Gate of God

Chapter 28: Prey

Chapter 28: Prey

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Very soon, more than ten days had passed. Due to the low yield, the Southern Mountain Village hunting squad had to go to the mountain almost every other day.

Even when entering the mountain for days in a row, Fang Zhengzhi would always run off to "pick herbs" the second he reached, then returning back to the gathering point when the sky got dark. As days passed, the hunting squad members had gotten used to it.

They just told him to remain cautious, and run immediately if he encountered any large beasts.

Having entered the mountain seven or eight times, not even mentioning green furred rabbits, he didn’t even manage to catch a single strand of fur. This was the great results Fang Zhengzhi handed over to the Southern Mountain Village after entering the hunting squad.

The consequences were obvious.

Mrs Li’s mockings became more and more imprudent, and as for Village Chief Meng Bai, once Fang Zhengzhi was brought up, he could only shake his head, "Sigh… Zhengzhi still can’t match up to Fang Houde’s first expedition up the mountain…"

Even though the villagers took into consideration Fang Zhengzhi’s young age, and his need for experience, but it had already been seven or eight times, no matter what shouldn’t he have already caught something?

Unable to understand, yet unable to voice out.

As such, as time passed, the villagers stopped caring about whether Fang Zhengzhi could catch anything, because, he definitely couldn’t.

The villagers felt uncomfortable, but Qin Xuelian was delighted.

"Zhengzhi, hiding behind once you enter the mountain, this is the right way!"

"Mum… actually I didn’t hide." Fang Zhengzhi was somewhat speechless, was he that sort of person? You are my mum! How can you think this way?

"Mummy knows, mummy knows, ha ha… the huge basket you are carrying… is it for you to hide and sleep in?" Qin Xuelian glanced at the large basket Fang Zhengzhi carried, blinked a few times, wearing an all-knowing expression on her face.

"..." Fang Zhengzhi decided to go and study.

Then, he returned to his room, opened up Facing the South in The Law of Dao and Han Feizi, and began to read.

"The fault of the lord of men is: After having entrusted certain ministers with the state affairs, he guards against them with ministers not entrusted. His reason for so doing is that the non-entrusted and the entrusted will become enemies. Contrary to his expectation, the sovereign will fall under the spell of the non-entrusted. In consequence, the ministers with whom he is now guarding against the entrusted, are mostly those whom he used to guard against. If the lord of men cannot make the law clear and thereby restrain the power of chief vassals, there will be no other way to win confidence from the petty officials."

This period of time, apart from the time spent on the mountain, it was mainly spent on reading and memorising books. Re-reading classical ancient books from his past life, his reading speed was naturally fast, and understanding it wasn’t a problem as well.

As such, the frequency of Fang Zhengzhi borrowing books from the Hall of Dao was rather high.

Wang Anhua faced this with a doubtful attitude, "A child who only just reached seven years old… really can read so fast? Did he even try to understand! This is faster than me by many times"

If Fang Zhengzhi wasn’t a natural talent, then he was a mediocre person who read without thinking.

Actually, Wang Anhua wished to believe the latter. Because, if the former was really true, that was definitely too frightening to think of…

Fang Zhengzhi didn’t know what Wang Anhua thought. He just revised and studied at his own pace. Also, he didn’t fix what he wanted to study, every time he made a trip to the Hall of Dao to borrow books, he randomly scanned through them, and took it if it felt "deep" enough.

Was his progress fast?

That is something evident enough to not require further answers…

As he began to read and recite more texts, the sensation in his heart grew stronger and stronger. The initial five pieces of leaves had already became non-existent, replaced instead by a small tree with five branches, on it growing a countless number of delicate tree leaves. And below, the moistened earth became softer and softer.

Fang Zhengzhi’s control over his body had progressed rapidly.

Other than being able to control the flesh in every part of his body, he could even feel his own bones. However, his bones were too hard, and making any changes to it would require more time.

One night passed.

In the wee hours of the morning, Fang Zhengzhi once again followed the hunting squad up the mountain.

