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Chapter 7

Love Left or Right 7

Why was there another one? Wasn’t this game Love to the Left or Right? What did it mean by another person coming out?

There was a problem with the name!

We thank Xiao Xi for being a taciturn young woman who didn’t spit out his curses.

There were too many slots. Xie Xi thought he had sent away two big Buddhas only for a man in lady’s clothing to be hiding in the house.

According to this left or right rule, there wouldn’t be another one right? XIe Xi hurriedly shook off his thoughts, afraid he would be a prophet.

Previously, Gars had been very afraid of the housekeeper. He was always looking down and had a pleasing appearance. Now his true nature was exposed. Where was the cuteness and loveliness? The slightly drooping eyes were filled with something that had been suppressed for a long time. The obvious change was extreme.

He said, “Young Master, my love for you is no less than anyone else. Would you please allow me to serve you?”

Xie Xi’s lips thinned and he wondered—if he refused, would he die again? If he didn’t refuse, he was afraid that the housekeeper and vampire would come out and give him a triple kill.

Once upon a time, there were three good youths. The taciturn Xie Xi had to consider whether he should die from one person or at the hands of three people!

It was clear that the former was more appropriate. Xie Xi firmly believed that despite this game making him lose his conscience, he couldn’t move forward and back, as well as left and right!

Xie Xi opened his mouth. “Gars, you go.”

The teenager dressed in the black and white maid’s costume looked like he had been struck by thunder, his beautiful face pale. “You don’t need me even if Randy is gone?”

Xie Xi replied, “I’m sorry.”

Very good, the scum man taught himself.

“Why?” The colour of Gars’ eyes gradually deepened. His face became whiter and his lips were lighter. “Randy can no longer stand in our way. Why not? Or… do you not love me? Due to my cowardice, have you given up on me?”

Sure enough, these two were also in love. Xie Xi’s slag male apology was very wise.

Xie Xi couldn’t leave him with too many thoughts but he didn’t dare say it was wrong. This scum man could only remain silent.

Gars’ attitude was becoming more and more abnormal. His grief and despair covered the blue sky like a dark cloud. His voice was empty, “You have given up on me.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Gars’ fists clenched and a blue vein bulged on his forehead.

Xie Xi glanced at him, thinking that he wasn’t far from death. His only choice was to try ‘options’ one by one so that he wouldn’t have to load the file.

“You gave up on me.” Gars repeated again. His expression was too miserable and his voice was sad, which was very infectious. If Xie Xi hadn’t experienced death so many times then he would’ve probably moved his hand to show compassion.

Gars smiled with self-deprecation and abandonment. He lost his soul. “You are right. I’m lowly, cowardly and not worthy of your love. You rescued me from the mire, gave me a new life and even promised me your divine love. However, I was too cowardly and too lowly, afraid of tarnishing your love. I kept hiding and running away…”

“I was the one who screwed everything up.” Gars stared at him, voice reaching the extreme. “I was the one who betrayed your heart and let you down.”

Xie Xi thought seriously, ‘This development, isn’t it leading to suicide?’

Poor Xie Xi’s brain circuits couldn’t keep up.

Gars weakly lowered his hands and his whole body seemed to have lost its spirit. He turned and left with staggering steps.

Xie Xi, “…”

The wooden door opened and closed again, leaving Xie Xi alone in front of the mirror. Gone? He really left?

No one died?

Xie Xi couldn’t believe it but he didn’t chase after the person. What if Gars asked him, “Why are you chasing me? Are you remorseful and actually still need me?”

How would he answer. Did he want to say, “No, I just want to see if you went to a different location to kill yourself.’

Endure! Xie Xi told himself in front of the mirror.

Nothing happened, nothing happened, Gars really went away.

Xie Xi’s intuition told him that it definitely wasn’t this simple but he couldn’t help thinking ‘naively’, ‘Perhaps this isn’t crazy and is just a small test. After all, the name of the game is to the left or right. There shouldn’t be a third ship, right?’

Xie Xi changed clothes, climbed into bed and waited half an hour.

Nothing happened. No one showed up and he didn’t die either. Had he broken through this small checkpoint?

Xie Xi slept and when he woke up, his task progress was halfway way. If this continued, he could complete the mission as expected?

Xie Xi sighed and went to face the new day.

There was no news about the housekeeper coming back, which was the best news for Xie Xi. Gars also didn’t appear again and his life or death was unknown.

Xie Xi didn’t have the enemy to manage what happened to others. He only thought about how many days were left.

