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Chapter 25: Suffocating

Chapter 25: Suffocating

The three of them had wet their bed and their urine had formed a big map on the sheet; the entire bed became their river.

When Su Xiaoxiao went over, the three little ones looked at her innocently.

"Sister! How can I sleep like this?" Su Ergou felt wronged.

Su Ergou's bed could not be slept on. Wei Ting's was a small bed and could not accommodate another person.

Su Xiaoxiao sighed helplessly. "Ergou, go sleep at Dad's place. Dahu, Erhu, Xiaohu, come to my room to sleep."

Su Xiaoxiao changed the three children into dry clothes. The three of them hugged their beloved pillows and climbed into Su Xiaoxiao's bed.

Looking at the three children who had successfully slept on her bed again, Su Xiaoxiao said solemnly, "This is really the last time!"

The three little ones nodded.

"Close your eyes and sleep!" Su Xiaoxiao said fiercely.

The three little ones obediently closed their eyes and fell asleep sweetly.

… .

The three of them didn't look like they were sleeping. When Su Xiaoxiao woke up, there was no one beside her.

She rummaged around the bed. As expected, there was one on the side, one on the bed, and one in the corner.

The three of them slept soundly, looking a little cute.

Su Xiaoxiao stuffed the three of them under the blanket and poked their fair and tender faces one by one, automatically imagining the sound effects.

She amused himself.

They were like three cute little window dolls.

Su Xiaoxiao dressed up and carried her laundry to the backyard.

There had been a light snowfall last night. The ground was thin, and there was a slight creaking sound when one stepped on it.

Su Xiaoxiao grew up in the south in her previous life and rarely had the chance to see snow. Later on, she went to the university and studied in a northern city for eight years.

Her strong adaptability was probably nurtured by those eight years.

Su Xiaoxiao went to the kitchen to heat up the fire. She boiled the hot water in the pot and took out the dough and soaked beans from the cupboard.

While waiting for the water to boil and the dough to rise, she moved a small stool and sat under the straw shed in the backyard to wash her clothes.

Wei Ting's fever had subsided and he was no longer muddle-headed. Naturally, he woke up early.

He limped to the backyard to wash up, but he saw Su Xiaoxiao sitting in the cold and washing her clothes.

He had also heard the commotion last night. The three brats had actually wet the bed.

It was obvious that she was washing the bedsheets that had been wet by the babies.

She didn't complain at all.


Of course, it was to lose weight.

The clothes at home had always been washed by Su Ergou. There was not much Su Xiaoxiao could do now, so she could only snatch the housework.

Su Xiaoxiao hummed a tune as she washed.

In her previous life, she was tone-deaf, but this body had a throat that had been kissed by an angel. In addition, she was fat and had a large lung capacity. She could sing at a high pitch without panting.

However, she still controlled her strength a little early in the morning.

Wei Ting looked at her happy expression and felt that he could not understand her.

"Eh? You're up?"

Wei Ting was slightly stunned. Only then did he realize that he had been lost in thought with a little fat girl.

He composed himself and said calmly, "Who can sleep when you're so noisy?"

Su Xiaoxiao's face darkened. "I'm so noisy every day! I don't see you being unable to sleep!"

Wei Ting did not want to argue with her because she was washing the children's clothes early in the morning. He limped past her and planned to wash his face himself.

However, he overestimated his ability to move and missed a step.

Seeing that he was about to fall into the cold water tank, Su Xiaoxiao hurriedly pulled him—

She still had to make pancakes later. She couldn't dirty the water!

She might have used too much strength and pulled her head over, causing Wei Ting to pounce on her.

By the time she reacted, she was already pressed into the snow by Wei Ting.

Out of the doctor's instinct to save the dying and heal the injured, she firmly pressed the patient's head with her hand.

With the soft snow cushioning her fall, Su Xiaoxiao didn't hurt. She only recovered after feeling dizzy for a while.

"Wei Ting, you can get up."

Wei Ting didn't move.

"Hey, although I'm fat, you're also very heavy."

Wei Ting still did not move.

Su Xiaoxiao frowned and raised her head with difficulty to take a look.

Uh… Wei Ting seemed to have fainted because of her.

She had forgotten that she was a little fatty.

Su Xiaoxiao couldn't move Wei Ting herself, so she could only go to Father Su's house and call Su Ergou up.

"Sister, are you going to sell pancakes?" Su Ergou woke up instantly.

It turned out that selling pancakes was what it took to wake a brother who was sleeping in.

"Not yet." Su Xiaoxiao coughed lightly. "Your brother-in-law fell in the backyard. Go and lift him."

Didn't she help him up when he fell? Why did Su Ergou have to do it? When he got there, Su Ergou understood that his brother-in-law had fainted!

"How did you fall? Are you alright?" He was really worried about Wei Ting.

"It's fine. He'll be fine after sleeping for a while." Su Xiaoxiao couldn't tell him that Wei Ting had fainted from suffocation in her luxurious sea view room.

"Carry him in. Don't let him freeze."


The two of them carried Wei Ting back to the small east room.


Su Xiaoxiao was worried that he would get seriously ill from the suffocation. She checked his injuries and took his pulse to make sure that he was fine before leaving the room.

With this delay, she and Su Ergou arrived in town two hours later than yesterday.

Jin Ji had already sold a few pots of snacks.

Su Ergou pointed at Jin Ji. "Sister, no one is queuing anymore. Everyone has bought and left."

Not only were there fewer customers at the entrance of Jin Ji, but even the shop behind them had opened. This meant that they could no longer sell their snacks at the main entrance.

She thought for a moment and went straight to the entrance of the alley beside Jin Ji.

Su Ergou looked at the sparse pedestrians and asked bitterly, "Sister, can we sell it today…"

The situation today was indeed not in their favor.

"Little girl! You're finally here!"

A familiar voice came from across the street.

The siblings looked over at the same time.

It was the young scholar from Jin Ji yesterday. He was wearing a light blue academy uniform and holding a folding fan. He was handsome and high-spirited.

He strode over and patted his left palm with his folding fan. He said with a smile, "I've successfully waited for you! I'm the first guest today. We agreed that you'll gift me one if I buy one from you!"

"Yes." Su Xiaoxiao nodded. "Which flavor do you want?"

The scholar snorted. "Don't you only have three flavors? Give me one of each!"

"There are four today," Su Xiaoxiao said. "There's an extra flavor - chestnut."

Little Wu had brought the chestnuts over this morning. After they were cooked and the shells had been peeled for her, she decided to try making ten pancakes filled with chestnuts.

The scholar said coldly, "How would I know if it's delicious?"

Su Xiaoxiao cut a small piece for him.

He calmly tasted it. "So-so."

Su Xiaoxiao said, "Oh."

The scholar said, "I want them all."

The siblings were dumbfounded.

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