As usual, they gathered at the village square. What was different was that everybody busied themselves with their own agendas, and didn’t bother noticing Fang Zhengzhi’s presence.

As usual, Village Chief sent off the hunting squad, giving a short motivational speech before they embarked on their expedition, then finally left.

"To the mountain!" Ding Qingshan ordered. The hunting squad readied themselves and moved out.

An hour later, when the sky was still slightly dark, the hunting squad arrived at the Southern Mountain Village hunting territory.

"Uncle Qingshan, I’m going to pick herbs!" Fang Zhengzhi informed Ding Qingshan.

"Please do!" Ding Qingshan didn’t say anything further. This had already become habitual.

"Oh, today I will come back with prey!" Fang Zhengzhi thought for a while, then finally decided to warn them in advance.

"Ha ha ha… Zhengzhi, go early and return early!" Ding Qingshan didn’t take much notice.

"Ha ha, what do you think this child will catch today?" Another member of the squad asked curiously as he watched Fang Zhengzhi leave.

"What else can he catch? You really think a seven year old child would have such great abilities? He can be considered blessed by the mountain God if he even caught a green furred rabbit!"

"Ha ha ha…"

A wave of laughter erupted, then the hunting squad proceeded to begin with their usual hunting route.


Fang Zhengzhi’s moving speed was rapid, his two stumpy legs gliding him along like the wind.

To be able to move as fast, the theory behind it was simple. He just had to concentrate the muscles in his body onto his two legs, then as much as possible reduce the weight on his upper body…

And the terrain, he had already walked this path seven or eight times and was more or less familiar with it. As such, where to jump over, where to detour, he already planned for beforehand.

Without much ado, he had scuttled over to the territory of the Northern Mountain Village.

Here, was where he carried out his plan.

Then, he busied himself again, slowly shifting around the stones and rocks on the ground according to the piece of drawing on his hands. Then, once again he covered it with grass…

"Woosh, woosh…"

The sound of arrows piercing the air echoed about his ears. Fang Zhengzhi knew this came from the Northern Mountain Village hunting squad.

He didn’t pay much attention to this, other than carefully noticing the movements around him, he slowly carried on with his own agenda.

When the placement of all the rocks and stones were satisfactory, it was already almost noon. Fang Zhengzhi took out and consumed his lunch, then began to relax comfortably for a while.

All the way until it was afternoon. He finally began to stand up, lightly stretching his body. Then, looking up at the sky filled with white clouds, he felt the cooling blow of the mountain wind on his face. Then, as he listened to the movements of the Northern Mountain Village hunting squad, the edges of his mouth finally, and gradually, began to curve upwards, revealing a light smile.

Then, he opened up his footsteps, following the direction of the sound, very carefully began to make a detoured way towards the Northern Mountain Village hunting squad.


A must to mention, the yield reaped by the Northern Mountain Village hunting squad today was plentiful. After a day of toiling, the bodies of the over twenty members of the hunting squad were completely filled with all sorts of prey.

Other than the prey hanged on their bodies, what delighted the Northern Mountain Village Deputy Captain Zhang Yangping most, was that they managed to capture a Metal-Toothed Thorn Hog.

This wild animal was the treasure of the Cang Ling Mountain.

Exceptionally fierce, this could be considered as a small ferocious beast that couldn’t be taken down without the effort of more than ten men.

But once it was captured, any light injuries suffered were definitely worth the effort. Because, other than the humongous size of this Metal-Toothed Thorn Hog and its soft delicate meat, the most valuable part of it was its two metal fangs.

This was something that was stronger than pig iron, sharp yet sturdy. To the hunting squad, this was undoubtedly a natural weapon which only required some simple processing to produce a metal spear.

At this moment, the corners of Zhang Yangping’s mouth was drawn back into a smile, giving orders to tie up the Metal-Toothed Thorn Hog tightly with a thick, coarse rope, then prepared to pack up early…

Right at this moment, a figure quickly shot out from the bushes.

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