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Chapter 25

Fairytale Town 9

Xie Xi ran so hard that he almost lost half his life.

The good thing was that Zhong Jin didn’t catch up. Xie Xi’s heart was drumming because the effect of the character freeze was too short. Zhong Jin was obviously much stronger than Xie Xi and he was familiar with this town. It would be easy for him to find Xie Xi.

Xie Xi had to clear the world before Zhong Jin found him!

He drank a bottle of physical medicine, endured the fishy taste and went to meet up with Song Qi.

He had mouthed something at Song Qi when they split up. Song Qi had a collector’s good eyesight and must’ve read it.


It was the place where they were previously held.

Xie Xi didn’t take a detour and went directly to the dungeon. He used the search mirror and quickly determined Song Qi’s location.

Fortunately, Zhong Jin didn’t carry the search mirror or they really couldn’t hide!

Song Qi saw him and had tears in his eyes. “Brother Xi!” He was scared to death and really thought he couldn’t see Xie Xi anymore.

Xie Xi gasped and said, “Go to the rear mountain!”

Song Qi was nervous. “Will Zhong Jin be waiting for us there?”

“No, he doesn’t know what our mission is.”

Fortunately, Xie Xi had previously lied and said his task was to collect Aunty Sun’s mace. According to normal logic, they would want to quickly escape the world and the only way to leave was to complete the task. The biggest chance for Zhong Jin was to go to Aunty Sun’s house to block them.

Song Qi remembered. “Yes, the task rating of the rear mountain is very high and the probability of gaining it is low. He shouldn’t think they would go to the rear mountain.”

The two of them set up.

Xie Xi’s forehead was covered with sweat and Song Qi took out a physical potion to give to him.

Xie Xi shook his head. “I drank a bottle before we came.” The potion was effective for a certain amount of time. If used frequently within an hour, the effect would be greatly reduced. This type of low-grade potion would directly lose its effect.

Song Qi had no choice. “When we leave this world, we must quickly improve our strength.”

Xie Xi wiped the sweat on his forehead. “This is my second task.”

He needed to clear at least three worlds to open the talent system.

Song Qi comforted him, “It’s okay. Next time, refresh a F-grade world and it will be easy to finish.”

Xie Xi didn’t hope for this. He only hoped that the next game wasn’t designed by X!

Xie Xi was a bit tired and didn’t want to say anything, but there was a question in his heart.

“Have you ever heard of summoning?” He had no one else to ask and could only ask Song Qi. It was trying everything in a desperate situation.

Song Qi was startled and exclaimed, “I know! This is my goal. I want a summoning skill in the future!”

Xie Xi didn’t expect him to actually know and asked, “Will the things summoned hurt the master?”

“Of course not! As long as it can be summoned, it will sign a contract and will be completely obedient to the orders of the caller.”

“It doesn’t matter how strong the thing summoned it?” Xie Xi asked.

Song Qi wondered, “How strong? Can you summon a holy beast?”

It wasn’t a holy beast but it was similar. A human was also a type of beast.

Xie Xi thought about it and asked, “Have you ever heard of summoning a human?”

“Oh my god!” Song Qi was stunned. “There are a few powerhouses on the ladder who are added to the summoning pool. Can you summon one of them?” Xie Xi had asked this in detail so Song Qi guessed that Xie Xi most likely had a summoning skill. After all, he cleared a S-grade world and got a special reward.

What the hell was the ladder? Xie Xi didn’t have time to ask as he grabbed the main point. “Will they be the ones summoned?”

“Certainly not. The big people are very busy. How can they be forced to respond to a summoning?”

“Is it just splitting the body?”

Song Qi thought for a moment. “It should be a puppet who inherited their power or something.”

Xie Xi sighed with relief. A puppet would be much easier to control.

Song Qi asked him seriously, “You can really summon the puppet of a powerhouse.”

“Yes, but the time is short.” Xie Xi didn’t need to hide it from him. “Still, it should be enough.” After all, the pervert who designed the S-grade world should be good at fighting!

Song Qi was excited. “Which bigshot is it?”

Xie Xi told him, “X.”

Song Qi was dumbfounded. “X… X?”

Xie Xi nodded.

“Ahhhhh!” Song Qi screamed. “I can actually see God X in my lifetime!”

“It’s just a puppet.”

Song Qi gulped. “I heard that his handsome looks are enough to break the sky. The only man whom God Yan can’t be compared to!”

Xie Xi didn’t know much. “Who is Xie Xi?”

