Gate of God

Chapter 18: Destiny

Chapter 18: Destiny

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Not paying any attention to the villagers around him, Fang Houde happily retrieve a tightly wrapped object from this pockets with this left hand, then carefully opening the rough yellow wrapping to reveal a tattered book.

Fang Zhengzhi felt tired all of a sudden. The cover of the book read "Fundamentals of the Law of Dao and the Trimetric Classic"...

"Huh, what is Old Fang holding in his hands? Am I seeing this correctly? Its a book!"

"No wonder I haven’t seen him in days, he must have specially made a trip to the county town and purchased this for Zhengzhi! But… can Zhengzhi even read the words on it?"

"Without a teacher, is the child going to learn by himself? That seems impossible…"

Upon seeing Fang Houde retrieve this book from his pockets, the villagers surrounding him started to discuss animatedly.

"Fang Houde, why do you even bother? Zhengzhi is a good kid, but fate is determined by Heaven. Some people are destined to succeed, while some are destined to hunt for a living for the rest of their lives… This is fate, it cannot be changed!" Witnessing this scene, Village Chief Meng Bai commented, sighing.

Fang Houde’s lips wavered slightly, then without speaking, continued to look at Fang Houde and gingerly gave it to Fang Zhengzhi.

Meeting his gaze, and having heard the relentless persuasion of the adults, Fang Zhengzhi suddenly felt that this "Fundamentals of the Law of Dao and the Trimetric Classic" in front of him is now the most valuable thing in the world.

Well, it seemed that there were some things he had to do.

"Thank you dad!" Fang Zhengzhi respectfully received the book with both hands, and gave his dad a deep bow.

"Thump thump thump…"

Just at this moment, the sounds of hooves hitting the ground came from a distance.

"The Snow Tredding Dragon Stallions!"

"Quick, take a look! It’s the Red Pinion Squad of the Divine Constabulary!"

The attention of the villagers were quickly fixed onto the five soldiers mounted on their Snow Tredding Dragon Stallions quickly closing in from afar.

Village Chief Meng Bai’s eyes lit up as well.

It has only been a matter of days, but the Divine Constabulary has already sent people over. Does this mean that the Divine Constabulary highly values our Southern Mountain Village?

"Lords, Village Chief Meng Bai pays his respects!" Village Chief Meng Bai quickly made his way towards to the front of the crowd, calling out loudly once the soldiers arrived.

"Is there a six year old boy among the entrants of the Hall of Dao?" The leading soldier halted his mount upon hearing Village Chief Meng Bai’s words.

"Li Huer?!"

The surrounding villagers were stunned. When they recovered from their initial shock, their expressions changed to one of deep admiration and envy.

The Divine Constabulary specially sent soldiers to the Southern Mountain Village to look for Li Huer. This was unheard of! Does the Divine Constabulary want to teach this child personally?

Village Chief Meng Bai was equally shocked, but at the same time, slightly disappointed.

Why does the Divine Constabulary ask for Li Huer, and not his own grandson Meng Jiangshan?

Despite his slight disappointment, Village Chief Meng Bai quickly came to his senses and took a glance at Fang Houde and Fang Zhengzhi standing beside him, as if saying "Look, this is called fate!"

Who dares say fate isn’t determined by the Heavens?

"Lords, may I know what you seek from my son?"

"Missus personally gave orders to test Li Huer with a question." As he spoke, the leader of the soldiers’ fished out a white piece of paper with an illustration drawn on it.

"Oh my God, the daughter of the Divine Constabulary actually personally interviewed Li Huer!"

"This is a one-time ticket to achieve great success!"

"Who would have thought Li Huer had such luck, one’s fate… really cannot be compared!"

The few villagers who heard the soldier’s words opened their mouth in admiration, staring with wonder at Li Huer, as if they saw the great man he was about to become.

"The Divine Constabulary values you greatly, it is your blessing! Huer, make sure you perform well!"

"Yes, Dad!" Li Huer happily replied, his face beaming with delight.

The leader’s mouth curved into a smile, value? Blessing? If this is a blessing, nothing can be called a curse!"

Without further ado, he opened up the paper.

This smile on Li Huer’s face instantly vanished. Once he saw the illustration drawn on the piece of white paper, he was completely stunned.

What is this? I don’t understand anything at all!

"Oh Lord, our Huer has just entered the Hall of Dao today, would it be better to test his physical strength?" Staring blankly at the piece of paper, Li Zhuangshi was equallly stunned.

Why wasn’t the test about lifting cauldrons? Or even lifting stones? If that wasn’t possible, maybe testing his archery skills? Combat pole techniques? These definitely would be a problem.

But the paper…

What is drawn on the paper? He couldn’t comprehend a thing.

"Missus personally set this question, who dares change it? Proceed with your answer!" Ignoring Li Zhuangshi’s pleas, he urged the stunned Li Huer to reply.

Beads of sweat formed on Li Huer’s forehead, answer? Answer? Answer what? He couldn’t understand…

"Answer it quick, Huer!"

"Yeah, answer it!"

The surrounding villagers were equally worried. This was an extraordinarily rare opportunity, if he managed to answer it, he would be noticed by the Divine Constabulary, or even brought into the Divine Constabulary!

If that happened, the name of the Southern Mountain Village will become renowned beyond imagination!

Fang Zhengzhi took once glance at the paper on the leader’s hands. A smile quickly begin to form on his face.

This is a picture depicting military tactics! What is Lolita even trying to do…

The entire paper was filled with various military formations, and even included information such as military strength and soldier type comparison. This was something even ordinary soldiers wouldn’t be able to understand!

"I… I don’t… I don’t understand…" After an entire fifteen minutes passed, Li Huer finally stammered.

The leader felt a sense of doubt rise within him.

When he initially saw this military drawing, he was already slightly curious. Why would Missus set such a question for a six year old child?

The art of war strategies was not something a six year old would be able to answer, but considering Missus’s innate talent, he pondered whether this Li Huer could be just as gifted?

"You really can’t answer?" The leader confirmed again.

"Ye… Yes …" Li Huer sputtered, his face white with fear.

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