General, Your Wife Is Requesting Your Return Home For Farming

Chapter 9: Heartwarming

Chapter 9: Heartwarming

Wei Ting, where is your integrity?

He had swoern never to marry a thief and never to acknowledge a thief as his father-in-law!

Why did he change his mind in the blink of an eye?!

Su Xiaoxiao was speechless.

Su Cheng accepted this greeting and replied calmly, "You're hungry? Alright, I'll go cook."

"No…" Su Xiaoxiao wanted to stop him, but Su Cheng had already turned around and left.

After Su Cheng went to the kitchen, the smile on Wei Ting's face instantly disappeared, and he returned to his cold self.

Su Xiaoxiao's chubby face darkened. "You did it on purpose!"

Wei Ting glanced at her coldly. "What else? Do you really think I'll be willing to be your husband?"

Su Xiaoxiao gritted her teeth. "If you don't want to do it, I'm not willing to take it! I'll send you to the government office immediately! Let's see how you can be unreasonable!"

Wei Ting said calmly, "The entire village knows that we're married. Aren't you afraid that I'll implicate you if I enter the government office?"

What was going on? Was he even told about the marriage?

Su Xiaoxiao said angrily, "What's there to be afraid of? Go out and ask around! Have I, Su Daya ever been afraid?"

Wei Ting raised his eyes arrogantly and elegantly. "Is that so? Who was the crybaby who was hiding in the house and crying?"

Su Xiaoxiao was speechless.

Su Xiaoxiao said seriously, "It wasn't me! I didn't!"

Wei Ting sneered. "Yes, it wasn't you. It was a puppy crying."

Su Xiaoxiao wanted to bite him to death!

Wait, this guy heard her cry. Did that mean he had woken up long ago?

Just now, she had changed his dressing and measured his temperature. Was he pretending to be dead the entire time?!

Very good. Two can play the game.

Su Xiaoxiao, who was like an angry little pufferfish a second ago, suddenly revealed an obedient and charming smile. "Do you think I'm coveting your beauty?"

Wei Ting sneered. "Aren't you?"

"Hehe." Su Xiaoxiao went to her room to get a small bronze mirror and placed it in front of him.

Wei Ting did not understand what she meant, but he still subconsciously looked into the bronze mirror.

Then, his body trembled!

Looking at a certain someone's expression, Su Xiaoxiao felt happy.

Leaving the bill behind… Uh, no, medicine. She left the house in high spirits and couldn't help but pull up her pants!

… .

Su Xiaoxiao went to the kitchen and said that she would cook dinner.

She really couldn't stand watching Daddy Su and Su Ergou cause trouble in the kitchen that she had painstakingly cleaned up.

The two of them had no objections to this. In fact, they agreed very much.

Originally, they couldn't bear to let the only girl cook, but ever since they tasted Su Xiaoxiao's cooking, it was difficult for them to swallow Su Cheng's food.

Especially since Su Xiaoxiao wasn't around at noon, the family was forced to eat Su Cheng's cooking again…

That feeling was simply…

Su Xiaoxiao made a pot of braised pork, a bowl of tofu intestines, a large bowl of steamed eggs, three small bowls of steamed eggs, and a plate of cabbage. She mixed some radish shreds.

Looking at the table full of dishes, Su Ergou was dumbfounded. "Is our family going to celebrate the new year?"

No, they didn't eat such good food during the new year.

The three children couldn't wait any longer and drooled around the table.

They ate in the kitchen.

Firstly, it was warm. Secondly, the kitchen had a short table. The three children could reach it from their stools.

Wei Ting's diet needed to be light. Su Xiaoxiao cooked some cabbage and lean meat porridge for him alone and asked Ergou to scoop a bowl of steamed eggs for him.

When Ergou returned, the family officially started eating.

However, when Su Cheng and Su Ergou saw the big bowl of tofu intestines, they did not dare to eat anymore.

