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Chapter 2

Love Left or Right 2

Xie Xi made his choice and the penal disappeared. There were only a small number of words in the lower right corner of his field of view. [Mission Progress: the first day.] It might seem strange but he could adapt to it.

Xie Xi stopped thinking about it and became startled. At some point, the maid had come so close to him that the distance between them was one palm at most.

They were so close that Xie Xi found this delicate girl was actually a bit taller than him and her facial features were deeper than his first impression. In particular, the pair of blue eyes were like the waves of the deep sea.

Xie Xi opened his mouth, “You…”

He hadn’t managed to say anything when the maid moved back and bow, her appearance showing she wasn’t offended.

“Gars, go down first. Leave the young master to me.” An elegant voice was heard and Xie Xi turned to look.

In front of the dark brown double doors, there was a man in a dark black tuxedo with a bow tie at the neckline and white gloves. He was tall and his facial features were handsome. HIs hair was meticulously combed back. His temperament complemented the surroundings, perfectly embodying a solemn noble.

The moment he saw Xie Xi, he bent over in a respectful bow. “Young Master, good morning.”

Xie Xi nodded. He was very uncomfortable as any modern person would be with this scene.

The maid called Gars didn’t say anything and just looked up at Xie Xi. Xie Xi smiled politely at her and Gars’ eyes suddenly lit up. The joy in them was slightly exaggerated, as if he had given her a promise.

The beautiful girl smiled sweetly and bowed. “Young Master, Gars will go down first.”

Xie Xi felt that something was wrong but he couldn’t understand because he knew too little about the current situation.

The man in the tuxedo should be the housekeeper of this place. He led Xie Xi to a shoe bench and bent down. “Young Master, you have an equestrian class this morning and Young Master Greenton plans to visit in the afternoon. Should I arrange a dinner party?”

“Okay, okay.” Xie Xi listened with a stunned expression as the other person naturally took off his shoes, making him feel more awkward.

The housekeeper seemed to perceive something and he looked up, his handsome eyes gentle. “Young Master, you need to wear riding boots for the equestrian class.”

Then he took Xie Xi’s feet and carefully changed the boots for him. His attitude was too serious and careful, as if he was holding a luxurious treasure.

Xie Xi, “…” He always felt weird.

However, his presence in the game was already the strangest thing. The other things didn’t seem so strange.

Besides, the past European society was strict about hierarchy. A noble’s food, clothing, shelter and transportation were indeed taken care of from beginning to end. His specific identity wasn’t clear but based on the luxurious bedroom and complicated clothing, he was undoubtedly a noble.

He didn’t say anything because if he revealed himself, he might be treated as a demon and burned to death. Xie Xi only wanted to live smoothly for seven days.

The housekeeper changed the shoes and got up. “Young Master should move to the dining room. Breakfast is ready.”

Xie Xi nodded.

The housekeeper looked at him and suddenly asked, “Didn’t you sleep well last night?”

His voice was so low that there was a magnetic tremor in his chest. He omitted honorifics but his words were still respectful. Still, there were mo intimacy than reverence in his words.

Xie Xi, “…”

The housekeeper was still watching him tenderly.

Xie Xi struggled before opening his mouth, “I’m a bit tired.” He tried to make his voice normal but his body was strange. The harder he tried to be normal, the more abnormal he sounded. These simple words were a bit… frail? Xie Xi was frightened by himself!

The housekeeper’s eyes became darker and he immediately said, “I will cancel the morning equestrian class.”

Xie Xi blinked and the housekeeper stared at him with eyes like the clear blue sky. “Young Master, please don’t force yourself. Your body is the most important thing.”

In fact, Xie Xi didn’t want to go to the equestrian class. He didn’t know how to ride horses and was afraid of revealing himself. In addition, riding was a dangerous activity. What if he fell down and died? It was right to be careful if he wanted to live for seven days.

Xie Xi ended up agreeing.

The housekeeper also asked, “The afternoon’s appointment with Young Master Greenton…”

Xie Xi didn’t want to see too many people. He looked at the housekeeper and asked, “Would it be impolite to cancel it?”

The housekeeper paused and when he opened his mouth, an undetectable heat filled his voice. “You are unwell. I’m sure that Master Greenton will understand.”

Xie Xi smiled at him. “Then…” He didn’t know the name of the housekeeper. There was a prompt in the lower right corner and he finished his words. “Make the arrangements, Randy.”

The housekeeper bowed and his voice was filled with heartfelt reverence. “It is my luck to be able to solve Young Master’s worries.”

Xie Xi was very uncomfortable and always felt that something wasn’t right. He had played hundreds of games and was very experienced. The calmer things were, the more traps there were.

The situation right now was too stable. The magnificent castle, the golden master, the loyal and trustworthy housekeeper… If all of this was true, there would be no problem living for 70 days, let alone 7.