“The first beauty in our central government!”

Xie Xi, “…”

“Well, you look good as well… but you are too young and haven’t opened yet.” Song Qi’s 0 soul was burning. “When will you summon God X to let my eyes feast?” (O=bottom/shou)

Xie Xi silently moved away from him.

Song Qi felt his thick dislike. “You are a straight man!”

Xie Xi didn’t know how straight he was but he couldn’t understand what everyone called good-looking. What looked good? Weren’t they all eyes, nose and a mouth? What was different?

They finally arrived at the rear mountain. Xie Xi had the search mirror and found the golden-eyed boy with no problems.

The boy froze after seeing Xie Xi unscathed.

Xie Xi told him, “I’m fine.”

“Of course you are fine!” The boy felt complicated. “You outsiders have two lives!”

Xie Xi wanted to speak when he saw the text prompt in the lower right corner.

[Congratulations, the side task: Trace Tornado has been completed.]

Xie Xi was startled. “Your name is Long Juanfeng?” (Long Juanfeng= Tornado)

The boy’s golden eyes were full of vigilance. “How do you know?”

Song Qi was also stunned and surprise showed on his face. “Oh my god, Tornado is a person!”

Xie Xi hadn’t expected it either…

He just thought this boy was special. One reason was this golden eyes and the other was that he wasn’t as thin as the residents. He felt this boy was the key and never expected the boy to be the important side task.

Speaking of which, Xie Xi remembered that Sun Yunren had called the boy Xiao Feng before.

Who would’ve thought that a person had such a name?

The boy frowned. “What the hell do you want?”

Xie Xi was always wary of Zhong Jin and couldn’t delay the time. He half crouched down and the boy looked up “Xiao Feng, I know that you hate outsiders and they have ruined your peaceful life. I can close the door so they no longer come here.”

The boy’s golden eyes shone as he spoke cautiously. “You’re not like them.” Outsiders might be able to come back from the dead but no outsider would suffer a fatal injury for the sake of a villager.

Xie Xi stared at him. “I need your help.”

The boy bit his lower lip. “The dragon god will punish you if you lie to me!”

Xie Xi’s heart hurt when he heard this sentence. The desperate child grasped such a fragile straw.

Xie Xi promised him. “I’m not lying to you.”

The boy asked, “What do you need from me?”

Xie Xi questioned him, “Do you know what the dragon heart is?”

The boy’s pupils shrank, his demeanor changed and his lower lip was bitten red.

Xie Xi watched him. “I need to collect the dragon heart.”

He thought the boy was refuse but the boy miraculously calmed down, revealing an expression that didn’t match his age. “Come with me.”

Xie Xi and Song Qi were both shocked. Their side task would lead to the main task? Wasn’t this too easy?

Then again, it was just a D-grade world and shouldn’t be too hard.

The boy walked in front and took them to the cave they hadn’t been able to enter.

The cave seemed unfathomable from the outside and once they walked in, it was much bigger than they thought.


Xie Xi and Song Qi covered their mouths and noses at the same time, unable to breathe due to the smell.

The rotten, stinky and indescribable smell made them want to vomit out their last meal.

The boy looked calm as he stared at the bloody pool containing a mutilated and broken arm. “…The dragon heart is down there.”

The two men were stunned.

The boy whispered, “Give the devil to the dragon god and the heart of the dragon god will illuminate the town.

This bloody pool contained the players who died here.

Song Qi couldn’t endure it anymore. He bent over and vomited.

Xie Xi wasn’t much better. He frowned and asked, “Dragon heart… down there?”

“Yes.” The boy didn’t change despite seeing so many dead people. His golden eyes stared at Xie Xi, “If you need it then go down and get it.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Song Qi, “…Oh!”

How should they get it? Who the hell could jump into a bloody pool like this to look for something?

Song Qi was pale as he stared at Xie Xi. “H-How…”

Xie Xi frowned and asked, “Are you sure that summoning won’t summon the person?”

The startled Song Qi: ???

Xie Xi sighed and used his only skill, summoning X’s body.

In the dim cave, a light flashed and a slender man appeared out of nowhere.

He wore a black coat in a very simple style. The rolled cuffs and slightly open neckline gave a slight feeling of laziness. The light faded and the amazingly handsome features became more profound. The different coloured eyes made his terrible cave more frightening, as if he was the master of the abyss.

Song Qi was dazed as he stared at the person.

Ahhh, damn good! And… Bigshot, run quickly! Someone is trying to scam you!

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