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Chapter 63.2

Chapter 63.2

Xiao Tangqiu’s heart lurched. Damn it! It’s too late to hide!

In that instant, the old lady suddenly rushed over, bursting with incredible speed and strength again. She charged in front of the monster and grabbed the monster’s throat!

The monster felt no pain but it was very angry, opening its jaws wide at the old lady, “Roar!”

The old lady picked up the knife that Shen Yuan tossed away at some point and lifted it to stab it into the monster’s mouth. Finding the place where Shen Yuan had knocked out its teeth, she plunged it in!

The monster screamed and it rolled on the ground in pain. The old lady did not let it off and followed to thrust the knife deeper!

The monster rolled all over in pain and, without noticing, rolled off the cliff. The old lady also couldn’t stop, maintaining her hold on the knife as she plunged over the cliff with the monster.

By the time Xiao Tangqiu reacted, the monster and the old lady had disappeared. He hurried to the cliff edge and couldn’t see anything. The hill wasn’t huge but it still had a certain height. Falling from this height…

Tang Mianmian sat down heavily on the ground, full of belated fear. “Fuck! My… my teeth hurt!”

Xiao Tangqiu, “…Is that the important part?!”

Tang Mianmian subconsciously covered his cheeks and muttered, “…This really reminds me of the painful experiences of visiting the dentist… Fuck… Thinking about it… my teeth and gums are aching again…”

Xiao Tangqiu, “Don’t say it, my teeth are also about to ache.”

The two of them looked down at the monster’s teeth on the ground. It really was “to be beaten until teeth scattered all over the ground”!

When he went to extract his teeth, the doctor gave him anesthesia! When Shen Yuan pulled out the monster’s teeth, it was pulled out with brute force!

Xiao Tangqiu looked at Shen Yuan with awe.

Shen Yuan looked full of regret, “I’m sorry Jiujiu, I didn’t save you…”

How would Xiao Tangqiu dare to complain about Shen Yuan? What if Shen Yuan got angry and wanted to extract his teeth! Alright, he knew that wouldn’t happen.

Xiao Tangqiu smiled at Shen Yuan, “How can I always rely on you to save me? I am not some female lead in an idol drama. You can’t always protect me.”

Shen Yuan pursed his lips and looked upset, “I can!”

Xiao Tangqiu sighed, “But I also want to work hard to become stronger to protect you in the future!”

Shen Yuan blinked, “Mm!”

Xue Junli nodded, “That is true. It should be due to the shard of demonic influence in his heart…”

“So the captain has successfully fused with the second shard?” Sai Lulu asked curiously.

“I don’t know,” Xue Junli shook his head. “But if it’s successful, he shouldn’t be in this state…”

Duan Hongzhen snorted, “He became stronger and also became retarded.”

Xue Junli glanced at Duan Hongzhen, “Aren’t you afraid that the captain will teach you a lesson after recovering his memory?”

Duan Hongzhen scratched his ears, “If the captain recovers his memory, the first person he’ll teach a lesson to is Xiao Tangqiu who has seen him act spoiled and stupid! It won’t be me!”

Xiao Tangqiu, “…”

Hey! Is it really okay to just say such things in such a bold manner? He was still there!

Tang Mianmian pressed his fingers together and weakly asked the bigwigs, “What should we do now?”

Xue Junli glanced at both Tang Mianmian and Xiao Tangqiu and said lightly, “Change your clothes first, then bandage any wounds. We’re going to find a way to mix into the Hundred Ghosts Town.”

Xiao Tangqiu paused. “Mix into Hundred Ghosts Town?”

Xue Junli nodded, “Yes, the Hundred Ghosts Town should be the plot location. We must find a way to mix in. Maybe the system had assigned us appropriate identities. If the system did not arrange it, we will find a few appropriate identities for ourselves. “

Xiao Tangqiu frowned, “This kind of small and backward village must be particularly xenophobic. If the system didn’t assign us any identities, we may not be able to mix in smoothly.” He did not think that the system assigned them identities, otherwise the old lady would not have called them “outsiders” and be full of hostility towards them.

Xue Junli obviously thought the same and he said, “If the civilized way does not work, then we can only rely on force.”

Duan Hongzhen raised the corner of his lips and took out a knife to play, “Even if they don’t open the door to let us in, can’t we kick the door in ourselves?”

Xiao Tangqiu, “…” This is such a simple and crude method!

“Then we all agree. Everyone clean up and prepare to enter the Hundred Ghosts Town.”

Needless to say, Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian were the two most messed up. Tang Mianmian had rolled through the quagmire and ran through the fire. He was so messed up he looked like a fleeing refugee. Xiao Tangqiu was covered in blood and his arms were covered with scratches and wounds.

After the two of them put on clean clothes, they were about to give each other medicine. But Shen Yuan squeezed over with a humph and had to be the one to give Xiao Tangqiu medicine. Xiao Tangqiu hesitated but Tang Mianmian was already scared away by Shen Yuan’s gaze and went aside to grievously self-medicate.

Shen Yuan frowned as he applied medicine on Xiao Tangqiu.

