the coffin. His eyes were pitch-black and deep, as heartless and cold as the abyss.

Xiao Tangqiu opened his mouth to say something but in the next second, he felt a stabbing pain in his chest!

He lowered his head slowly, only to find that Yun Jizhou had stabbed his hand into his chest and grasped that wildly-beating heart of his. With Yun Jizhou’s strength, all he had to do was use a little force to effortlessly crush his fragile heart.

It wasn’t until then that he discovered that he had somehow inexplicably put on the red wedding dress. The fresh blood sputtering out from his chest stained the wedding dress even more red, redder than the one worn by Fang Lan in her memory.

Was he going to die…….

Just like that?

Xiao Tangqiu raised his eyelids with difficulty and looked at Yun Jizhou who stood outside the coffin. It seemed that the BOSS didn’t want to let him die easily. He lowered his gaze, long eyelashes half falling as he stared deeply at Xiao Tangqiu, as though he intended to watch the life slowly fade out of him.

Due to excessive blood loss, the scene before Xiao Tangqiu started to turn fuzzy. He vaguely saw another person’s face through Yun Jizhou.

His lips moved faintly, and subconsciously he called out that person’s name, “……..Xinghe.”

“Meng Xinghe……”

This was probably the light that one sees before death……..

He actually saw Meng Xinghe…… his closest friend that had died seven years ago.

Was he really going to die?


…… Did you come to take me away?

Xiao Tangqiu slowly closed his eyes. Before he completely fell into darkness, he vaguely felt something hot against his lips…… It was as if something warm and soft was stuck to his lips.

It was like……

A kiss.

He drifted off in thought. Indeed, it was as expected of someone who had been single for more than 20 years; he actually thought the BOSS was beautiful. What’s more, he had even fantasized that he was being kissed by the BOSS……. It’s a pity, just a bit more, and he could’ve successfully transformed from a virgin to a wizard. But, the result was, he was just going to die like that. He was really unwilling ah.

“S-level hidden mission [???] Failure! Mission objective [???] Not completed! The time limit is [???] days, the player gets 0 points and there is no penalty.”

“Mission failure. Leaving the instance……..”

…… Was he hearing voices?

Why did he seem to have heard that annoying system’s voice?

“Mission failure. Leaving the instance……….”

That’s not it! It wasn’t an auditory hallucination! He had really heard the system’s voice!

Xiao Tangqiu grew excited at once. Was he still alive?!

Just as that thought crossed his mind, the cold and mechanical system’s voice suddenly felt very lovely and amiable to him.

He didn’t die!

“Congratulations to the player for getting the special skill card [Sexy Streamer’s Live Stream Channel]. Once the special skill card is bound, it cannot be exchanged. It will disappear after death. Does the player want to bind?”

The system’s voice rang out again.

Special skill card? What the hell was that? Xiao Tangqiu was full of doubts, but in the next second, he subconsciously he replied “yes”…… After all, this special skill card sounded quite powerful! He definitely had to bind the card!

Instantly, a black card appeared in his hand. He was just about to take a look at it when the card fused into his body.

“Binding successful!”

As soon as the system’s cold voice sounded, he found that a screen had suddenly appeared in front of him. It was semi-transparent like a projection screen. However, the interface on the screen was very familiar – “The live stream channel of streamer, Little Candy Ball!” What the fuck?! Wasn’t this his channel? The comments section on the side and the in-stream reward interface were exactly the same!

What shocked him even more was that the live stream had actually stopped at the scene of him in a red wedding dress, being hugged and kissed by Ultimate BOSS Yun Jizhou! ………..It turned out that the kiss wasn’t an illusion.

No! This wasn’t the point! The point was that…….. there was a barrage of comments across the live stream screen!

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! What’s this mutual love and murder between the streamer and the BOSS! It’s so adorable! My head is filled with ten thousand words! Heeheeheehee!”

Presenting a pen to Laoda! Also seeking for Laoda’s blog page! I’ll visit and give you a big reward! I’ll reward the streamer with 100 crosses too! The streamer is very cute! Jiumi, jiumi!”

“Am I the only one who ships the live streamer and his best friend? Two little shous embracing each other with love and affection is the cutest! Like two fluffy rabbits huddled together to keep warm! They’re too cute! “

“Instead of shipping two shous, you might as well ship white lilies! I support the streamer and the BOSS! Begging for the streamer to live stream being pressed down by the BOSS! I’ll reward the streamer with 200 holy water! ”


Cute? As if?!

Xiao Tangqiu felt like he was about to spurt blood out his nose. Although a lot the audience used to ship him and Tang Mianmian when they live streamed together, the problem was……. Couldn’t they see the hand that Yun Jizhou had stabbed into his chest?! He couldn’t bear such a bloody romance ah!

Wait, no, that wasn’t the point!

There seemed to be something wrong with the content of the rewards!

Why the hell was it all crosses, silver bullets, holy water, yellow talismans, black dog blood……. What the hell were these?

…… Wait! That wasn’t the point either!

The most important point was – what the hell was this live stream channel?

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