They had eaten it at a relative's house once, and it tasted terrible.

"Why aren't you eating?" Su Xiaoxiao looked at the two of them strangely.

The three children could not eat it because it was too spicy, but these two had preferences for food with strong flavors.

Su Ergou braced himself and picked up a piece. He hesitated for a moment before putting it into Su Cheng's bowl. "Dad, eat first!"

The corners of Su Cheng's mouth twitched. He picked up the fat intestine and placed it in Su Ergou's bowl. "Eat it!"

"Sister, eat!" Su Ergou gave it to Su Xiaoxiao.

Su Xiaoxiao said, "I'm on a diet, so I can't eat this."

After a pause, she looked at Su Cheng in surprise. "Dad, don't tell me you don't dare to eat it?"

Su Cheng stammered, "How, how, how?"

Su Xiaoxiao sobbed. "Then you don't dote on me anymore."

Su Cheng trembled!


Su Xiaoxiao was amused by Su Cheng's reaction and swayed back and forth.

Su Ergou looked at his sister in confusion. Was his sister seriously ill? Had her brain been damaged?

Su Xiaoxiao continued to eat in satisfaction.

This family was really fun.

In her previous life, she grew up in a very serious family. Her mother was a businesswoman, and her father was a research professor. One of them had endless meetings, and the other had endless research.

The house was always cold and empty. Only the secretary and nanny could be seen.

She had also thought that she was a serious person.

In the end, Su Cheng and Su Ergou naturally ate the dish and could not stop. In the end, neither of them gave in to the other.

Su Xiaoxiao mercilessly took it away.

"Aren't you trying to lose weight?"

The two of them looked at her resentfully.

Su Xiaoxiao spread her hands. "I've been on diet for a day. I'm rewarding myself. I'll continue tomorrow."

At the same time, she finished the remaining half of the plate of braised pork.

Su Cheng and Su Ergou were speechless.

… .

After dinner, Su Xiaoxiao cleaned up the remaining meat and pig offal, smeared it with salt, and hung it on the shelf in the backyard.

Su Xiaoxiao didn't hide where she got the money to buy so many things and told her family that she asked He Tongsheng to return the betrothal gift.

"There are fifteen taels left. He wrote an IOU and will return it within three days."

As Su Ergou helped her dry the meat, he snorted. "At least he knows his place! If he dares to go back on his word, I will go to his house and beat him to death!"

Su Xiaoxiao washed her hands and carried out the clothes she had bought from town.

She didn't know much about sewing, so she only bought ready-made clothes. She had to let them try the clothes on. If they weren't suitable, she would bring them to town tomorrow to change them.

"Dad, are you there?" Su Xiaoxiao knocked on the door.

"Yes," Su Cheng said.

Su Xiaoxiao pushed the door open and entered. Su Cheng was sitting on a stool, lighting a dim oil lamp and clumsily mending one of Su Ergou's cotton clothes.

The Host's mother passed away early, and Su Cheng was both a father and a mother. The clothes at home were mended by him.

But he did an awful job and it always made the villagers laugh.

"What's wrong, Da Ya?" Su Cheng asked.

Su Xiaoxiao looked at the needle marks on Su Cheng's rough fingers and said, "Er Gou has grown up. This cotton shirt is too small. There's no need to mend it. I bought him a new one."

"Ah… okay." Su Cheng was surprised.

This was the first time Su Daya bought clothes for Su Ergou.

In the past, when she went on the streets, she would buy food or rouge and makeup for herself.

Su Cheng thought that she was here to talk about this. He put Ergou's clothes aside and picked up his old cotton shirt.

His cotton shirt was the worst.

"You don't have to mend yours either," Su Xiaoxiao said.

Su Cheng was stunned.

Su Xiaoxiao said, "It's not very expensive. When I have money in the future, I'll buy you something better."

Su Cheng looked at the brand new cotton shirt his daughter handed over and his eyes turned red.

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