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Chapter 23

Fairytale Town 7

Xie Xi had never trusted Zhong Jin.

On Central World, Zhong Jin had shown too much enthusiasm. Although Xie Xi was young, he had seen many types of people and had extra vigilance towards strangers.

To Zhong Jin, he was just a newcomer who didn’t understand anything. The information of the person who cleared the S-grade world was unknown. It was impossible for Zhong Jin to know it, so what was his purpose in approaching Xie Xi?

Now it was certain that he deliberately led Xie Xi to this D-grade world.

Xie Xi had thought there was a problem with this D-grade world but he had no choice. It was likely that X’s next world was filled with even more traps. This was only a D-grade world and he brought a bunch of items that newcomers couldn’t afford. Zhong Jin might be untrustworthy but it was definitely safer than that damn Lost Atlantis.

In order to get rid of the X-designed game, Xie Xi worked very hard.

In a way, Jiang Xie seemed to be worse than Zhong Jin in Xie Xi’s heart since the -173 must be respected. Oh, it was already -175. After all, Xie Xi thought about X once again.

Zhong Jin’s face sank and he was holding a short blade that flashed blue.

Song Qi was shocked. “What are you doing?” He was trying to buy time.

How could Xie Xi not understand? He was always on guard and the moment he saw Zhong Jin’s malevolence, he used the character freeze while Zhong Jin was off guard.

Song Qi exclaimed, “Fuck, I was scared to death!”

Xie Xi didn’t say anything and just took Zhong Jin’s weapon. This short blade didn’t look special. In the eyes of modern people, a hot weapon might be better than a cold weapon. However, Central World couldn’t be judged using conventional science. The short blade wasn’t necessarily weaker than the gun.

Song Qi untied the hemp rope around his waist and tied Zhong Jin up. This was taken from the dungeon. After all, he was a collector and naturally had to scrape every place he went clean.

Song Qi said he didn’t want to be a collector but he actually had a collection fetish.

He was afraid of Zhong Jin waking up early so Xie Xi used the character fix on him twice to ensure they had plenty of time.

Song Qi’s movements were more skillful than expected and Zhong Jin was still frozen by the time he was done.

Xie Xi glanced at Zhong Jin before saying to Song Qi, “Let’s go.”

Song Qi was surprised. “You don’t want to ask anything?”

Xie Xi didn’t want to delay the time. “There is nothing to ask. We have less experience and asking him questions is too dangerous.”

He strode away and Song Qi had to catch up, blinking in a confused manner.

As they were walking, Xie Xi asked him, “Have you ever killed anyone?”

Song Qi immediately shook his head. “No!” What killing people? He was too scared to even kill a chicken!

Xie Xi replied, “Zhong Jin is different from us.”

Song Qi vaguely understood and he tensed up. “The reason for your caution…”

“We have to take advantage of this time to find Sun Yunren.”

It was meaningless to question Zhong Jin. He wouldn’t give them any clues about this game.

Moreover, they knew too little about Zhong Jin’s situation. Just now, they took advantage of when he wasn’t prepared to freeze his body. If they delayed until the time limit of the freeze was over, who knew what would happen?

As for killing Zhong Jin, Xie Xi wasn’t going to try it.

He was worried about the fatal injuries immunity.

A newcomer was able to buy a fatal injuries immunity uniform for 50 silver coins. How could the veteran Zhong Jin be unprepared? If he was unprepared, why was he willing to give away ‘one life’ as soon as he entered the game? Admittedly, it was a crafty escape plan but if he only had two lives, he wouldn’t be so casual.

Besides, Xie Xi and Song Qi had no fighting experience. It was obvious that Zhong Jin’s posture of holding the blade wasn’t normal. If they couldn’t kill him, they might be the ones killed instead!

Thus, the smartest move was to run quickly!

Song Qi asked while running, “What is going on? Didn’t he enter the game with you?”

“To be precise, he led me in.”

“Oh my god!” Song Qi remembered. “I was also pulled in by Liu Sheng!”

The two of them spoke about what they remembered.

Previously, Zhong Jin was called Liu Sheng and he also pulled Song Qi into this D-grade assembly mission. Song Qi had just broken up with a slag man and was angry. Then he met a sunny and handsome person and chatted with him. After a few words, they decided to do the task together.