Could a game mission be so simple? Impossible.

If it was so simple then what was the meaning of the game? Moreover, it was the bizarre game where he crossed into another world.

So much trouble just to let him experience the life of an aristocrat in old Europe?

No way, Xie Xi wouldn’t take it lightly.

He didn’t have to go to equestrian class so Randy waited for Xie Xi to change his clothes. Xie Xi looked at himself surrounded by lace in the mirror and was speechless.

Randy sincerely praised him. “Young Master, your beauty is unmatched in the empire.”

Xie Xi, “…” What was the use of good looks? Could he live for seven days?”

“Your subordinate has made a slip of the tongue.’ Randy thought that Xie Xi was angry with him.

Xie Xi shook his head and said, “It is nothing.”

Randy’s eyes were very gentle and his movements became more mild.

After breakfast, Xie Xi read a book in the study and learnt the general background.

If this was really a game then the designer was meticulous. The castle was designed with great care and countless details were just right. The portraits weren’t ordinary, let alone these antique-grade utensils. Everything was ingenious and looked extraordinary.

Xie Xi was even more amazed by the library-like study. All the books were real and filled with dense words, as if this world really existed. The study contained ancient books that gathered the wisdom of countless people.

Xie Xi had a general understanding of his situation.

His name was Sein Hall and he was the son of a duke, a noble above other nobles. It was a pity that he didn’t live in the duke’s residence, instead living alone in a castle on the outskirts of the city. The reason seemed related to the duchess. This wasn’t recorded in the book and Xie Xi could only continue to read the other books.

The background of this was old Europe. It seemed to be Victorian but many details were different.

Xie Xi was distracted by a stack of old newspapers. There was shocking news. There was a vampire infestation and youths were dying on the streets.

Vampires? Xie Xi grabbed the newspaper and read it in detail.

It came with photos of the youth’s death. He was wearing a dark outfit but his body was completely bloodless, like snow in winter. His eyes were wide open and the sky blue eyes had long lost focus. They were hollow like the deep sea, spreading death and despair.

Xie Xi stared for a while, sure that his memory wasn’t wrong. The dead person looked a lot like his maid called Gars.

Of course, the person who died was male and his maid was a woman. Was there a blood relationship between them? A brother and sister were still brothers and sisters.

Xie Xi temporarily suppressed his doubts and kept reading the newspaper. He was very concerned about this ‘vampire’. He wasn’t sure if it was a vampire but it was definitely a murderer. The deceased person’s closest relative was here. Was this a hidden crisis?

The so-called survive for seven days mission already hinted that danger would appear in these seven days. Being able to avoid this danger in advance must be the key to completing the mission.

Xie Xi’s thinking was correct but unfortunately, the designer of the game, Mr. Jiang’s brain circuits were very abnormal.

There were many ‘vampire’ murders in the newspapers and Xie Xi couldn’t tell if the dead had anything to do with him. He could be sure that this ‘vampire’ was definitely a dangerous person.

The day passed calmly. At noon, Gars brought him fruit and Xie Xi stared at her. He was quite sure that she was very similar to the dead boy. Gars seemed to be aware of his gaze as she lightly smiled and her footsteps became lighter.

Xie Xie Xi stood still, wondering how to find a chance to talk to her.

It was a pity that the housekeeper Randy stuck to him and didn’t give him an opportunity to act alone. It wasn’t urgent so… Xie Xi could only wait for an opportunity.

Dinner was surprisingly rich and it took a full 1.5 hours from the first dish to the final one. Xie Xi was tired of eating.

Fortunately, it was time to sleep after dinner. Xie Xi put on silky pyjamas with Randy’s help and lay on the large and soft four-corner bed.

Randy bowed to him. “Master, good night.”

Xie Xi lay on the pillow. “Good night.”

Randy’s eyebrows that weren’t concealed by the candlestick were very gentle. “If there is something then call me. I am right next door.”

Xie Xi nodded and watched him turn to leave.

The room was dark and silent but Xie Xi was used to playing alone. He wasn’t afraid of the darkness or the silence. He stayed still for a while, trying to sneak out and meet Gars.

He had just moved when the heavy curtains on the windows opened and a slender man in a dark cloak appeared out of nowhere.

Xie Xi, “!”

The even more incredible thing was that the extinguished candlestick lit up and the dim light swayed in the darkness, like ghost fire in a graveyard.

Xie Xi clutched a corner of the bed and watched carefully…

It was unknown when but the man was standing by the bed. He had long silver hair and skin that was brighter than snow. His facial features were beautiful but his eyes were bright red, revealing a demonic colour.

Xie Xi felt his body become light as he was unexpectedly picked up in his quilt.

The silver-haired man’s voice was affectionate, the intonation slightly frivolous. “Small Sein, has my baby missed me?”

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