Xiao Tangqiu spoke awkwardly, “It’s actually not very painful …”

Shen Yuan snorted, “Liar.”

Xiao Tangqiu blinked, “It really doesn’t hurt.”

Shen Yuan puffed his cheeks, “I don’t believe it.”

Looking at Shen Yuan’s blowfish-like appearance, Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t help but reach out and poke.

Shen Yuan blinked, staring blankly at Xiao Tangqiu.

Xiao Tangqiu poked again, “Thank you for saving me just now. If you didn’t kill the monster, maybe we would’ve all suffered.”

Shen Yuan blushed and asked, “Generally this kind of life-saving grace, how do people repay the other?”

Xiao Tangqiu, “…”

Amazing! Not long ago, this guy was still like a baby, but now he has learned to want repayment! He’s learning bad things!

Tang Mianmian suddenly interrupted, “Great deeds cannot be repaid, there is only repaying with the body!”

This was the first time that Shen Yuan did not glare at Tang Mianmian for interjecting. Instead, he looked at Xiao Tangqiu with expectant and shining eyes.

Xiao Tangqiu spoke without missing a beat, “Great deeds cannot be repaid. One can only give back as a cow or horse in the next life… Then I will just be your cow or horse in my next life!”

Shen Yuan rolled his lips wanting to say something, but Xue Junli’s voice suddenly sounded, “Okay, it’s time to go.”

Thus Xiao Tangqiu also interrupted what Shen Yuan was about to say, “Okay! It’s more important to do priority things! Let’s go!”

With the special hemostatic agent, the place where he was scratched by the monster quickly recovered so when he changed into clean clothes, he was completely reborn.

“Resurrection with full health!” Tang Mianmian also jumped up.

Shen Yuan hummed but did not protest, obediently following behind Xiao Tangqiu.

Everyone sorted out the equipment and set off towards their destination.

They came to Hundred Ghosts Town under the moonlight. The villagers of Hundred Ghosts Town rose at sunrise and slept at sunset. Now they had fallen asleep and the gate of the village was closed.

But this time, they did not intend to sneak in. Xue Junli glanced at Duan Hongzhen, “Go knock.”

Duan Hongzhen huffed, “Don’t always order me around.”

Having said that, he stepped forward and hit the big wooden door with spikes on top.

This kind of door was not any real hindrance to the Reincarnation Team, they could just break through it with a big swing, but they did not do so.

Duan Hongzhen hit the wooden gate hard and the sound echoed throughout the village. Soon, one house lit up with candles and then another lit up with candles. After a while, all the houses in the village lit up.

Someone hurried out of a house with a torch. He stood by the wooden gate and looked at the Duan Hongzhen and others outside the door in surprise. Then another person came out. After a while, a small crowd had gathered by the wooden gate but they didn’t dare to open the door nor let the people outside leave. They just gathered together in twos and threes, whispering and discussing something nervously.

They didn’t even dare to be too close to the people outside the gate, standing at a distance. Their faces were half lit and half dark in the light of the torch, acting just like the mice in a cave, staring at the intruding strangers with gleaming dark eyes.

Their gaze was clearly full of vigilance and hostility. Xiao Tangqiu felt a little shook. Although he had already guessed that the more remote and closed the place, the more exclusive, especially in such a weird village with strange customs. But it was still disheartening to look at the villagers’ unsightly looks.

A moment later, an old lady walked out of the crowd. All villagers with unkindly looks respectfully made way for the old lady. Obviously, they had some levels of religious worship towards this old lady and she had a relatively high status in the village. Maybe she held some kind of elder position in the village.

But to call her an old lady was actually not accurate. This woman was only about 40 or 50 years old, only the age of a middle-aged woman in modern times. But her eyes were particularly old and wizened as if she has experienced the vicissitudes of life. Also, unlike the simple clothes of the other villagers, she was wearing a particularly gorgeous kimono.

But calling it gorgeous was also not very accurate. It was just that the kimono was embroidered with complicated and mysterious patterns.

With her weary eyes, she looked at the people outside the gate, her voice low as she asked, “Who are you?”

Xue Junli replied, “Just a few passers-by who came by coincidence. It’s already dark and traveling is difficult. Can you allow us to stay here for a night?”

The female elder stared at Xue Junli for a long time before answering slowly, “Please leave, Hundred Ghosts Town does not welcome outsiders.”

Naturally, Xue Junli wouldn’t be easily sent away by her. He frowned and pretended to be annoyed, “Now it’s so dark, this area is all barren wilderness and I don’t know if there are wild animals. After hearing the wolf howl, I was really worried about my life so I wanted to find a place to stay temporarily. We can guarantee that we are definitely not bad people. Can you reconsider? “

The elder woman repeated herself, “No need to think about it. Hundred Ghosts Town does not welcome outsiders, please leave.”

Her attitude was so determined and full of hostility that the villagers around her raised the tools in their arms, most of them being farming hoes.

Xiao Tangqiu didn’t expect them to encounter such a difficult character like the village elder. She didn’t accept either a soft or hard approach… Would they really need to force their way in?

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