Randy wasn’t here and Gars didn’t show up either. In this huge mansion, there wasn’t a third person to help Xie Xi dress. Xie Xi looked at the cumbersome clothing and wondered why he had to go through so much trouble? Couldn’t he wear a simple t-shirt?

Forget it… He worked so hard to get to this point. Xie Xi didn’t want to attract any more moths.

He patiently dressed himself, spending a quarter of an hour before barely putting it on. He was lucky he noticed the steps that Randy took to dress him or he wouldn’t have been able to get the clothes on.

After dressing neatly, Xie Xi was a bit hungry. It used to be Randy who served him breakfast. Today, he had no one to wait on him and had to find food on his own.

The castle was large and the walls of the corridor were covered with portraits and animal remains. In this era, these decorations showed the status and great wealth of the family. However, it was gloomy and full of horror for the aesthetics of a modern person.

Xie Xi wasn’t afraid. Since his father disappeared, he had become used to the darkness. If he was afraid of ghosts then he wouldn’t be able to live.

He wasn’t afraid but a strange sensation filled his heart. Wasn’t there too much empty space for a big house? Only a housekeeper and maid were missing. Then why did it seem like everyone was gone?

Xie Xi kept walking. He arrived at the dining room to find it deserted. It was clean but not a single figure could be seen. He remembered that when Randy was here, there were still a lot of people. However, these people never looked up and there was no sense of existence.

Xie Xi waited a while and found that breakfast wasn’t coming. He had to get up and go to the kitchen. His black boots fell on the smooth ground, making clear sounds that made the whole space feel more dead.

Xie Xi was stunned when he entered the kitchen.

A room full of people.

A room full of dead people.

Xie Xi might not be afraid of ghosts but even he would feel nauseous when seeing this bloody scene.

What was going on here? He held back his nausea and looked around. There were approximately 40 or 50 people, all of their died. Their blood flowed to the ground and the entire kitchen was dyed red.

He looked carefully and realized who they were. They were the servants of this house—the maids, gardeners and coachmen.

It hadn’t been long since they were killed and thrown here.

Xie Xi, “…”

After closing the door, he took back his previous statement. This game wasn’t crazy, it was completely insane!

Who killed these people? Who else could it be besides Gars? Why had he killed them? Anger? Did he become berserk? Was it a momentary slip of the hand?

Xie Xi was a normal person. He really couldn’t fathom the brains of a psychopath!

He couldn’t eat breakfast after seeing all this. He walked out of the castle and breathed in the air of the garden.

There was a small pavilion for afternoon tea in the garden. Xie Xi arrived and saw small snacks that exuded heat.

What was this? Was Gars afraid he would starve to death?

Xie Xi really wasn’t hungry. He sat in the garden and wondered what would happen next.

No matter the reason for Gars killing the people in the mansion, Xie Xi was in danger at the moment. Last time Randy died and someone assassinated him. This time, Randy instructed him not to leave the house. Randy must’ve prepared some precautions. Now everyone was dead and there was no one to protect him.

What should he do? How could he survive the remaining days?

He was alone in this dead castle. Xie Xi wasn’t afraid of ghosts but he had to always be wary. This psychological state was really hard.

He was on guard all day and found that no one attacked him.

In any case, he survived until the evening again… Xie Xi licked his lips. Could he survive like this for the rest of the days? He shouldn’t be blindly optimistic.

At night, there was a fight outside. Xie Xi opened his eyes and quickly got out of bed.

A heavy object slammed against the door and a man asked fiercely, “Why are you protecting that demon?”

The beautiful young boy with red in his blue eyes whispered, “He is my master.”

“You are crazy. He is the one who turned you into this existence!”

“No, I volunteered.” Gars’ lips curved, his smile full of morbid attachment. “It was in order to gain this strength and become qualified to stand beside him.”

“Gars Delin, you are crazy!”

“I love him and just want to be with him.” Gars smiled but there was death in his eyes. “Can you not disturb us?”

The soft voice just fell when he pierced the masked man’s chest.

The masked man fell to the ground, blood seeping out into the dark carpet, forming an extremely bizarre tattoo.

Then Gars saw Xie Xi and the bloodthirsty eyes instead turned into a sad sky blue. His voice changed and he lost the crazy tone, sounding more like a discarded animal as he begged, “Young Master…”

Xie Xi, “…”

“…You see, I can do it. The things Randy can do, I can as well.” Gars fell to his knees, his hair covering his paranoid eyes, his voice pious and humble. “I have Aix-en’s power and Randy’s heart. Please let me stay by your side, even if it is only as your most loyal dog.”

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