Gamers of the Underworld

Chapter 302 - Because of This

Chapter 302: Because of This

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Samael charged into the gamers like a wolf in a herd of sheep. He swung his Pike wildly while he contemplated trapping the souls of the gamers before torturing them viciously.

He wanted to see them tortured and in pain. He wanted them to be like ants and give up their dignity before pleading for mercy.

Samael came up with millions of ways to torture them. First of all, he wanted to have a taste of their fear.

Samael had seen fear in those pathetic mortals before.

As such, he didn’t kill all of them. After diving, he stomped the naked Gnome that called him “Grandson” to death. Then, he grabbed the double Dagger Gnome that tried to retreat.

Samael intended to slowly squeeze him to death.

The Gnome was panicking, but he wasn’t fearful like Samael had anticipated. Instead, the Gnome wildly stabbed at him.

The Gnome, BurningChestHair, was strangled by Samael, and his face turned maroon. However, he used his remaining breath to shout, “Horizontal slash, berserker strike, horizontal slash, berserker strike…”

A Gnome below shouted, “ChestHair is dead! I told you not to pull his Aggro. Fight without shouting nonsense. All DPS retreat. Don’t die! Throw your weapons to a convenient spot before dying!”

The group of gamers dispersed and moved with military precision.

Two of the gamers hopped and executed a 360-degree somersault.

Samael didn’t understand why they did that. The flea-like green-skinned creatures dispersed rapidly, so Samael wasn’t able to kill all of them.

Samael pulverized the Gnome that he held in his hand and threw the lifeless body to the ground. Samael then walked towards the Gnome that was shouting.

The BOSS was chasing after an OT gamer after killing his previous target.

As for the pulling of Aggro…

“D*mn, Aggro is determined according to the loudness of one’s voice?”

“That’s cracking me up. Pants, you’re dead.”

“Pants, the BOSS is coming for you!”

“Laugh all you like. Pull the Aggro of the BOSS!” NotWearingPants fled while he shouted. The fact was that he had nowhere to run.

The naked Tank gamers charged at Samael, shouting at him.

“Tonight, your mom will die!”

“I’ll let your mom wear a reviving armor and then kill her twice!”

“The tall BOSS is hot on your trail!”

“Gosh, what does that mean?”

“Chasing after the sun.”

“Houyi is hot on your trail.”

“Shooting the sun?”

“How about the Titanic?”

“What about the Creator Goddess? Is that good?”

“If there are Storm and Wind, we’ll rule the world.”

“That’s hilarious, you silly dudes. Where did you learn all of these? Hahahaha!”

“If you’re not a learned person, you can’t fight monsters.”

“I’ve learned a lot in online games.”

“Why are all of you so low class?”

The gamers were shouting vulgarities at Samael to pull his Aggro. Though Samael was initially going after NotWearingPants, after hearing their insults, though he couldn’t understand some of the words and he didn’t have a mom, he was infuriated.

Samael turned his head and swept his Pike. He killed the gamers who were within his attack radius. However, the gamers were still smiling merrily. They weren’t fearful at all.

They were extremely happy and exhilarated. Those dead gamers vanished into Mana trails in the air. Then, a replacement came in and continued to taunt Samael.

When Samael decided to kill off all the gamers, Sherlock walked back.

His clothes were tattered, but he wasn’t seriously wounded.

“Samael.” Sherlock walked towards Samael and said, “You can’t defeat us. I have the bravest warriors in the Underworld. Even without me, they’ll stop you.”

“Are you referring to these green-skinned creatures? If you think these dirty little creatures can stop me, forget about it. Kneel down and yield to me, Sherlock!”

Samael spread out his hands as though he was announcing his victory. His power continued to expand, and his shoulders bulged. With dark liquid oozing out, a pair of black wings sprouted out.

Samael had four wings fully extended out. With the addition of the new wings, his power seemed to have increased to a new level.

Black feathers shed gradually to the ground.

Samael looked up and put his claws on top of his head.

A powerful blow landed on the side of Samael’s head, and he flew out. He was pinned against the nearby wall.

The wall had radial cracks expanding from where Samael’s huge body was pinned by a long black Pike, which he was dangling from.

The Pike, which emitted a black aura, penetrated Samael’s head and drove deep into the wall. Samael was in pain, and black mist seeped out from his eyes, nose, and mouth. Soon, he vanished.

Samael’s Pike disintegrated gradually, while the four wings behind his back withered and dissolved.

“Sherlock, was this your plan? By releasing Samael, were you intending to create a ruckus?”

A slender figure in a tutu skirt stood on the Pike.

Compared to the humongous body of Samael, Lilo’s body was extremely petite.

A pair of shiny black wings extended from Lilo’s back, and the brilliance of Mana emanated from her.

“Of course not.” Sherlock smiled as he gazed at Lilo and pointed to the dissolving Samael. A large and precious pearl fell to the ground and was covered with grit.

“I did everything for this. That is the key to conquering the Heavenly Kingdom, Lilo.”

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