General, Your Wife Is Requesting Your Return Home For Farming

Chapter 18: Kiss

Chapter 18: Kiss

Fifteen minutes later, Su Xiaoxiao had three taels of silver in her hand.

This was not a bargain. He wanted to bargain, but a certain black-hearted fatty did not allow it.

He only had three taels of silver on him.

Su Xiaoxiao said that she could go home with him to get it. He whispered, "My mother will beat me up if she finds out."

Su Xiaoxiao was speechless.

In the end, after repeated negotiations, he used a brand new set of silver needles and some medicinal herbs to offset the difference.

However, he didn't have the two herbs that Su Xiaoxiao needed for the time being. He asked Su Xiaoxiao to go to his family's medicine shop three days later to collect the goods.

"Rongen Hall actually wants five taels of silver for something that can be settled with two taels of silver! How despicable!"

The doctor was speechless.

It was a case of the pot calling the kettle black.


When she left this morning, Su Xiaoxiao was prepared to use all the money she had to buy medicine for Daddy Su. Unexpectedly, not only did she not spend a single cent, but she also earned three taels.

In this way, she would have five taels of silver in her hand.

Su Xiaoxiao went to the market with money and bought red beans, green beans, brown sugar, and glutinous rice noodles, each weighing 10 catties. White sesame and black sesame each weighed 1 catty.

Her family was too capable of eating. The meat she bought last time was obviously not enough, so she went to the meat stall at the market again and asked for five kilograms of pork ribs, five kilograms of pork belly, and five kilograms of pork tenderloin.

"Give me a few more pounds of fat."

Fat meat could be refined into lard. In addition, the finished lard was crispy and delicious.

"Miss, can you finish so much meat?"

The butcher asked curiously.

"There are many people at home, so we can finish it," Su Xiaoxiao said. She wouldn't eat all of it immediately, such as the pork ribs.

Villagers did not eat meat at every meal. It was already rare for them to eat meat twice a month. This fat girl looked ordinary, but she was actually quite generous.

That was true. If she didn't eat so much meat, she wouldn't have grown so fat.

He was not discriminating against fat people. On the contrary, he felt that being fat was a blessing.

The young butcher didn't forget to skewer the pork ribs with the lettuce leaf and hand it to Su Xiaoxiao.

"20 copper coins for a catty of pork ribs, 13 copper coins for a catty of meat, and 8 copper coins for a catty of fat. It's a total of 420 copper coins. I'll charge you 400 copper coins. In addition, I'll give you some pig skin."

Although it was called pig skin, it was actually meat. It was 500 grams.

"There are also two kidneys. Do you want them, Miss? If you do, I'll give them to you."

"I'd like that."

She took it back to nourish Wei Ting's spine.

He was running a small business and didn't have much profit. The butcher had already taken it very cheaply. In return, Su Xiaoxiao took out a bowl of braised food from the basket and placed it on the stall.

The butcher turned around and saw an extra bowl of braised intestines. He hurriedly said, "Miss! Your intestines!"

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head coolly. "No, they're yours."

The butcher was speechless.


Su Xiaoxiao continued to stroll around the market with the little beans.

"Eh? There are actually dried plum vegetables."

It was a stall selling dried goods. Almost all the other dried goods were sold out, except for a basket of dried plums.

"How much is this?" Su Xiaoxiao asked.

The old woman who was buying groceries glanced at her impatiently and said, "Fifty copper coins, all for you!"

"Okay." Su Xiaoxiao bought it readily.

The old woman was speechless.

She regretted not bidding.

Su Xiaoxiao went to buy some spices.

She went to the entrance of the market and realized that Old Li was still there. The things on the ox cart had been sold out, and Little Wu was sitting on it.

She smiled and walked over. "Grandpa Li, why aren't you back yet? Don't tell me you specially waited for me here?"

Old Li choked and said seriously, "I-I just want to take two more people. I can't make a wasted trip."

Little Wu said nothing.

Just now, three people from the neighboring village wanted to take the ox cart, but Old Li rejected them.

Su Xiaoxiao carried the child onto the ox cart. "I'll give you the fare for four people!"

She was worth two. The three little fellows were one, and the goods she bought were one.

Old Li responded vaguely. When he got out of the car, he only accepted her fare for one.


When she got home, Su Xiaoxiao realized that everyone had gone out.

She entered Wei Ting's room and asked, "Where are my father and brother?"

Wei Ting turned his back to her and said calmly, "They just went out."

"Did they say where they were going to?"


"Oh." Su Xiaoxiao turned around and went to the kitchen to cook.

Wei Ting stopped her. "Where's my medicine? Why is there only one bottle left? Where did the other bottle go?"

"Sold," said Su Xiaoxiao.

Wei Ting frowned. "Who… who asked you to sell my medicine?"

That was a very precious medicine! It could not be bought with money!

Su Xiaoxiao chuckled. "Please understand your situation. You eat, drink, and stay with me. You almost used up my first-aid kit. What's wrong with selling a bottle of golden sore medicine?"

Wei Ting held it in coldly.

Su Xiaoxiao said thoughtfully, "Speaking of which, other than two bottles of medicine, you don't have anything valuable. Don't you bring money with you?"

Wei Ting ignored her.

Su Xiaoxiao narrowed her eyes. "You must have money, right? Where did you hide it?"

Wei Ting said coldly, "Didn't you search me long ago? If I hid the money, wouldn't you have found it?"

Su Xiaoxiao stroked her chin. "Then it's hidden somewhere else?"

Wei Ting still had his back facing her. "Stop trying to trick me!"

Hehe, how vigilant.

Su Xiaoxiao was not angry. She looked at his broad shoulders and powerful back and said domineeringly, "I've spent a sum of money for your food, clothes, and medicine. If you can't repay it in the future, you'll pay with your body!"

Wei Ting was speechless.

Even at night, Father Su and Second Dog Su didn't return. Su Xiaoxiao could only cook dinner for the three little ones and Wei Ting.

After dinner, she bathed the three little ones.

When she returned to her room after pouring water, the three little fellows were also there, each holding a small pillow.

Su Xiaoxiao probed, "What… are you doing?"

"Sleeping with Mother," Dahu said.

Erhu pointed next door. "Niudan sleeps with his mother."

Xiaohu hugged Su Xiaoxiao's leg and raised his cute head. He said in a childish voice, "Xiaohu, sleep with mother."

Make requests, list real cases, act cute…

This was an organized and divided operation!

Su Xiaoxiao hugged them solemnly.

The three little eyes rolled around.

"Dark," Dahu said, pointing at Su Ergou's room.

"Scared," Erhu continued.

"Yes!" Xiaohu nodded seriously.

Su Xiaoxiao was speechless.

"Just this once," she said sternly. "Tomorrow, you guys should go back to the west room and sleep."

The three little ones nodded obediently.

Su Xiaoxiao spread the blanket, took the clothes off the three little ones, and carried them to bed.

"Why aren't you sleeping?" She looked at the three children lying under the blanket.

The three little ones blinked their big black eyes.

They wanted their goodnight kiss.

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