They entered the game and spent a day in the forest. Song Qi was embarrassed by his task and didn’t team up with anyone. He sneaked around by himself and was unexpectedly caught and locked up.

Song Qi shivered. “An 80% death rate will reset the task… then out of the last batch of players, only Zhong Jin and I survived?” The name was confusing so they decided to call him Zhong Jin.

Xie Xi said, “He completed the main task and successfully left the world.” That’s how Zhong Jin entered the world again.

Song Qi couldn’t understand. “Why did he return to this world? What’s the point of repeating D-grade tasks?” The Central World’s rules were clearly written. Repeating tasks in the same world would lead to a decline in rewards. In a low-level world where the rewards were weak, there would be no rewards after clearing it two or three times.

Song Qi thought about it. “Is it to clear the world?” Clearing the world required completing the core main task and side tasks. Some players would enter the same world in order to get the special reward from clearing a world, gaining new tasks in the hope of reaching the conditions to clear the instance.

Then Song Qi thought it was impossible. “It is just a D-grade world. The instance clearance reward isn’t comparable to the general reward of a C-grade world. Isn’t it a waste of time?’ Zhong Jin’s strength was sufficient to challenge a C-grade world.

Xie Xi didn’t speak.

Song Qi asked again, “Why did he lead us into this world? Where are the others? Did he bring them in as well?”

“I’m afraid he has entered more than twice.”

If the person in the photo was Zhong Jin then he hadn’t entered the game only three days ago.

Even if Sun Yunren didn’t eat for three days, she wouldn’t have the current thin appearance.

Song Qi’s scalp was numb. “What the hell is he trying to do!” It was too strange! The town’s residents hunted the players and there were people like Zhong Jin with unknown intentions. What was going on in this world?

“It doesn’t matter what he wants to do.” Xie Xi stated, “As long as we clear this world, he can’t enter again.”

Song Qi heard this sentence and realized the meaning. “Brother Xi…”

“Let’s go and see Sun Yunren first.”

They returned to Aunty Sun’s residence and saw the girl standing alone in the yard.

She was immersed in a fantasy, praying for the person in her dream to come and pick her up.

Once Xie Xi appeared, her eyes brightened and her voice grew sweeter and softer. “Brother Bai Xia, I knew you wouldn’t leave Yunren behind.”

“I’m not Bai Xia.” Xie Xi stared at her. “You really can’t tell?”

Sun Yunren seemed to freeze and a panicked expression crossed her face. “You are… no, you aren’t Bai Xia. You just borrowed his body. I know, I know… I won’t admit it. As soon as you came, Bai Xia will become different…”

Sure enough.

Sun Yunren couldn’t distinguish between Xie Xiand Zhong Jin because they entered Bai Xia’s body and became Bai Xia.

In the eyes of the people of this world, there was no difference between the two Bai Xias. However, players weren’t confined to the world and they clearly understood.

Xie Xi told Sun Yunren, “I’m not the person you know. I’m someone else.”

Sun Yunren stared blankly.

Xie Xi’s voice was a lot lighter. “You can tell right?”

Tears fell from Sun Yunren’s eyes and the girl seemed on the verge of collapse. “Why… why… don’t you love me? You said you would marry me and take me away from this broken place…”

Xie Xi raised an eyebrow. Broken place?

He hadn’t spoken yet when a boy’s voice was heard. “Sister Yunren!”

Sun Yunren trembled and unleashed amazing strength and speed to grab the boy who suddenly appeared. “Xiao… Xiao Feng, don’t tell the mayor, don’t…”

The boy shook with anger. “You are with outsiders again. You are crazy!”

Sun Yunren’s mental state was unstable and she held the boy’s hand like she was a tree root.

Xie Xi told her, “You will hurt him like this.”

The boy immediately looked up.

The two people stared at each other with startled expressions.

The boy didn’t expect to see such a good-looking person and Xie Xi was surprised by the boy’s golden pupils.

The boy gritted his teeth. “A pretty boy like you is bullying Sister Yunren! The dragon god will punish you!”

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