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Chapter 13

Love Left or Right 13

Death or immortality, Xie Xi didn’t care since he would leave this world after completing the mission. If he disappeared and Sein Hall came back., it was better for this body to be dead. Sein was already cynical. Combined with such a strong power, this world…

Xie Xi soon felt he was thinking too much. This was a game, not a world. Once he left, the game was over. Would there be any follow-up?

Of course, the task demanded that he kill himself.

This time, he didn’t make Aix-en sleep and the silver-haired vampire finally finished his words. “Small Sein, you… used the summoning magic?”

Oh, it turned out this was the name of the forbidden technique.

Xie Xi replied, “Yes.”

Aix-en froze and his eyes moved to Greenton, who had lost his heart. “The person you love most is him…”

What was this situation?

Aix-en stared at him again, his handsome face in a frown. “If I remember correctly, the sacrifice is someone you love deeply.”

Xie Xi understood and wanted to say, ‘You are remembering incorrectly. The sacrifice is someone who loves me deeply.’ Then he stopped. Why explain it? Wouldn’t this misunderstanding irritate the vampire?

Xie Xi stared at his cousin with a sad expression.

This look was equivalent to an agreement. Aix-en looked like he was struck with lightning and killing intent overflowed from his eyes. “You approached me just for this forbidden technique?”

His brain patched things together so well that Xie Xi was saved the trouble.

“What else?” Gars looked up and stimulated his predecessor. “How could Young Master like a person like you?”

Aix-en turned sad and angry eyes towards Gars. “What are you?”

Gars bit his lips. “I am also a sacrifice. Young Master loves me.”

If the atmosphere wasn’t so serious, Xie Xi would think that they were schoolboys competing for his favour.

Aix-en was sharp as a knife. “Thus, you are a failure.”

The words caused Gars to blow up. “It failed because the other conditions weren’t enough, not because Young Master doesn’t love me!”

As the only person who knew the truth, Randy couldn’t listen to this any longer and revealed the truth. “The condition of the sacrifice is for them to love Young Master, not for Young Master to love them.” The young master only loved him. What were these people?

Gars was stunned.

Aix-en’s gloominess was swept away by these words and he looked eagerly at Xie Xi. “Is that right? Did I remember it wrong? I…” He stopped forward and took Xie Xi’s hand, his voice trembling. “My Small Sein, you only love me right?”

Xie Xi, “…”

The eyes of his old and new housekeeper pierced him.

Even if he was bent on dying, he didn’t want to die like a scum man! Oh, it wasn’t his fault. He wasn’t a scum man.”

“This is also good.” Aix-en was pitiful. He was obviously still skeptical but he deceived himself. “We can be together forever…”

Xie Xi could only grit his teeth and become a scum man. “I don’t love you. Initially, I was afraid you would kill me and then I used you.” It was finally said.

Aix-en’s red eyes widened and his handsome face looked incredulous.

The originally disturbed Gars was thrilled when he heard these words and stared at Xie Xi in a devout manner. “Young Master, you have been wronged. I will deal with this evil thing and stop him from pestering you.”

Xie Xi was afraid of losing a ‘general’ and opened his mouth. “You are no different from him.” After he spoke, he wanted to stab himself. People shouldn’t say these things!

Gars’ long eyelashes trembled and his voice was a bit dry. “I, I have become a vampire but I am still your Gars…”

Xie Xi had to annihilate his only hope. “Gars, I used you too because I needed a sacrifice.”

Gars’ face instantly lost all colour, becoming paler than a blank piece of paper. “Y-Young Master, don’t joke…” His eyes were wide and the red colour seemed like it was bleeding.

Xie Xi didn’t love them but he couldn’t help feeling some heartache when he saw their broken expressions. This was human nature. He couldn’t bear treating people so cruelly, even if they were a stranger.

The housekeeper Randy was older and not as overwhelmed as Gars. He didn’t say anything or ask anything. Now that he ‘eliminated’ two people, it was clear that Randy was the only winner.

Xie Xi couldn’t let him go. Aix-en and Gars were hovering on the edge of blackening. What if Randy protected him from them?

His idea was to have the three people work together to kill him. Perhaps it would fail if there was one less person?

Being half-dead was too much of a torment. Xie Xi wasn’t interested in tasting it again.

He hurriedly said, “I’m not kidding. I don’t love you.”

Gars screamed, “Do you love Randy?”

Xie Xi had been waiting for this. He perfectly acted the role of a scum man. “He is nothing but a servant. What qualifications does he have to gain my love?”

The silent Randy suddenly looked up.

Xie Xie Xi’s expression didn’t change and he even spoke with some arrogance, “A monster who isn’t a ghost and a servant of low status, how can I love you?”

Was it almost there? Xie Xi prayed, ‘Please be sure to attack me at the same time, killing me together.’

The first one to blacken was Gars. His face was gloomy and his pale lips bloodless. His whole body was like a tightly wound string, filled with despair and pain. “You have been lying to me.”

The real Sein Hall would probably trick him but Xie Xi was bent on dying and adding oil to the flames. “What about it?”

Aix-en also couldn’t bear it. There was no affection in his eyes. It was replaced by bloodthirst and disdain. “Small Sein, I will forgive you if you go back with me to the earl’s house.” In other words, go back with him and become a prison of the house, never thinking about any forbidden techniques again.

Xie Xi scoffed. “Do I need your forgiveness?”

The housekeeper’s low voice came from the bottom of a deep cliff. “You aren’t Master Sein. Who are you?”

Xie Xi was inspired. This was a really good idea (trick).

His lips curved. Dressed in a tuxedo and under a black rose hat, the gorgeous boy smiled and his voice changed. “You discovered it.”

“Summoning magic…” Xie Xi’s eyes were dark as he stared at them. “Who do you think your Master Sein summoned?”

This was very different from Sein Hall’s temperament and it completely infuriated the three people. Their despair found a breakthrough point and they launched their deadliest attacks at him.

“You demon, bring him back!”

Xie Xi finally got what he wanted and died.

The timing was just right. They fought and at the end of the seventh day, Sein Hall’s life came to an end.

Xie Xi saw in the lower right corner: [Congratulations, the mission is complete.]

In an instant, his eyes darkened like he was being dragged away by something. He left Sein Hell’s body and left the world.

The Central Garden.

A man’s lips thinned as he leaned against a wide back chair, his slender legs crossed at the ankle and his sitting posture relaxed. The lines of his body were so good that even with this posture, he looked like a resting lion hiding his power with laziness.

He stared at the water curtain in front of him.

An image was fixed there.

It was a teenager in fine clothing. His back was straight and he had a very thin waist. The black rose and gorgeous lace became the most wonderful embellishments to his dark eyes, delicate face and cold and arrogant demeanor.

Jiang Xie leaned forward and smiled at this delicate face.

The water curtain flashed and the image disappeared. Then a line of words floated up.

[S-grade quasi-world ‘Love to the Left or Right’ has been cleared. The designer: X. The person who cleared the instance: Anonymous.]

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